Logitech G915 Wireless RGB Mechanical Keyboard Tactile Full-Size $249, G915 TKL $225 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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Full size KB selling for $249 since 4th Apr (according to cameelcamel) you can try price beat at officeworks for 5% and TCN gift cards for further discount.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Getting the TKL on all your links

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      thanks!, updated now

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    Bought it 3 years ago for A$239 and posted following deal

    Going strong for 3 years. The best keyboard I ever had.

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      Got it 3 years ago too, it is awesome keyboard, if only they had a newer version with USB C charging.
      This is the only gadget in my collection that still uses Micro-USB, it's a tad bit inconvenient.

      • Yeah the micro USB is a shame. That said my TKL has been acting up with he battery life going down a lot closer to 2-3 days instead of 2 weeks.

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    Am i right it uses Micro-USB? If I'm thinking of the same keyboard that is the reason I never pulled the trigger. Very likely I'm wrong.

    • Correct, this keyboard has a micro USB port for charging/using as wired.

    • My TKL uses micro USB but don’t let that be the reason not to buy this awesome keyboard.

      • I feel like when I was keen on it a couple of years ago I was thinking I'll wait until they do the refresh and throw usb-c on it. 2 years later…. haha

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      I put one of those magnetic plugs / cables on mine, so dont even notice. Have them on all my devices at my desk, so can just use the single magnetic cable to charge whichever device needs charging. Works pretty well for me.

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    just get the wooting if you're gaming

  • Why is this blue? I was pretty annoyed by that when I got one. I much prefer the colour of the 815.

    • what do you mean by blue?. the RGB can be changed to any colour

      • The brushed metal/aluminium/whatever it is has a blue tint :(

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          I'm using this right now and the photos make it look like that, but it looks more like a space grey/gun metal black.

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            @chet: yeah this is correct

            • @Maddsyz27: Ahahaha no

              Guess which one is the 915 and which is the 815


              It actually looks bluer in person than the picture portrays

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                @2025: I'm using one right now. yeah ok, its a blueish metal colour. whatever

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    Have used one of these for work and leisure for 2-ish years. It's nice to use, wireless with multiple connection is so bloody useful, and the battery lasts a long time. But the quality of the keys is just rubbish. They go shiny quick, then even worse, eventually the black starts to wear off on the corners and even the middle of some keys. Can't find a decent set of replacements either because they are pretty much a logitech only key. One of the shift keys has gone intermittently. Also don't light up secondary functions on any key, it's just painted on.

    Although I've gotten my money's worth (I have used it a lot), I would not buy one of these again.

  • What does tactile mean in this case? Are we talking equivalent of browns?

    • These are low-profile switches, so the tactiles might feel a bit like a laptop keyboard maybe? I'm not 100% sure

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    For the price a keychron is much better than this Logitech shit.

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      Are there any shine through key caps from Keychron? I tried to find some on their site, but their RGB seems even more gimmicky than the 915.

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    Got the G915 TKL Tactile since 2020

    - Easy to remove the keycaps (can remove with bare-fingers without keycap puller) and brush/vacuum dirt underneath
    - Good typing experience

    - Keycaps, the black part, will eventually wear off (as also mentioned by a comment above) giving the smeared letter appearance (my E, D and N keys are affected). On a side-note I notice there are sellers on Ebay/Ali selling replacements
    - My A key developed an issue where it would do a double stroke (e.g. aa instead of a); but I think managed to fix this issue by spraying contact-cleaner into the key switch
    - Can only switch between 2 devices, one with the receiver, one with bluetooth. (Wireless keyboards these days allow 3)
    - Micro USB

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      Warning, those ebay keycaps wear off faster than the originals. I'm on about the third or fourth for one of my keys…

  • ive got about 3 of these floating around, some of them the keycaps wore off real quite, ive also has the keys tab break off inside where the key inserts making it impossible to get the plastic wedged inside out.

    keys come off way too easily. if youre clumsy avoid this keyboard.

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      Had this happen with an old g910. Heat up a needle or safety pin with a lighter or stove, then push into the broken bit of plastic, wait a few seconds then remove.

      • thats genius, wish i thought of that.

        • Unfortunately you can't really repair the broken caps but at least you can put them back on, or in my case I transferred some of my lesser used keys (I have an extra 10 macro keys) to replace the ones with broken tabs.

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