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Bonds Sleep Jersey Pant (Black, Grey, Harpoon) $14.99 + $6.95 Delivery ($0 C&C/ Bonds & Me Members/ $59 Order/ in-Store) @ Bonds

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$39.99 Rrp, reviews looks decent, 3 colours available and almost all sizes available.

Shopback has 8% upto 4.5% cashback

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    Looks half decent

  • +34

    Bonds Material: Main: Cotton / Elastane (Excluding Trims).

    these are 100% cotton


    cheaper and less exposure to microplastics for your testicles

    • Not sure why the neg, these have been great.

    • +1

      Jokes on them, I don't wear any pants or undies when working from home.

    • +6

      I liked kmart one, but no pocket. If that matters

    • -1

      Wow. So if my balls explode I'll time it with a birthday or wedding.

      Good article.

    • +2

      The page says its "Cotton or cotton/viscose", so is it just luck of the draw or do they tell you on the label of each one?

    • these are 100% cotton

      Description says "cotton or cotton/viscose". How do you know it's 100% cotton?

      • +1

        I have one and on the tag (along with the price bit) it says 100% cotton.

        Also: https://i.imgur.com/3iMowm5.png

      • +1

        viscose is a natural fibre though — made from wood pulp. It's absorbent and breathable like cotton (though supposedly slightly less so than cotton) so having it in a blend with cotton still means you've got a pretty natural fabric. Not like wearing cotton polyester.

      • Drawstring FTW

    • -1

      Same price as the delivery cost of Bonds…

    • Has anyone been able to compare these?

  • +1

    I’m wearing them now , great for around the house before it gets too cold .

  • +1

    Got a code for delivery showing as an extra 6.99 for me

    • +6

      Sign up for free, for free shipping

      • Thanks

      • I have an account but still seeing shipping cost. Tried different browsers, readding item to cart, signing out then in. What specifically is needed for free shipping? Is it possible to have an account that is not eligible for it? However I do see 'FREE SHIPPING - NO MINIMUM SPEND' on the product page.

        Has anyone had this issue?

        • I asked support chat and they said my account was a Partner account or something so they converted it into a Bonds & Me account and after logging in again it works

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      If you have a account, it's free delivery. Postage is for guest check out

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    I have a pair of these and they're great, but no drawstring so phone in pocket and medium falls down a bit on me

  • +2

    Thanks. Bought x2. They look comfortable

  • -1

    sleep pants should be loose , these look like skinny jeans

  • +2

    Do you have to buy two so you get a pair of pants?

  • +2

    Thanks OP grabbed two pairs. P.S these are quite comfy, I have a couple of pairs already and really like them.

    • Are they true to size?

      • +1

        Touch on the large size, however really forgiving (due to strech) I normally get mens large, but get mediums in these, any my wife takes them all the time (shes size 12/14), not sure if that helps or not.

        P.s - yes she can ware the pants in the household, saves me needing too..

        • Lol awesome thanks, bought some :)

  • +2

    Ordered 3 pairs for $44.97. 8% cashback of exclusive of GST should be around $3.27, but only $1.09 was tracked.

    • currently showing on shopback as 4.5% cashback… that's probably why

  • These are great, had some for a few months. They've held up fine through the wash. The sleep tees are also really comfortable

  • Why my browser does not allow me to open the WebLink because there is something called link synergy? Does anyone else have the same problem?

  • I ordered some items from 26/05/2024 but have not received any! Is it normal? Does anyone have same delay?

    • +1

      I am the op, mine is still in transit after this i have ordered kids leggings which i have received already.

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