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Faber-Castell Connector Pens 20-Pack $4.10 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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10c more than the deal 6 weeks ago.
Popular pens with my kids, draw things and make them into objects!

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    Bought thanks!

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    Bought 3! Thanks!

  • Are these easily washable? asking for 3 years old.

    • They claim the below
      Safe for Kids. Water-based marker ink from food dyes is non-toxic, safe for kids and washes out of most fabrics with ease

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      yeah these are washable. had to wash an entire wall, after my twins used the last drop of the ink to scribble on the wall

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    If I ever become a parent, I am HOARDING these deals so my kid can go to school with the coveted and seemingly endless decked out spiral of these bad boys

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      Jokes on you, kids these days cost a million each to maintain.

      I know this, I've got 3 🥹

  • Thanks. Ordered.

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    Little bit of trivia re these pen's when we used to make and assemble these in Smithfield nsw we would make 500.000 a week in lot's of 30.000 per colour with 80 different colours.

    • I guess that's how they can sell at 20c each!

  • Is this easily washable from leather couch?

  • These markers actually are pretty poor quality. Consider these more like a toy than for art.

    • Is anyone buying these for anything that would classify as 'art'.

      • I must admit I've only ever seen children draw scribbles on paper with them. I'm not a preschool art teacher tho.

        I'm sure it's possible to draw something good with them and if you keep moistening the tip they probably would keep drawing.

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      Bummer. Does that mean I can't replace my Copics with these?

      • you can but all the art students will look down on you. And there is nothing lower than being lower than an art student.

        Well, maybe a drama kid I guess.

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    Sweet, 4 packets for my 5 year old daughter who is drawing non-stop at the moment!

  • I crave the strength and certainty of clipped together textas

  • Cheers. Bought a set for Miss 5 who loves to draw us a million pictures a week atm😂

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