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[eBay Plus] Soundcore Motion 300 Wireless Hi-Res 30W Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Blue/Black) $120 Shipped @ Wireless 1 eBay


not ATL as store rep posted recently for $110.49 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/841074

but lower than previous deals ($129) https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/840502

Blue (8 available)

Black (6 available)

Original Coupon Deal

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  • Too bad no microsd slot

  • +2

    Soundcore motion boom plus if you don’t mind the size…amazing sound quality for a 150 dollar Bluetooth speaker, coming from someone with a $3k 2.1 setup

  • +2

    How do you get high resolution sound? 1080p is my minimum these days

    • How do you get high resolution sound?

      I think HR is when you play 24/96 files but only with wired connection.

      it’s all marketing though because no one can hear the frequencies they are talking about and claiming. LDAC has been measured to only achieve CD quality so just marketing.

      nobody can tell the difference between mp3 and CD quality in blind test anyway so it’s nothing new.

      • Totally agree. CD quality is good enough for most people. It also depends on the mastering. I just feel all this hiRes is marketing and absolutely diminishing returns for a huge outlay.

        • people fall for it that’s why it’s always going to be a thing.

          latest worst audio thing I read about on a thread was MQA.

          they basically claim they have a special way of opening and unpacking the file to make it sound better. people bought into it because of clever marketing with streaming services etc and so they started making products with MQA logo on the box.

          so basically like with anything else you have to pay more for a product with MQA logo on it and supported. stupid.

          good thing is it’s dying now. people caught on that it was a scam and now some brands are releasing two of the same model of a product, except one of them doesn’t support MQA. oh and guess what that one’s a decent amount cheaper.

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