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Soundcore Motion 300 Wireless Hi-Res 30W Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Green) $120 Shipped @ Wireless 1 eBay


same price as last deal but this time it’s available to everyone (last deal was [eBay Plus]) and it’s for green (last deal blue and black).

not ATL which is $110.49 Shipped posted by wireless1 rep themselves.

what I know about this speaker is the flatter shape is good for travel because easy to slip into bag. custom EQ in app allows for great sound and bass at close distances/indoors.

one negative I read somewhere was user put the bass all the way up in the app, X bass mode on and played at max volume caused it to blow one of its speakers. using a powerful amp inside for the speaker size I guess which caused it to blow. maybe keep bass slider in custom EQ under maximum to be safe.

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  • I wish i needed a new speaker, this looks decent. I had a massive JBL xtreme 2 that was 40watts, an absolute beast to take anywhere. I downsized to a sony xb12 which is only 5w, much more travel friendly but struggles. This isn't that much larger but is 30w. ughh

    • if it helps any I think this speaker can be further reduced by $30 when on clearance.

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