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[Android] Traffix: Traffic Simulator - Free (Was $3.29), Package Inc. - Cargo Simulator - Free (Was $3.29) @ Google Play Store



Traffix: Traffic Simulator - Free (Was $3.29)

Control the traffic flow. Decide when the cars can pass and avoid crashes

Traffix is a minimalist traffic management and simulation game where you need to manage the traffic flow by turning on/off the traffic lights.

You must control the traffic light to keep the drivers safe and maintain peace.
Start fighting chaos all over the world in this traffic simulation experience.


Simple rules: Tap the traffic light on the right time to change its color and manage the highway. It works just like a normal traffic light with green, yellow and red colors.

Minimalist: You will find cars, a bus or a van in almost every city. There are cities featuring a truck, a train, and even a plane. Your job? Make sure they don’t crash.

Calming: Traffix will not force you to think too hard. Each new city will amaze your senses and help you to relax.

Tricky levels: The visual features of Traffix are very simple and minimalist, but some cities can turn very tricky! The slightest distraction can cause a big crash.

Everybody hates traffic. Even when it is minimalist, like on Traffix. Now there is a way to control chaos and spread some peace to the streets.

On Traffix you are the highway manager. Each city will deliver a different dose of stress and chaos. By tapping the traffic lights at the right time, you can control the flow and avoid raging drivers.

See you on the highway!

Package Inc. - Cargo Simulator - Free (Was $3.29)

Simulate a Cargo Delivery & Distribution System

Package Inc. is an inspiring cargo delivery simulator in 3D.

Package Inc. is a beautiful game about building a delivery system for a growing city. Build a connection between different hubs and feed multiple destinations, like factories, police stations, cafes, libraries, boutiques, saloons, hotels, pizzerias, pet shops or schools.

As new hubs are active and there is an increase on demand, you can redesign buildings’ position to keep your cargo delivery process as smooth and efficient as possible. Speed and storage capacity are also essential to keep the delivery network running without inconveniences. How long can you keep the orders moving?

• Gracefully minimalist and beautiful visual design;
• Learn cargo management stuff in a never-ending fun way;
• Original soundtrack and immersive experience (headphones are a must!);
• Multiple goals to achieve in real-world cities;
• Variety of moods: from extremely relaxing to super thrilling;
• Expand from a small town to a big city.

Package Inc. is a Cargo Simulator that has an evocative visual design and shares the same minimalist features of Infinity Games previous titles. The game starts in a very relaxing pace but rapidly turns into a thrilling experience.

• Deliver as many packages as you can;
• Operate for many days;
• Add multiple destinations;
• Speed up delivery times;
• Increase storage capacity.

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  • +5

    Got these the last time they were free.

    Great games.

    Loved trafficX more. Got really challenging at some parts. Good game.

    Recommended with headphones/Earbuds.

  • +11

    Got these the last time they were free.

    Terrible games.

    Hated trafficX more. After the first 10 minutes it's just extremely stressful cluster*uck. Terrible game.

    Not recommended with anything.

    • +2

      So it's like real life suburban roads then?

  • +9

    Traffix : Traffic Simulator

    Rozelle Interchange : Traffic Emulator

  • +2

    Got these the last time they were free.

    Haven't played them.

  • Does it do zip merges (and at roadworks zones as well)?

    • +5

      No hook turn. No deal.

  • +7

    No thanks. If I wanted to increase my blood pressure by dealing with traffic jams, I'd just go for a drive.

    • You feel helpless with the real one, with this one you are a traffic god.

  • +1

    Did not get these last time they were free.

  • +1

    Just tried it in ios. Awful with 97% ads.

  • +3

    These apps delete themselves if it detects its in WA.

  • Does it including annoying road ragers, tailgaters, and speeders. lol

  • +1

    Traffix is not "calming" for someone who's OCD and aiming for 100% completion each time! But it's the better of the two.

    Package Inc. tutorial was terrible. I wasn't sure what the heck I was doing - even when I passed the level! I couldn't slow down the packages in one node even after expanding the capacity to the max and ceebs restarting.

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