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Choose 1 of 3 Burgers + French Fries + Soft Drink $15 (Dine-in & Takeaway) @ Betty's Burgers


Same as last year.For National Burger Day. One Day Only.

Celebrate National Burger day at Betty’s with our great value Classic Bundles and for the first time ever, you will have the chance to WIN a year’s worth of burgers!


Choose from THREE bundles:
🍔 Betty’s Classic + Fries + Soft Drink
🍔 Crispy Chicken + Fries + Soft Drink
🍔 Classic Plant + Fries + Soft Drink
SAVE UP TO $9.50!

Available at ALL Betty's Burgers restaurants and in the Betty's app via Beach Club.

Purchase the $15 Classic Bundle in app via Beach Club for automatic entry.

Haven’t got the app?
Download it and register today!

To find out specific opening hours for your local Betty's restaurant, click the link below.

*T&C's: Offer only valid Tuesday 28 May, 2024. Available in restaurant for dine-in or takeaway and in the Betty’s App via Beach Club. Choose from Betty’s Classic, Betty’s Classic Plant or Crispy Chicken. Offer not valid in conjunction with any other offer. Order time may vary with demand. We reserve the right to remove the offer at any time.

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  • +17

    Given that drinks and chips would be negligible cost for them, not the greatest deal

    • +1

      The cups they use are made of thick cardboard, I bet the cup costs a lot more than the soda inside of it.

  • +56

    Honestly insane how this is not the RRP. Inflation has gone out of control.

    • +12

      Have u seen the size of their burgers? It's shrinkflation too

      • +1

        Betty is on a portion control diet

        • +1

          Betty Botter bought a bitty burger

    • +7

      I used to hate spending more than $10 on lunch. But there were plenty of good options at that price range, including pub meals. Now I hardly buy takeaway at all as I never feel it was worth the $. One of my favourite meals was a teriyaki salmon bento box for $10 with miso soup. Very filling, reasonably healthy and a good mix of items in that. It's $14 now :(
      Can still get schnitty, chips and salad for dinner @ 2 for $25 at the local pub which is pretty good.

      • +8

        $15 is the new $10. Soon to be $20..

        • +5

          And $10 was the new $5 and my parents used to buy $1 of (hot chips) to feed the 6 of us (big family!)

          • @dtc: I remember my $10 Coke bag from Easter shows…was it ever $5?

        • It's already $20 in some places now.

      • +2

        Bento boxes near me went from $12 before covid to $20 now

      • +9

        used to hate spending more than $10 on lunch

        My boy Curtis ‘feed the family for $10’ Stone been real quiet these last few years aye

      • If I plan to buy lunch, I bring snacks to last until 2pm and then get the cheap eats discount

      • I used to get a cheese burger and water for like $1 for lunch at Maccas. Was great value and enough calories between breakfast and tea.

    • You thought all that COVID spending was free? Go look at the money supply from 2019.

  • +3

    Out of the three I choose the burgers.

  • +8

    Does that mean a burger, fries and a cup of soft drink is normally $24.90?

    Man, I’m getting old…

    • probably similar price at the fish'n'chippy these days (with a non watered down can)

    • +1

      The worst part is you’re still hungry when you leave.

  • +1
    • French Fries

    You mean chips.

    • +2

      Freedom Fries

    • +1

      “Fries” is okay if they’re shoestring.

  • +2

    their chips are so bad im sorry. burgers are okay-decent tho

    • They are not that good at that price, tried once.

  • +3

    This should be the everyday price, not a promo price.

  • +2

    their burgers are tiny, you'll need two of these combos lol

  • +1

    I know burgers were a big thing a decade ago. How many of these type of chains are still around?

    • +1

      bettys rose from the ashes of the burger fad dying down a bit

  • +3

    Does anyone pay 24 bucks for this normally

    • pay 24 bucks for this normally

      no way to pay $24 for Betty's Burgers

  • Not bad

    • Not 'good' either. Just meh.

  • Betty’s Burgers is owned by Janine from Boost Juice fame…

    • +3

      Janine’s Burgers just doesn’t have the same ring.

  • How did a burger meal for $15 become a deal?

    Mind you grill'd's $80 family deal was taking the absolute piss.

  • -1

    Remember old days where burger meals used to be $4.95, those are the real prices, just industries over charging like their usual, remember you could get cheese burger meal at Macca's for $2 in the nineties.

    • $4.95 was the large Maccas meal back in the mid/late 90s.

  • Can't it be 10 bucks?

  • +1

    Wonder what is the Obsession with burgers over here. They never seem to me as a Meal, Always Hungry after a Burger.

    • You definitely will be after eating one Betty's.

    • Wonder what is the Obsession with burgers over here

      They taste good

  • Can't order! App keeps saying restaurant is closed when it's open?

  • App is terrible. Doesn't work for me at all.

    • +1

      I had to update the app, then log out and back in again before it worked for me.

  • First time i tried Betty's and the meat patty was very thin. Dont know if they made them thinner for this deal but if this is normal, i wont be going back.

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