$6.95 McSmart Meal (2 Small Burgers, Fries & Soft Drink) @ McDonald's


New meal offering at Maccas soon!

McSmart Meal for $6.95 available from 10:30 am to midnight daily on all platforms except McDelivery.

The McSmart Meal includes:
• Small Fries
• Small Soft Drink or Cup of Water
• Choice of 2 Small Burgers:
Cheeseburgers, Chicken 'n' Cheese or one of each

To upgrade to medium fries and drink, you must order in person, not via the kiosk or app at a cost of $8.95.


Thanks to my source for letting me know about this upcoming promo

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  • Hiw does McDonalds compare to Hungry Jack these days?

    • +4

      I don't think macas taste wise has changed. It's shrunk though. Hungrys always feels like a burger cooked on gas. Burger size can be wayyy bigger too.

    • +8

      I feel like HJ's are kinda of smashing McDonalds in the value stakes. You can often roll $2 medium chips or $2.50 whopper juniors in the shake and win. Even their base "jack's app" deals are generally better value than the targeted McDonalds deals. For example they currently have a small chicken royale meal + 3 nuggets for $5.90. McDonalds don't have anything even CLOSE as standard on their menu. So if you haven't rolled a good offer for McDonald's, you are SOL. Even their "good offers" have crept up in price by $1-$2 in recent months.

      • Hungry Jacks KILLS Maccas on value

        esp. since there's always a good app deal and you always seem to get something real good in the shake and win thru app.

        But HJs is not in many shopping centers any more and that's the thing… you gotta find a standalone store.

        • I wouldn't say you ALWAYS roll something good in the shake and win :-P there's a lot of stinkers in there haha. But if I get the whopper jnr for $2.50, that's lunch. For $2.50. Hard to go past that. And they're really not small.

          • @ASR-Briggs: i suspect there is something in the algorithm

            i only get to HJs like once a week… me and my partner both have the app so you get stuff like two large burgers for $7

            but yeah the few times i used it 2 or 3 times a week they give you trash

            • @tonyjzx: I miss when they had the BBQ smoky cheeseburger + small thickshake for $3. The days.

          • @ASR-Briggs: Yo AS-B, re:

            'I wouldn't say you ALWAYS roll something good in the shake and win'

            With the use of a "friend's" account (or two), you literally always can.

            HJs has been crapping on Maccas for years now; largely because of their shake-n-win app, I reckon. There's simply nothing comparable to it in the fast-food industry in Australia. I'm baffled as to why Maccas has not gone ahead and copied it. I thought that surely, after that hilarious 'big burger' lawsuit/case, they would be ripping off everything about HJs that they possibly could.

          • @ASR-Briggs: For some reason they always shake processed chicken or vegan burgers for me, no thanks :(

      • No reward points though. Ive collected over 50k Mcd points on the app and have gotten a number of free meals.

  • +8

    Was hoping for the new McMop but might be a QLD exclusive?

    • -8

      Can you not remind people of this. Not having a go at you or anything but just don't want to think about it over and over again. Its a once off thats got nothing to do with how the entire business operates.

      • +2

        How about the bum scratching? Another once off?

      • +2

        Former maccas employee here, this is exactly how the business operates, especially the ones the runs overnight. We were usually understaffed and did not care about procedures and had complete all the cleaning by morning

        • +3

          Yep I worked at maccas casually as a teenager and that was definitely not an isolated incident of disgustingness lol

    • Yeah, that's a targeted deal for Qld.

  • +17

    If I was mcSMART I wouldn't buy this

    • +1

      Marketing said a dumb name would create more online chatter

    • +3

      No thanks. Not trendy enough name for me. I'm waiting for the MegaMcSmart Pro Max HD 2.0 McMeal.

    • Than you’re mcSmarter

  • +1

    McSmart? sounds too upmarket and good for you.

    give me the McDumb meal please, oh and make it cheaper.

  • +5

    Doesn't seem that smart though, everything is small.

    • -1

      everything is small.

      I might not be old enough to know but I swear the Big mac was never big. I don’t have any memory of it being big ever.
      I actually haven’t been back to McD since covid but I wonder if everything shrunk even more now because shrinkflation.

      • +4

        It was easy 50% bigger back in the days.

        • so like quarter pounder diameter? quarter pounder is still smaller than the local burger place but if it was tall quarter pounder size with two patties 3 buns like Big mac I think that would be decent size enough to be called a McBig.

          also sometimes they could be sneaky and shrink everything bun patties by the same small amount so you can’t tell it’s any smaller just by looking. but if you weighed a Big mac precovid and weighed one now it probably be lighter.

          • -1

            @harshbdmmaster718: You guys know that the 'Big-Mac' now comes in three different sizes, right?

            That is possibly the dumbest move made in the fast-food industry in years. Imagine the potential for confusion/wrong orders/deliveries etc., now that there's a 'small big mac', a 'medium big mac', and a 'big big mac' (which I assume is just the original one). Idiotic idea.

            • +2


              You guys know that the 'Big-Mac' now comes in three different sizes, right?

              no I did not know that. makes sense though and let me guess one day they silently pull both medium and large Big mac's off the menu and just call the smallest one the Big mac. and that's what you get in every meal. master plan. one day it will probably happen.

