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Samsung PRO Plus 256GB MicroSD $34 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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I could be wrong, but this might be an all time low for the 256GB and Au stock, according to previous deals and Camels.

Edit: credit to deeevan for pointing out they're pricematching Bing Lee and links thanks to DASHCAM NOW DUDE, choose which one suits you best:



Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Aah Bing Lee price match. It's the same price as their 128GB. Almost posted that as a deal this arvo but thought meh 256GB

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    stacked with the pickup code as i have nothing else to buy lol

  • Cheapest posted from my quick search was $32.82 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/779657, so this isn't that much more, good post!

    51GB version has been as low as $36 but via Samsung Education Store https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/791786

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      Yes had a look and the only ones cheaper were from Amazon US.

  • These are good, but somehow VIOFO car dash cams don't recommend them :-/

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      Because they're not "Endurance".

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        Username checks out.
        Trust level 10/10.

      • i got the endurance one in October 2022 for $55.30

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        Yes, you're right.
        VIOFO also don't recommend Samsung Pro Endurance cards too.

        • Really? Do you have a source file this? I might need to change my setup in this case

          • @godfather: I wouldn’t worry about now. I had Sandisk ultra in my Viofo and it lasted almost 3 years.
            Just keep an eye on your camera. When the card fails, red light will be blinking fast you can’t miss it.

        • I'm willing to bet that the only reason is because they sell their own brand of SD cards.
          They recommend Sandisk as well, and they share a colour scheme

  • Can anyone recommend any 512gb or 1tb micro sd?

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    i saw this today, but thought about not posting, because its not better than the $40ish 512gb one.

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      Do you have a link to the 512 one?

  • Is this good enough just sit in my laptop card reader as a spare drive to store things?

    • I wouldn't recommend SD cards for storing anything you don't want to lose. Fine for swapping data etc.

      • Thx, it will be for storing movie & tv series files, once watched will delete them anyway, so won't put anything valuable there.

  • I know not recommended by Viofo, but are these good for dashcams?

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      Been using non-endurance cards on my viofo. No dramas the past 3 years or so.

  • Is 256gb suitable for switch or 512gb better?
    Same to security cam, how long this can record before it starts recycling for 1080p video?

    • Is 256gb suitable for switch or 512gb better?

      Depends on how many games you want installed.

      Same to security cam, how long this can record before it starts recycling for 1080p video?

      Depends on the bitrate the camera uses. Look at a file from the camera then do file size / video length. You can then work out approximately how long you can store on this sd card.

    • What's your game playing genres? Isn't much diff in price between 256gb and 512gb

  • Tnx, insta360 x4 is coming today. Just in time. Bought 512gb extreme pro too. This ain’t bad for secondary card.

  • Anyone able to help me out. I have a few security cameras, would these be any good for cameras?
    Would expect to use 256gb every 3 days.

    Or is there something else better suited?

  • thanks OP

  • The endurance is much more expensive than pro plus even though it's on discount as well, anyone tried this on a tapo c210? Can it last and can if work well?

  • Officeworks honoured their Price-beat policy and I got it for $32.30 inc GST. Thanks OP!

  • For those asking above regarding outdoor security camera usage, the answer is an emphatic NO.
    They will die within a few months, or you maybe lucky.

    You need the Pro Endurance variety MicroSDXC cards.

  • Thanks OP. Good thing can buy from binglee as Amazon as restricted quantities. Bought 4 for the tapos at home.

  • I was able to get my local OfficeWorks to price match/beat against this (BingLee) Thanks OP!

    Website said they had 1 in stock, turned out to be 2 and they did a price beat for ~$32ish.

    ~$66 for two! (down from $49 ea).

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