Laptop Sleeve for 13" $4.50, 15" $5, Laptop Briefcase $7.50, Laptop Backpack $10 - Limit 5 Per Customer - $10.95 Delivery @ EVOL


Cheap Laptop Sleeve, Briefcase and Backpack on Clearance from $4.50

Backpack All Sold Out…………



Terms and conditions: Warehouse clearance items are not for resale. Maximum 5 items per customer. No returns or exchanges.

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EVOL Australia
EVOL Australia


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    Got a bunch of these from the previous deal (removed from ozb due to a suspicious associated account ) . The quality is great esp. for this price.

    • How long does their shipping take? If it arrives in SA within a week I might get 5 of different sizes. Going overseas on the 4th of June so I don't wanna risk it if the delivery takes for ages.

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        Got mine delivered within 3 days. However I am in Melbourne CBD and shipment was coming from Sunshine which is a near suburb.

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          Thanks. Like the design/look of their backpacks and thought to use them as my carry-on, but not sure if getting 5 bags to justify the $10.95 delivery cost is worth risking it. And I have like a few unopened (albeit bigger) backpacks already. Might just give this a miss.

  • + shipping $10.95

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    +$10.95 capped shipping. That's pretty good value for 5 max. Too bad the website doesn't have enough bandwidth to do anything quickly.

    • Yeah. Website played up while I was paying. Afterpay order went through though. 😅

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    Website is unresponsive

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    Wanted to share my experience too.

    Received yesterday 5 pieces,for 52$ including shipping, the quality is just amazing! Especially for that price!

    Previous post got deleted so I worried from the comments I read about my card details so just in case I requested for a new bank card.

    So if you can buy threw PayPal,etc just go for it, their a great bargain!

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    Thanks, OP. Was thinking to buy a cheapie sleeve on ebay for $15, bought a couple of sleeves here instead for $20 shipped which I expect will be much better quality.

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    how about dell briefcase?
    10 $ including shipping

    Dell Essential Briefcase 15…

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      Its got DELL written all over it!

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      Better option if you want one bag which includes free shipping. Just ordered.

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    RRP is inflated, don't get fooled by it, the quality is just average but it's definitely a good buy at this price.

  • Can the 13' laptop sleeves fit a 14' ultrabook
    edit: description finally loaded. says it can fit up to 14.1 inch if anyone was also wondering

    • @Nobodyy The internal dimension is 33*22 cms so a 14inch may not fit.

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        Thanks for the heads up. I just checked my laptop's dimensions and it should fit with just under 1cm for clearance each way.

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    This website has been OzBargained…

  • Thanks OB! Ordered 5.

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    Painful bargain, but a bargain nonetheless

  • Took about an hour of waiting pages to load to place an order. Went through paypal, so worst is losing this hour worth of effort

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    Took me a while but I eventually got through

  • Thanks OP

  • Can anyone comment on the Krispo backpack as a travel backpack?

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      There's no side pockets for bottle or umbrella, otherwise quality seems decent. Similar size to a 20L + bag?

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        good pickup on the side pockets for a bottle, those are useful

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      Free shipping on $10 backpacks and 4.50 sleeves lol, they give you a hand and you want an arm

      • -8

        Its a bargain site so can expect it.

        • +6

          It's a bargain as is, don't assume all Ozbargainers are tight asses

          • @Lebofly: patiently waits for TA to chime in

  • 1 backpack, 2 briefcasea and 2 sleeves for $45 shipped. Unbeatable value. Thanks Op

  • I just use a cheap backpack from Paddys Markets that fits my 15.6" backpack easily with a padded rear section and velcro strap, and has like 5 zipped sections with huge storage space for shopping and anything else. It even fitted nicely my old 17" laptop which was a rare feat - I've not seen any other backpack that would fit that in its own padded section.

  • Grabbed some new sleeves for the laptops in this household, thanks OP.

  • Anyone know if the 14” MacBook Pro will fit inside the sleeves?

  • Better than I expected.

    Anyone picked up an extra backpack they're willing to sell?

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    Anyone got their stuff yet? Mine seems stuck with Auspost.

    • No. Haven't received either. Also stuck with Auspost.

    • I got mine in about a week.

    • But is yours actually with AusPost?
      My tracking info has been "Shipping information approved by Australia Post" since the 4th - not even picked up for delivery yet?

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