            • @GnarlyKnuckles:

              You guys know that the 'Big-Mac' now comes in three different sizes, right?

              Not anymore, that was a promo.

            • +1

              @GnarlyKnuckles: Down-voted for posting information. OK, lesson learned.

              "Don't post information".

              • @GnarlyKnuckles: It was incorrect though? The grand mac and 'mac' was a promo. There is a double big mac, however that is the same bun as the normal, with 2 extra patties

                • +1

                  @Quarter Pounder: Within the last month, you clowns had ads running nationwide on Australian TV clearly and loudly stating that 'the Big Mac now comes in three sizes'.

                  The ad even featured three different-sized 'big' macs, at the end, lined up next to each other.

                  So how is anything I said

                  '… incorrect though?'

                  Fall down, witness.

                  • @GnarlyKnuckles: heard of a limited time promotion? Yeah, thats what it was.

                    So how is anything I said
                    '… incorrect though?'

                    You guys know that the 'Big-Mac' now comes in three different sizes

                    Yeah, not now. You’re incorrect, promo for the ‘mac jr’, and grand big mac ended.

                    • @Quarter Pounder: Ludicrous, running a huge nationwide TV 'promotion' stating that the 'Big Mac now comes in three sizes', then belatedly realising that this was a terrible idea logistically, and canning it a week or so later. How many million$ were wasted on that foolish folly?

                      Pretty typical of Maccas in general, over the last few years. Repeated epic failures with respect to 'reading the room'. This is why Hungry Jacks is now on the 'mega-up', and Maccas is on a major downer.

                      • @GnarlyKnuckles: Did you not see the text towards the bottom of the screen?

                        Mac Jr.® and Grand Big Mac® available for a limited time.

                        • -1

                          @Quarter Pounder: I saw the huge ads on TV, with three different sized 'big' macs lined up next to each other.

                          Did you not see that?

                          Why are you avoiding the major issue, which is that this was an extremely dumb idea, as clearly evidenced by the fact that it was canned/retracted within just a few days?

        • The buns maybe…

          • +1

            @smartazz104: And the patties too surely, they're super small and thin these days. Probably much more than 50% bigger back then.

  • So a Happy Meal with an extra burger?

    • and no toy/book

      • Exchanging the toy for another cheeseburger is a fair trade.

        They both have the same nutritional content and will provide the same amount of enjoyment…

        • +1

          Except the toy world be easier to digest.

  • +4

    This deal is worst then the “May deals” where we got a small burger and a large burger for $6.95. Not really the best value.

  • This is already available in some locations.

    Source - advertisement banners outside the restaurant.

    Image - Taken 30/04/2024

  • +3

    Sounds like Mcjoke Deal.

  • this the same as the loose change deal right? just a bit cheaper

    • The $8.95 deals comes with medium fries and medium drink

      • thats okay, not worth much at all for an extra $2

    • Probably realised the backlash they received in calling it loose change when it’s close to $10

  • mcsmart,
    its false advertising if I'm not smart

  • +1

    Anyone tried the McPop?

  • +1

    Medium meal option is currently in the app too called “Loose change meals”. Expires 4th June. Might be targetted.

    • Been there a long time now, not targeted.

  • -1

    At least they don't pay sports cheats like grilld.

    • +1

      Who is the sports cheat that GrillD paid?

      • Probably referring to Melbourne Storm - i think grill’d sponsor them

  • I feel like the May deals was a test to see if anyone noticed the Chicken and cheese shrank so they they can offer this as a regular meal.

    The patty was very thin.

    • It’s just a McChicken patty so it shouldn’t be too thin

  • Honestly with these deals I'm lovin' it because I don't bother getting Macca's any more lol

    With KFC also ruining their original recipe burger I'm saving quite a bit on fast food.

    • +2

      With KFC also ruining their original recipe burger I'm saving quite a bit on fast food.

      Yeah, the new original crispy burger sucks. It has no flavour imo - i am associated with kfc

  • -1

    not much value here

    • where else can you find a meal including drink for under $10 in australia?

  • +1

    McSmall McSmart

    Where's the Smart? Certainly isn't in the value!

    • +1

      Sarcastic marketing, they can't call the people who buy this McDumb without social backlash :)

  • I just paid about $8-9 for the same meal just yesterday from the app

    • That'd be this, extra $2 for medium sides instead of small.

  • Lol they're doing media for this deal.

    Thanks to OP for the early scoop.


  • +2

    Keep getting the error 1035 when I tried to add this to an order.

  • Yeah, there are barely any locations honouring this deal - and having removed the previous loose change deal and spinning that it's all for cost of living and they care through Newscorp, it's a massive fail

    Has anyone managed to order this?

    • +1

      I’ve managed to order it

      • None of the nine closest stores to me honour it. Northern suburbs Brisbane

    • +1

      I have managed to order this. It doesn't work through the normal rewards section you get it by going through the normal order menu and scrolling down in the beef section.

  • +6

    FYI: You need to click on Order -> Everyday Value Menu -> then select this option from there and add to order. Do not select this option from "Rewards & Deals" or "My Deals", you'll get an error.

  • +2

    If you go via the beef or chicken burger options to order this, you can also order a reward option like a $1 frozen coke or whatever offers they offer you.

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