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10+ Stems Aquarium Plant Combo $9.99 + $3.99 Postage ($0 SYD C&C) @ Sydney Aquascapes


The 10-stem plant combo is back! If you are after a nice range of 3-5 species of plants for your aquarium, then give this combo a go.

In this combo you get at least 10 stems in a range of different aquatic plants, usually about 3-5 different species.
This is our cheapest Value-For-Money Aquarium plant combo. Feel free to message us if you would like something specific in it!

All our plants are easy to grow, all you need to do is burry the ends into your substrate (gravel or soil works) and they will grow roots and adapt to your tank conditions.

Note we also replace or refund any which have been damaged during postage, it does happen occasionally so please contact us if this occurs.

Thank you!

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  • Please note, we do have snails in our tanks: if you want to keep your tank snail-free, just give the plants a rinse before putting them in your tank.

    • once they are in the tank, its impossible to remove them. do you know a way to remove them?

      • maybe you can try cut small v shape into a bottle and put a piece of washed lettuce or some sort of food. leave overnight… repeat til all are gone

      • +1

        rinse the plants with potassium permanganate and again with salt water. scrub the leaves carefully. Snail eggs are generally underside.

    • Rinse with Potassium permanganate and another rinse with salt water

      • Yes to be 100% sure do this.

        But usually just tap water and a visual inspection for any snail eggs is enough.

    • Aren't they handy for cleaning the glass or is that an urban myth?

  • Hi OP, i'm just starting out. Can you suggest a good substrate combination for a 20L tank?

    • +1

      I got it from amazon and it is working. put the kids play sand first and then amazon substrate.

    • +1

      I personally mix some aquasoil with gravel.
      Get one of these: https://sydney-aquascapes.com.au/products/shrimp-soil-premiu…
      With any gravel and you can put the gravel over the soil.

      You don't need aquasoil, but it helps the plants. Any substrate is fine in combination with that unless you want some specific plants (most we sell are easy and won't care)

      • Thanks! I plan to order a lot from your store soon. Cheers.

        • Thanks mate, feel free to ask any other questions you have :)

  • These will be my first live/real plants. I've placed an order for 2x 10 stems. NOTE: shipping is $3.99 not $3 (which is fine - I've reported the title error).

    Can a list of likely-to-be-sent plant names be provided so I can do some research before they arrive?

    • +1

      Ah yes sorry thanks for the correction.

      You will probably get:
      Pink baby tears
      Giant baby tears
      Green rotala

      Some combination of them depending on stock and maybe some other as well.

  • Hi,
    Can you ship to SA, generally there is quarantine requirements here?

    • No sorry.

  • Ordered 2x. Thanks OP.

  • These won't work with a crayfish will they?

  • Hi Op,

    If we ordered today, does that mean it will be shipped in next Mon/Tues?

    • We are shipping tomorrow so if we have stock which we probably will we will ship tomorrow any orders today.

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