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adidas Men's Ultraboost Light Shoes $117.60 Delivered (adiClub Members Only, RRP $280) + 20% ShopBack Cashback @ adidas

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Many size options available while posting.
Unfortunately, Adidas shopback expires at midnight.

Other Ultraboost options:

EDIT: 40% early access discount is for adiclub members. I believe creating a free adiclub ccount should still allow us to avail the benefit.

EDIT2: ShopBack cashback is 12% now (1-Jun). But, Cashrewards is %18!

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  • Looks low on stock, so, could be merged with insufficient quantity deals.

    • How'd you get $94?

      • +2

        My bad, looks like 40% early access offer is only for adiclub members, which brings the price down to $117.6
        20% shopback on top of that to bring it down further to $94.08.

  • I can only see $196

    • +1

      The price is with 40% discount for adiclub members (early access, whatever that means :)). I have updated the post now.

      • thanks, yes I see it now but need to clear out old pairs of shoes!

      • Thanks OP! Got some new boost to replace my 2 yr old pair

  • Thanks. Have a holiday coming up and will have a heap of walking and was looking for a good pair walking shoes! Good price!

    • -1

      This version of UB isn’t be best for walking. It’s really heavy

      • Of damn… I dun messed up?!

        • , ‘heavy’ is relative. It’s not as heavy as a pair of leather work shoes, for example, let alone a decent hiking boot. If you are just walking then the weight will be perfectly fine

          • @dtc: I typically wear Adidas superstars, boots or another leather style shoe. Which mean, def lighter than those.

      • Yeah i'm sure they are fine for walking and running, unless they are much heavier than the UB19.

        They aren't meant to be a lightweight race shoe.

        Anyway most Adidas is eshay styling and fashion wear these days.

  • +9

    For what it's worth, I personally feel the new balance 1080v13 is the new comfort champion for walking.

    Ultraboost light seems more geared towards runners with less cushion in favour of speed and lightweight.

    Asics gel nimbus is a very close 2nd in my books and is a better option if you need to take off and put on your shoes frequently as it's easier to slip in and out.

    Rebel v4 is 3rd in my books.

    • +1

      mate I love new balance 1080v12, best shoes ever, I just bought two pairs from DFO. I didn't like v13 as much.

      • How much did they set you back at DFO?

    • +1

      They definitely are geared towards running as the cushioning is less soft but more springy which is preferred when running.

  • +2

    UB has some the thinnest/worst tread of any runner I've ever used. After 3 months of walking/running it wears out and starts to wear into the white boost foam. It even has a continental rubber logo on it, what a joke. But they are obviously very comfortable but it's still an overrated runner imo. Pros and cons I guess.

    • Ive had the same issue! Comfortable but the rubber sole is gone with minor use. On top of that the white boost foam is cracking. Won't be buying them again.

    • Agree, don't last very long, alright for casual walking.
      Got some nimbus 26.. wow.

      • +1

        My gel cumulus 24 are 2 years old and the tread is just starting to wear away. Asics and brooks are the best runners for me, I'm getting the brooks ghost next.

        • Gee that's good going. Not sure how long these will last, but can throw them in the mix and not wear for general walking.

          I had Brooks Trance back in the day.

          • +1

            @G-rig: Two years but I cycle through my shoes so I don't wear them out. On 3-4 walks per week I might wear them 1-2x.

    • Yeh from the 1.0s these outsole wear out fairly quickly. Wouldn't recommend as daily runners.
      But the use of Continental rubber was never durability, but more for grip

  • For those unintiated, the shoes tongue and collar are one piece, not split like the regular shoes. They are very tight. I can't wear them for too long.

    • Ultrasock

  • +1

    Still only see $196 even logged in. Am i missing something?

    • +2

      Discount applies on checkout

  • Shame the ultra boost 1.0 blacks aren’t included

  • Adidas Boston 12s for $114 (after cashback)

  • Just wondering what sizes are displayed in the product description/landing page. Are they US or UK sizes?

    • +1

      It's US. I've bought a few shoes from the online store and more often than not, the fit is good. I'm a UK9 and get US9.5.

      • +1

        Thanks a lot. Strange that such a big company doesn't mention what size they use on the Australian website. Thanks for clarifying that

  • +1

    Now the price drop to $88.70 with early bird 40% discount and 12% shopback.

  • The shopback 20% cashback is sitewide on Adidas?

    • There are some exceptions, you can see the exclusions mentioned on ShopBack app when you navigate into Adidas

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