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Scrub Daddy Flex Texture Cleaning Sponge $3.83 ($3.45 Sub & Save) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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OzBargain's favourite scubber is back on sale. Cheapest price I have seen in a little while.

Scrub Daddy FlexTexture Cleaning Sponge in original yellow color is suitable for cleaning all kinds of surfaces such as wood, plastic, copper, iron, vinyl, car exterior paint, glass, non-stick coating, stainless steel and more. This FlexTexture scrubber rinses free of debris, resists odours and cleans well with water alone. The eyes are great finger anchor points for an ergonomic grip, whilst the mouth is cleverly designed to clean both sides of utensils.

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    Thank you sir

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    Thanks for posting OP! I bought one :)

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    I like my Scrub Daddy. He's the only one in my house that smiles when he sees me.

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      Bought one- so I will have the same experience…

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      get a dog

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    using these and Scrub Mummy too, does anyone else find that it doesn't soak in detergent though?

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      Yeh personally I feel like it doesn't soak detergent properly and it disintegrates faster than the normal yellow/green sponge.

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    Have I been missing out?!

    Recommended uses for product: Face Makeup

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    Is the product really that good? The founder is multi millionaire now.

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      I use to think 'why waste money on these novelty sponges' and regularly bought the usual packs blue scourer/sponge packs in grocery buys every few months

      I got sick of the blue scourers falling apart so decided, one fateful ozbargain deal day, to buy a scrub daddy to try. Lasted absolutely ages and now that's all I bother buying. We have a dishwasher so it's only used for pots/pans and occasional wash up duties, but works and lasts much better than the usual blue scourer/sponges we use to buy.

    • Yeah it's surprisingly good and lasts for ages too

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      Yeah it's actually a good product. The shape is quite useful, the mouth is very useful for cleaning spoons, forks, knives, etc, and if you sink it in cold water, it becomes hard and is a good scrubber.

      The size of this is much bigger than a regular sponge and you have to replace it far less. The quality of life improvement is noticeable.

      I don't like paying $5 for it, but for $3.45 it's a steal.

    • I think it's a mixed review, some think it lasts for ages, for us it doesn't :S However it is a good deal for these though.

      • +1

        You got to know how to use it with the cold water and hot water to change the texture to scrub for what you need.

    • +1

      I was of the opinion that it was just shitty novelty and hype. But i picked one up in a bargain bin once and I've been impressed with how good it is. It's lasted wayyy longer than any other sponges I've bought.
      Honestly, I want to hate it and now i just hate it more that I like it

  • Good freakin deal, daddio.

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    This thing can still scratch stuff when hard/used in cold water. I used the sponge daddy to clean the bathroom sink tap and it caused visible scratches. So make it softer with hot water before using it on delicate surfaces.

  • ($3.45 Scrub & Save) FTFY

  • +6

    You can also throw this and the mummy in the dishwasher to extend their lives 💪

    • Oh wow, how does that work? :o

      • Assuming it gets the oils / grease washed out by the dishwasher so it can get back to its sudsy goodness!

      • +1

        When a mommy scrub and a daddy scrub…

        • +2

          … love each other very much….

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    The trick is to just buy 1 Scrub Daddy and 1 Scrub Mummy and then just use the resulting Scrub Babies.

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    I bought one last time around but was a major disappointment. I just don't understand the hype around it. Yea it does seem like it will last longer than a typical sponge scrubber but when it comes to scrubbing power I don't see any magical difference and is similar to the Scotch-brite Non Scratch Scrub Sponge that I use and also I find the size to be too large for easy use. And this also costs 3x more than my regular scrub sponge.

  • Tried one and found that it scratched on non-stick.

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    Thank you!!11

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    I subscribed when it was on the $5 sub and save a few months back…now it's $3.45 does it mean I have to cancel my existing sub and register this one to get this at the discounted price? Don't use Amazon enough to know how it works.

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    3pcs on AliExpress for $2.84

    Can't post the link here..

    • I'm seriously considering it. Been sick of the dishmatic/chux ones you get from colesworths.

    • +1

      So I ended up buying it. Seems pretty sturdy and well built. The front is the yellow scrub daddy material and the back is Velcro like to allow it to stick on the handle. If you like the normal scrub daddy this ones definitely worth the $10

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    Bought 4 for 19 at bunnings today ><

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    $27.21 Scrub Daddy BBQ Daddy Grill Brush, lowest price ever according to 3x Camels:

    • cheap, 80% 5-star reviews, but is it actually any good compared to usual metal brushes, such as those by GrillArt and Kona?

      • Haven't used it yet, just received today. Amazon basics grill brushes are excellent, I plan on using them in conjunction with the scrub daddy grill brush.

        The key with the scrub daddy grill brush it seems that you can't have the bbq too high heat (something around 300f or 150c, I need to check instructions again). one of the reviewers suggested using ice water to dip it in when using, the instructions say the colder the water the better.

  • I've always been sceptical about these infomercial type products. My partner brought one home and its genuinely the only sponge I've used that stood the test of time. It shits on brit/scotch sponges. It'll discolour before it falls apart.

    Can't vouch for other *Daddy products but these are totally worth it.

  • I went to youtube to check what is all fuss about ! So here I am with my order placed.

  • My new fav is Scotch-brite Scrub Dots Heavy Duty Scrub Sponges 2 Pack


    • Not for non stick surfaces though.

      Although I find these scrub daddy sponges can scratch off some non stick stuff. I'm fairly certain that they damaged the basket plate of my instant pot vortex air fryer.

    • Same, but the orange one. No stock, though.

  • Have this, does the job, don't really see what the fuss is about though.

  • Not a fan of it.

    It's good for washing the inside of cups and pots, but not good for washing the outside of cups as it doesn't flex. I always feel like I'm going to drop the cup when I use it to wash the outside of the cup.

    Overall, I prefer the Scotch-Brite Non Scratch Sponge. The Scotch-Brite lasts much much longer than the Vileda, Chux or Aldi Non Scratch Sponge.

    That said, I rarely hand wash as the dishwasher does 95% of the dishwashing.

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