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Gigabyte Radeon RX 7900 GRE GAMING OC 16GB GDDR6 Graphics Card $850.25 Delivered + Surcharge @ Centre Com


Pretty sure this is an all time low for the 7900 GRE, please correct me if I'm wrong. Most recent deal had the 7900 GRE at $888, this beats it by almost $30. Hopefully prices keep coming down.

1.2% surcharge for card and Paypal, 2% for AMEX
No surcharge for bank transfer/Afterpay

Free shipping excludes WA, NT & remote areas.

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    Cards are getting really cheap, but feels ridiculous to buy if I'm just playing retro games!

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      *Correction: Cards are slowly getting back to normal prices.

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        • Dont need a new card, already have one that will suffice for another 2 years.

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            @John Doh: I think my 6600XT can hold forever if I'm not going for 2K or 4K

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            @John Doh: You'll need me in future, future proof till 2040.

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              @RTX9090Ti: I am sorry, I dont know if I will be able to afford you. But before that, lets hope terminators dont kill us ;)

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      same here especially i long lost interest in mordern aaa games…

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        games from 2019 look better then modern AAA games

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        I'm so sick of AAA games that they bulk fill with 'go fetch' type quests and grindy upgrades…

        I just don't have the time for that anymore and lose interest.

        Love a good, tight 4-8hr experience so often end up playing indie style titles. Might go up to 12hrs for something epic.

        Last long game I can remember sticking with was Witcher 3 as some side quests were amazing and DLC/expansions were great. Played the heck out of that, well over 100hrs.

  • For those wondering, GRE = Golden Rabbit Edition

    That's because the RX 7900 GRE (Golden Rabbit Edition) is going on sale starting at $549, which puts it directly in competition with the Nvidia RTX 4070 on price, and undercuts the Nvidia RTX 4070 Super by offering competitive performance for just over 90% of the cost

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      For those wondering, GRE = GREedy edition.

      It was created to milk the 7900 series name further for one last time after renaming the 7800XT as 7900XT. Because AMD did not have anything performing better and nvidia prices were a joke and AMD also wanted to keep thier cards prices higher. Ideally, this card should have been your 7800 non-XT.

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        Took that right out of the Nvidia playbook… just when AMD should have done the right thing and ignored the halo product, and named things appropriately with appropriate cost.
        XTX = 7900XT
        XT = 7800XT
        GRE = 7800
        7800XT = 7700XT and the 7700XT being 7700/7600XT

        But with the crap tonne of 6000 series out there they tried really hard to make segments for prodcuts competing with their old products … once the 6000 stock is finished that's when we'll see these level out in terms of pricing v perfomance.

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          They took it out of nvidia playbook and made it even worse. Atlesast the 4080 performed better than 3080 by 30+% even tho it costed more. 7800XT on the other hand is the same as 6800XT. Its like shrinkflation lol.

          • @John Doh: A great analysis by GN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2ThRcdVIis&ab_channel=Gamer…
            NVIDIA still has a way more diluted stack, but with 7000 series it seems like AMD is trying to increase market share (and not succeeding)
            It's an aggressive strategy that has allowed NVIDIA to dominate sales that AMD has been unable to replicate

            • @JTayzer: Agree, saw that video earlier. It seems like 6900 series was the last time AMD could catch up with nvidia. Not sure if it will happen again in the coming decade with nvidia already having an edge and sht loads of money. But again nothing is impossible looking at Intel loosing server market share to AMD crazily.

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                @John Doh: As Steve said, I don't see NVIDIA pulling an Intel and resting on their laurels. AMD has already signaled that RDNA4 will not compete with RTX especially given the new 44CU GPU at the top of the stack https://videocardz.com/newz/amd-confirms-navi-44-navi-48-rdn…
                As much as I want team red green and blue to compete, AMD and Intel keeping fumbling the bag with drivers and pricing. The cards themselves are solid but if they're being sold with just -$50 on NVIDIA's SKUs at each tier, there's just no way a regular consumer would go for them.

                • @JTayzer: I think AMD just need to focus more on the low to mid range market. If they could offer around '70 series performance at close to '60 series prices they wouldn't be able to keep them on the shelves. They just make more money elsewhere that gamer happiness isn't really that important to them (either AMD or Nvidia).

                  • @EspadaV8: Yup, NVIDIA has the AI market, AMD has the server market, gamers are left to stew.
                    Hopefully RDNA4 is a return to the budget market with appropriate pricing to performance.

