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Baccarat The Gourmet Slice XL Pizza Oven $144.49 ($141.09 eBay Plus) Delivered @ House eBay


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Cook delicious, crispy restaurant quality, family-sized pizzas at home with The Gourmet Slice XL Pizza Oven by Baccarat®.
A must have cooking appliance in an XL size that can cook 16"/ 40cm pizzas
Cook perfect fresh dough pizzas in less than 5 minutes
Simple dial system activates the dual heating elements, allowing you to set the top heat, base heat, or both reaching up to 400°C to get traditional results
Constructed from premium steel with a removable ceramic baking stone that ensures even heat distribution
Tempered glass viewing window makes it easy to keep an eye on your pizza without losing heat
Timer allows you to keep track of your cooking for up to 15 minutes
Includes 2 bonus stainless steel pizza paddles that make lifting and serving your pizzas safe and easy. Backed by the Baccarat® Guarantee What Am I Buying 1 x pizza oven Material Steel Dimensions 47 x 41 x 25cm
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  • House has been closing down for years… Is this old stock?

    • +1

      The real question is, will House ever close down?

    • +1

      I was shocked, shocked I tell you, as I went past House at Chermside the other week the closing down signs were all removed.

  • +1

    House closes down more than my local rug store

  • +2

    Size aside, is this one better than other clamshell pizza ovens? They all claim 400 degrees, they all
    come with two spatulas, have a window to monitor the process, they're all ferrari-red.

    • +1

      Well at least this one has the feature whereby the top and bottom elements can be individually controlled. That's something.

      • +2

        Good point.

        On my mind is whether the heating elements in this one switch off entirely after reaching the desired temperature - so they are glowing-red as expected, then they stop cooking at random (when the thermostat decides) until they cool down a little to trigger the thermostat again to start heating them up. Ie. they don't keep the desired temperature and they're on-off-on etc. making the whole device not quite predictable.

        That's how Hizo E12 works - depending how lucky you are launching your pizza within the on-off-on cycle, the pizza is baking fine and bubbling, then it stops and you can't tell for how long you need to wait while it dries there or even burns from the bottom.

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