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eufy X8 Robovac Smartvac T2261T11 $368 + Delivery ($0 OnePass/ C&C/ in-Store) @ Bunnings Warehouse


Just saw this while visiting Bunnings site. RRP seem to be over $800.

Looks like a decent deal for anyone looking for a robot vacuum.

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    Anyone has used it ? Can share feedback.

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      I have had one for about 14 months - mostly hard floors with a couple of bedrooms carpeted.

      Generally it works well. Navigation is OK, but it does lose the plot sometimes and get the map misaligned. The first battery failed after 8 months and was replaced. Mapping is pretty easy, as is virtual barriers, No-Go areas, room segregation and scheduling. I don't have pets but the suction is pretty good so it keeps the floors clean.

      I had a Eufy 35c before and while it cleans well, it is just a dumb vacuum. The X8 is much smarter, and really the only downside is that it gets misaligned and that causes issues - it can get stuck, the virtual barriers end up in the wrong place etc etc. I paid just over $500 for mine, so this price is a bargain I think.

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      • Thanks for sharing. Have you linked it to Home Assistant?

        • No, I haven't. I just run it from the app - well, it runs itself based on the schedule (in the app).

  • Anyone picked one of these up yet?

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