                • @JTayzer: I wouldnt disagree with you. I would only touch an AMD card if they fix thier FSR. Thier frame gen is looking good tho. especially in ghosts of T.

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                    @John Doh: They made a big deal about FSR working on any GPU, but then you have games like Helldivers 2 only implementing FSR1 - the absolute worse version of FSR. They need to spend more effort working with developers to actually roll out FSR2/3. The only issue is, implementation of FSR benefits all GPUs, so it doesn't provide any reason to get RDNA over RTX. In Ghost you can turn on DLSS2 and FSR3 on a 30 series card and get both performance boosts without needing to have a 40 series card or an RDNA card.

                    • @JTayzer: True, i felt bad seeing that i paid nvidia but AMD was the one that provided frameboosts while Jensen showed middle finger.

  • Says $895 - $44.75 = $850.25 with free shipping?

    • 1.2% surcharge for card and Paypal, about an extra $10

  • I did a dummy order and it shows $850.25
    Op must have calculated wrong. I chose bank transfer to avoid surcharge of course.

    Afterpay also no surcharge.

    • 1.2% surcharge for card and Paypal, about an extra $10. Bank transfer does avoid the surcharge.

      Just edited the listing to show as much

      • Yup. Not everyone is going to choose with surcharge. Im waiting for it to go around $800 mark but good deal op.

    • Bank transfer N/A for ADL store

  • +4

    The Sapphire card for +$4 seems like a better deal for the price https://www.centrecom.com.au/sapphire-pure-amd-radeon-rx-790…
    1) Sapphire is by far the best AMD GPU AIB, better service and warranty
    2) White usually sells for a higher premium (more resale value) - depends on your build of course

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    holding for the 7900xt to drop price.

    • XFX Speedster MERC 310 Black Edition 7900xt from Scorptec just dropped $100 to $1099 (with free delivery). Amazing card. At the stock 350Watts power limit mine sits at 60c hotspot (45c gpu) at 40% fans speed, and is stable with a 100mv undervolt and ram OC from 2500MHz to 2766MHz. Very happy with the card and would recommend it to anyone in the market for a 7900xt. https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/graphics-cards/amd/10764…

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    Hodling for under $800 - then hodling till the new gen comes out, then hodling for that to drop in price

    • Yup. Hodl till you rip. 🙉

  • This Gigabyte card is great if you have an ITX build.

  • Just been into ADL store to collect the Giga GRE. ALOHA coupon was meant for mobo + CPU + GPU combo but they're honouring it for click and collect. Staff were helpful, but unable to give the 5% discount over the counter. Sapphire card for $4 more does seem enticing.

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    techpowerup has this card equal to 4070 Super in raster, 4070S which is 940$ nominal and can be on sale for ~900$.

    while this card is sure to offer longer service life for AAA single player games, and 16gb vram is better protection against shitty game programming vs any 4070S, being only 50$ cheaper when on sale is kinda mediocre offer from AMD if you ask me. We all know NV is raking it like no tomorrow and this AMD offering is weak in consideration.

    if AMD announces comprehensive anti-lag+ integration program with mainstream esport titles ala Nv reflex, and twitch rolls out AV1 stream (I don't know if twitch is incapable to roll it out timely or have weird dealings with NVidia or what, but its being long time since av1 closed beta was announced), then I'd pay 900$ for this.

    as is, AMD is offering more silicon on the main chip (529mm2 vs 294mm2), 304mm2 of which is the graphics portion, but if it merely slightly beat 4070S performance in raster then that's not particularly good. Navi 3x (radeon 7000 series) performs basically same to Navi 2x, even less improvement than from nv this generation.

    I'd hodl, not that im in market anyways atm

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      Sad truth unfortunately. AMD needs to be significantly cheaper in it's head to head with nvidia otherwise people won't buy it. Under 10% price difference isn't enough to sway people.

      • I saw a proper anti-lag integration with CS2, they didn't announce any other game but its a start. as a bonus all navi cards can use it, unlike originally planned rx7000 exclusive.

  • Somebody buy my 6900xt so I can upgrade marginally.

    • How much?

  • +1

    You can still get an ex-mining ASRock6800 for $479 delivered with 1 year warranty from MetroCom on eBay. Just picked one up for an eGPU build and it presents really well and works great except for a wee bit of coil whine.

    TBH even though the price on them hasn't budged in a while, they're still good value in wacky GPU world.

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    • Good price cheaper than Neweggs USA price.

  • @BPC Technology time to start matching these prices if you want the loyal customers to stay :)

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