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[PC, Steam] Free - Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War @ Steam


Another free game from Steam. Just add and forget about it.

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    DLCs for the DLC Throne!

  • How do you find free games on Steam? Epic just has them on the front page but I can't see anything similar on the Steam storefront.

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    Previously given on May 2023

    • Yeah, went to get it and realised I already took OP's advice

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    "Just add and forget about it" - This is the way….

    • Im thinking when i retire im going to have a whale of a time playing hundreds of free games

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    Gladius is the latin word for sword, although I understand it was also Roman slang for penis. The 'gladiator' was so-called because of their use of a sword; the gladiator was seen in many ways as a masculine ideal.

    • Yes, but; if you enjoy it why not….

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      Food deals - merely ploys to force you to buy drinks.

      • Oh shit really? I'm going to stop buying food then /s

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      I don't know if anyone else has played it but the DLC is shoved into your face on basically every screen and it feels like you're playing a demo with how much stuff is locked behind a paywall. The fact RRP is like $60 is laughable.

      • Sounds like you're salty we are getting it for free and you paid for it.

        • Hah, yeah I would be salty if I paid full price for it. But I got it in last year's freebie and was very underwhelmed and disappointed.

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      Thank goodness I have free will.

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    This is a repeat freebie. I got it last time.

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        Oops - I missed that while being distracted by beefsandwich's comment/reasoning :)

  • Nice to fee all of these free games lately.

  • Thanks for this, loved playing 40k back in the day. This will work on my 10 year old PC too.

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