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Extra Large Raw Tiger Prawns $18/kg (Was $29/kg) @ Woolworths


Back on sale again, now at the bargain price of $18/kg!

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  • Product details:
    * grown in Australia
    * wild caught

    eh? Not sure it matters, but we have both farmed and wild tiger prawns in Australia. Is one better?

    Any chance of getting them still frozen at this price, instead of "for your convenience"?

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      Ask them if they have the 3kg box available, those are still frozen.

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        Freezer too small

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          Throw a party and cook all 3kg. And only invite me.

  • Did you get any or was it ozbargained? 😀

  • OOS everywhere

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    Like A Tiger 🐅 💃

  • Thawed for your convenience!

  • Still heaps of stock around

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    Thanks OP. These are really good.

    I popped into a nearish Woolworths today at 9am and saw a huge pile of them. Nearby was a smaller pile for $12/kg. I asked: "Are these yesterday's? No. They were thawed this morning. Why are they so cheap? They're a "bundle" of all sorts of prawn types, meaning a mixture of head and body pieces (broken off the whole prawn) of different types of prawns."

    But these looked the same as the $18 tiger prawns, so they had made up a "bundle" from the tiger prawns by putting the $18 whole ones in the smaller pile.

    I got around 3kgs.

    • Nice one 🙂

  • bought 3kg yesterday. They are big.

  • Seems to be still on sale this week as well.


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    For those who want to know.
    1.5Kgs turned into 500gms of prawn heads and 850gms of prawn meat, after cleaning and deveining. So approximately half, after cleaning. The prawn sizes went between 12grams to 30 grams per cleaned body (only, no head).

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      Prawn science for the people.

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        For the people, by the people.

        No tails on these btw, for those wondering.

    • These are extremely good. I topped up a lot more today. I checked Coles, who sell similar for full price and seafood retailers for more.

      So approximately half

      That's a by product of prawns.

      If you want to feel better, try to get them for $12 and with incentives and GCs they can drop to ~50%!

      • How do you get them for $12?
        I should wander around our local fishmongers and see how much these guys go for there. I also they they clean and give it to us.
        The frozen raw prawns from Vietnam work out to about $18 per kg (from poor memory).

      • yea how? @ihbh

        • see comment above

  • originally ordered 3kg for delivery tmr

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