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Converse Chuck 70 High Sneakers (Orange - Size 4-12 / Green Size 8-12) $29.99 + $15 Delivery ($0 C&C/ $160 Order) @ Hype DC


Channel your inner traffic cone this winter with the scorching sale on bright orange and lime green Converse Chuck 70 Highs! These

Who needs subtlety when your shoes can practically warn oncoming traffic? They're perfect for confusing everyone about whether you're a superhero or a construction worker on their day off.

Green ones

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Hype DC
Hype DC


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    Excellent price, but I think I will manage with the two pairs I already have.

  • Ha! I saw this and immediately thought of a tweet I saw 3 days ago, Gigi Hadid wearing this very item as she leaves Bradley Coopers place! https://x.com/21metgala/status/1796515607812391119

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    Ozbargain official CW

    Converse X Ozbargain X Scotty collab

  • +1 for description

  • +2

    Nah delivery 🚚 kills the deal for me.

  • Maan… I just bought this pair like couple of months ago…

  • They never carry half sizes :/

  • Just got a couple of pairs of shoes in the sale, just not neon green ones 😂 for people like me that like all black everything these Vans are a decent price:


    Picked up a black pair of all star lows too but looks like most sizes are gone now.

  • If only Converse did half sizes in Australia. Always have to load up when in US.

  • Ordered 1 pairs 🙏

  • Lovely, bought a green pair. Cheers OP!

  • Thanks. Just went in store and ordered a pair and the worker waived the shipping cost. Just ask nicely and they may potentially do it too :)

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