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[Afterpay] Asus AX1800S Wi-Fi 6 Wireless Router $71.10 Delivered @ JW Computers eBay


Cheaper than the previous Amazon deal, but limited stock.

Can buy two to mesh as others have done.

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    I really don’t need WiFi 6 yet, but is $71 ever going to be beaten? I guess I’d pay more for something that can run openwrt, so the perfect deal to HODL for would be ~$80 openwrt flashable

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      By this statement does that mean this one cant be flashed with merlin?

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        I’m just guessing since I’ve had bad experience with Asus in the past and there’s only like 10 of their devices listed on openwrt.

        No idea if this route would be up to spec either

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        Mediatek chipset in the 1800s means this particular variant is not compatible for AsusWRT Merlin

    • I guess this wouldn't make a good support router to my AX-5300 running Merlin- I would loose wifi 6 if it was not the main router correct?

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    Don't think so as usually only high end Asus routers tend to be flashed with Merlin.

    There is a link that will tell you which Asus models can be flashed with Merlin, I don't have to hand as I am not home at the moment and don't have access to my computer

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      It would appear it’s not listed as compatible, unfortunately.

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        How did you check

        Openwrt.org is known supported devices, but there are broader categories of devices that support custom flashing??

  • not a bad price at all.

  • Any good router that can use a 5G SIM (from Moose)?

    • not without breaking the bank, making that cheap Moose sim redundant

      • 4G router then?

        • TP-Link Deco X50 4G+ AX3000 is the only option i'd go for based on a quick search.
          Sadly not many options out there that provide good range. Many use older AC or N wireless protocols.

          edit: https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/tp-link-de…

          • @Jonathankira: Thank you! I get this one.
            It is $220 from GG commercial.

          • @Jonathankira: Would the ASUS 4G-AX56 be better?

            • @congo: Specs wise no
              i would prefer an asus router but not if i have to import it over

              • @Jonathankira: OK thanks! I get the OW one.

                • @congo: Since 4G/5G router options are sparse, did you consider 5G modem + separate router a setup? IDK what's available out there though.

                  • @pizzaguy: Wouldn't take cost more?
                    Which 5G modem are good?

                    • @congo: I have no idea, I only hinted such an option to you.

                      Given you're ready to pay $220, and a decent router is $70 here, seems to me you still have plenty to spend on a modem, if such option exists.

  • thanks, bought to use as an aimesh router for the other end of the house

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    Thanks. Got it for $60 with Student Edge code and a $1 item.

  • Got this router and found that setting it up as a mesh (turn on "Enable Smart Connect") is causing Google Home devices not to be found ("Your Nest Hub was setup successfully but can't be found").

    Turning off "Enable Smart Connect" appears to work. But not sure if that's the smart thing to do?

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