iPhone 15 128GB $1287, Plus 128GB $1437, Pro 128GB $1587, Pro Max 256GB $1937 | iPad 64GB (9th Gen) $427 @ Officeworks


From the upcoming EOFY Officeworks catalogue.

Cracking prices on these Apple devices that should be near ATL's for most of them.


iPhone 15 https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/c/technology…
iPhone 15 Plus https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/c/technology…
iPhone 15 Pro https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/c/technology…
iPhone 15 Pro Max https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/c/technology…
iPad 9th Gen https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/c/technology…

Mod Update 29/5: iPad 9th Gen available now.

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  • https://www.officeworks.com.au/catalogue/latest-catalogue/

    There is currently no catalogue available. Please check back soon for new exciting offers.

    • +15

      Insider info.

      • Any idea what the 14 will sell at?

      • Any more inside info if laptops gonna have massive sale too please?

      • Is every storage size discounted?

    • Any deals on lower end Android tablets please?

  • Any sale on the 15 pro 1TB?

  • How much for 14 pro 256g? Ta!

    • +1

      Fairly sure these were discontinued a year ago…

  • I’m after a iPad Air 13, where can I get a deal on that?

    • Get a M2 ipad pro with mini LED and 120hz unless you need the pencil pro

      • It costs $500 more.

        I want new.

        All I am going to do in watch video and browse web.

        If you can find me a new one for the same price as an Air 13 I may consider it.

        Thanks for the idea.

        • +1

          Would be easier to find discounts on a 2022 model than a new model launched less than 2 weeks ago. Also the 13 inch is a not a great tablet, its not that much bigger than the 11 and far too heavy to hold. Might as well save yourself the money.

        • Just buy a used older iPad if that's your use case. Hell that's my use case and I'm using a 2017 10.5 iPad Pro and it does the job brilliantly.

          • @LanceVance: I do currently own iPads, just not a “13 inch” one.

            Seems rather pointless to buy another standard size one to replace a larger one I don’t own.

      • Fanboyism is not being a smart consumer. I have a iPhone 14 Pro in my possession. I prefer using Android for tablet.

        • +1

          If you dont want it , you can pass it on to me …

      • +2

        Are you 12 with a comment like that?

  • +12

    Price on 15 Pro 256gb please - thanks in advance!

    • I second this

      • And pro max please

  • +5

    iPad 10th Gen please

  • Will jb-hi-fi price match?

    • +2

      No reason why not

    • Yes

    • They will update their prices accordingly, so will other retailers

      • Thanks folks

    • Wife just bought an Iphone 15 from them as her phone died. Hoping JB drop price and do two week price difference refund…..
      Hurt my soul watching her buy at full rrp….

  • Any deals on MacBook Air M3?

    • +1

      Macs were 10% off. That promo just finished yesterday

  • +7

    This EOFY everywhere really need to give us a TRUE sale, but not stupid uncle jack sale prices please.

  • -5

    The Iphone 15 128GB is literally cheaper at kogan atm beside i am missing something

    • +5

      Grey import

    • +5

      That’s not Australian stock for starters so yes, you are missing something

  • +1

    I feel like these "sale prices" are getting more and more

    • +2

      more and more what?

      • +7

        Certainly one of the sale prices ever

        • +3

          Keanu Reeves is without doubt, one of the actors to grace the big screen.

      • *sh1t

    • +1

      Ipad 9th generation is going up in price since last years sales.

  • is it possible to get Apple to price match this and use GCs?

    • +3

      Apple stores will generally only price match within 10% of their RRP based on past experience.

    • You could do jb Hi with gift cards. Currently 10% worth of points with ultimate gift cards at Woolies

  • +2

    Any deals on the iPhone SE?

  • Wasn't Iphone 15 selling for $1199 at telstra a while ago?

  • +1

    Just in time for a quick tax write off

    • Is it < $300 in order to deduct in full?

      • depending on the workplace this could fall under instant assest write off which you can claim up to 20k

      • Can you deduct in full if it’s over $300?

