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[PS5] Final Fantasy VII Rebirth $86.21 @ Playstation Store


PS5 version FF7 Rebirth 25% off digital store 86.21

Amazon has the physical copy for $88

Thanks to @Arch1818's comment
Cheaper at EB Games Ebay - $77 + $8.95 delivery

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  • Cmon jb price match amazon

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    Not enough of a bargain. I will wait a bit longer

  • PS5 exclusivity period ends from today. Not sure when we will have it on another platform just yet though.

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    oh, wow I didn't realize the full price is $115. The pre-order at eb $45+trade in really worth

    • i mean it depends which 2 games you are trading.

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        it was at the same time as JB 2 for $30, so for some people the total price was $75.
        Not me, I was trading FFVII remake and farcry 6 both ps4 version, and exist in PS+ catalogue. Need to back and forth to different EB stores. The first one accept trade-in, but I didn't bring photo ID, the second EB store refuse to trade ps4 titles, so I need to back to the first EB store that a bit far.

        • oh, you got lucky, my experience with EB has not been good, they didn't wanted ps4 games only ps5 and some games weren't even in trade in list.

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    A tiny bit cheaper at EB Games Ebay but can use ebay plus $5 monthly voucher and ebay gift card. only 4 stocks left. $88 at EB Games for click and collect. Can be pricematched at JB HIFI and use 10% off in store?

    • my apology, the EB Games Ebay is preowned. so not the same deal.

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    Got this and a pack of mints for $85 a month ago when big W had the code for $15 off $100 spend. Nobody cares - just reminiscing about my previous bargain.

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