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Fuel Doctors Chamber Pack Cleaner & Conditioner 1L $32.61 ($31.84 eBay Plus) Delivered @ Sparesbox eBay


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Cheapest I have seen fuel doctor this additive does actually work if I do highway driving with and without it I notice a difference that with tends to save a few liters over the tank potentially not cost effective but if it's doing other good stuff for the engine then I figure it's worth it ..

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  • OP it's $31.84 with code MAYP17 not $31 - Please correct that in your title

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    From previous threads, may help diesels YMMV… better to just use 98 on unleaded petrol vehicles once in a while.

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      better to just use 98 on unleaded petrol vehicles once in a while.

      Someone's been reading the marketing material again. It won't clean your engine or fuel system any better than 91.

      And what if our car requires 98 to begin with, better to put avgas *once in a while?

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        Better to put acetone once in a while

      • So do you recommend this stuff then, what's your take expert?

  • I used this on my diesel recently with 2 shock treatments
    I got a small increase in fuel economy (0.3 L/100km)
    Maybe it’s benefit more unseen than seen?

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    isn't this pointless? just purchase premium fuel every now and then to get the same result for cheaper?

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      Its good for Diesels. It disperses any water that's trapped in the system, and kills the algae that can grow in that water. And its good for if you are storing a vehicle and the fuel will be sitting for a while. Cleaning of injectors etc would just be a bonus feature because you wouldn't really be able to measure that.

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        Spot on.
        Good if your Diesel/petrol car does not get much running and you have multiple fuel tanks.

        • ah, great point. my car gets used everyday, so this would really benefit me.

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