        • Normally need to depreciate over the “useful life” which for a phone would be 2 or 3 years probably 😂

    • +16

      Please post a video then

      • google 2 girls 1 cup - it was recorded during an earlier sale

  • +3

    I bought iphone 15 plus for $1437 months ago from jb hifi….this seems like standard pricing. Am i missing something?

    • +1

      15 plus was $1,399 at Costco not long ago

  • +1

    I refuse to upgrade until Apple sets 256gb as min storage size. Yes, probably I am waiting for at least 5 yrs or more lol

    • -1

      It is the min for pro models

      • +2

        Not for the pro, only the pro max.

    • I don't understand why that (minimum storage) is an issue !

  • Any iPad air deal?

  • Are there any deals on Apple Watches?

    • I'm keen to know this too.

  • +10

    Here are both Apple pages from the catalogue. If it's not on the images, then I'm afraid it may not be on sale. Do as you will!!

    Page 1
    Page 2

    @adspiv78 @choofa @fruxo @maulmonk @Slappie @Filo-Guy @AvidDealHunter @nomadspartan @DeToxin @WwDesi @Grok @vooi @warmfruit @the mahster @kaikor @kiitos @markh

    • Thank-you! The MacBook Air M3 13” is cheaper now than what’s advertised in the catalogue. $1697 vs $1617. Odd.

    • Thankyou @HamBoi69

    • Is the 256gb Iphone 15gb Pro an all-time low?

    • Hey mate, do you know if they've got the S9 tablets on sale too?

  • Now just need a sweet deal of gift cards please 🙏

  • Does anyone know when the catalogue/price would be available? I can see from the screenshot shared that it is a June catalogue, but wondering if it is available from June 1st? Thanks

  • Wonder if JB will change their prices the same day or wait awhile…

    • +1

      You can always price match.

      • Yep, I know… asking for other reasons.

    • JB's prices look to be matching the OfficeWorks ones now.

      • Yeah, all the big retailers have moved

  • When is this sale happening?

  • It is live for that price in their website now.

    • +1

      Yep, amazon already started moving their prices too.

  • Has anyone used the iPhone 15 Pro Max 1TB? I currently have over 20,000 photos and videos on my iPhone 12 (256GB) and have been struggling with storage space for quite a while.
    Btw, 1TB is not available online at OW

    • +1

      Offload them to external storage

      • Thank you, but I’m already doing that and deleting what I don’t want to keep.

    • +1

      I have 26k photos and videos and a 256gb iPhone 15 Pro, I just pay for iCloud 1TB.
      It's not ideal but it saves me money on the actual iphone not having to get the larger size, and my wife can use it too.

  • -1

    FK me I paid $150 for a Motorola G54

  • +1

    So if this is now matched across OfficeWorks, JB HiFi, Amazon, Good Guys etc, does anyone know of any current gift cards or points discounts to bring the price down further? The Everyday Rewards offer for ultimate gift cards has expired.

    Best I can find is 4% off on Entertainment Book gift cards for JB HiFi (5% off at Big W).

    Or Big W at $1,299 using Everyday Extra 10% discount (I assume you can do this?) then paid with Entertainment Book gift cards (5% off). So would be $1,110.65 (plus about $5 worth of points)?

    • Didn’t know the 10% off everyday extra applies to Apple products? Also it seems like iPhone 15 Pro aren’t price matched (as yet) at BigW?

      • You are correct, everyday extra excludes Apple and is limited to $500.

    • OW 2% via Bupa rewards

  • +1

    Costco is now doing a lower price so remember to get Officeworks to price beat by 5%. I just did this for the 256 GB iPhone 15 Pro. $1661

    • Got rejected by Officeworks today for this; said they won't price match because Costco is a subscription.

      • +1

        Either they have changed their position overnight, or you had bad luck because several people managed to get them to price match costco yesterday without a membership. I'd try on the phone (assuming you went in store) or try another store.

      • try again as some staff members are not uptodate on new rules. I had a hard time over the phone, then went in store and had no trouble and it was quick

  • +1

    Thank you, got officeworks to match costco.

    • Did they ask to see your Costco membership?

      • I am a member although they didn't ask me to show my membership. apparently they price match with Costco now

      • No. I just showed them the pic I took at Costco.

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