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½ Price: Wei Lih Ichiban Noodle Bowl Varieties 140-150g $2.75 Each @ Coles


It's been a while since the last half price from Coles.
I prefer beef flavour tho

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  • Costco 6 X 200g for $17.99 until 9 June, works out cheaper

    • The last beef bowls I bought from Costco and the supermarket tasted different to each other. Has anyone else tried both the 150g and 200g?

      • I have tried both and both taste the same. The Costco is 50g more as it has more meat. Coles one is just a bigger container.

      • I felt the same as you do, and I actually like the supermarket ones better.

        As Haz has pointed out, the Costco ones have more meet, but it also means more heavy preservatives which will do bad to the overall flavour.

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    Spicy Sichuan Beef is best! I usually add fried eggs, spring onions, skinless sausages and rice for dinner! It's super yummy!

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      rice with the noodles? or instead of the noodles?

      • I usually finish up the noodles than add the rice into the broth for a second meal lol.

      • It's an Asian thing—broth noodle with overnight rice.

  • Yum

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    Amazon has the pork flavour at the same price as Coles too right now.

  • I got a dozen.

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