Panasonic 32L 1100W Inverter Sensor Microwave Oven, Black (NN-ST665BQPQ) $246 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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got a camel alert (we bought at $279 in Oct 2023)

does what it should, heats as expected

adding time is by chunks, no 1 second increments. no hitting start button for 1 minute time either

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Click PRICE BEAT for $236 at the Good Guys.…

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      For those interested - on the linked TGG's product page a pop up should appear offering this product at $236 instead of their regular $249.

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    Bought this for about $230 in 2017, still going strong. Only thing to note is that the thin plastic layer covering the front buttons has started to wear over the most frequently used ones, but doesn't affect functionality.

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      Have you removed the plastic sticker? I thought the same, and then realised it came with a sticker over the top.

      • I also did exactly this

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        TIL I could do that. It was stuck on so solidly it seemed like it was actually part of the panel…

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          Haha enjoy your new looking microwave!

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            @JSONBourne: This is gold.
            I can one-up it though - My employer bought a new office building from a large company.

            It was not new, so was looking around at what work had been done and needed to be done to renovate it up to scratch, and was looking at the lift doors from the outside - the whole floor to ceiling panel beside the doors was a bit shabby - I poked at it a bit, then realised what it was, and pulled on it and with the help of a colleague removed the thin 2.5m high white plastic protective coating that came with it to reveal the stainless steel panel it was supposed to be - matching the doors beside it. I asked the manager when the new lift was put in, and he responded - it's the same lift that was installed when the building was built 15 years ago !!!

            People had worked in there that whole time and no one ever worked it out, or in true large company style - no one ever took responsibility to take it off!

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    Have this. Two major issues for me is its ability to kill 2.4G wifi and the low lumen white LED is very bad. Cant see much happening inside.

    • " its ability to kill 2.4G wifi "


  • adding time is by chunks, no 1 second increments. no hitting start button for 1 minute time either

    They’ve made microwaves like this for years and I can’t understand why

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      I know. Deal-breaker. I'll never buy a microwave that isn't one button to start (and add further time)

  • I also have this microwave and I hate how you have to hit reset between each item to heat. Heating up two plates of food? Heat the first one. then put in the second and none of the buttons will work until you press the reset button at the bottom. Super weird but mostly annoying feature. Otherwise it has never skipped a beat and is good value. Mine is about 3.5 years old.

    • So everytime you open the microwave and pause the process, you need to reset and start over?

      Like, I'm setting it to full power, 1:30 mins. I'm done after 0:40 and want to switch the plates - I need to reset?

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        Not quite, only when it finishes the timer.

        So using your logic of switching plates is great, as long as you remember to watch it haha.

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      I was about to add that the reset as another fave hate of mine too…
      It seems that other 'blue chip' brands that have their button logic sorted out, then impose music tunes from the digital watch era of the 80's or reminding beeps that your meal is ready……
      I'd love to flash the firmware of a Pana to fix this!

      • Oh man me too. I'm hoping to get at least another 5-10 years out of it, so Gunna have to put up with it otherwise.

  • Bought this from The Good Guy back in 2019 for $269 still going strong.

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    Just got Bing Lee to price match GG in case anyone wants to buy from BL because they are more convenient / closer.

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