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Whittaker's Chocolate Block Varieties 200g-250g $4.80 @ Coles (Hazelnut & Dark Almond 200g @ Amazon AU)


$0.20 less than the April deal.

Hazelnut 200g, Dark Almond 200g and Creamy Milk 250g are also on Amazon so far.

Made in New Zealand with a good % of cocoa (eg Hazelnut, Coconut and Creamy Milk are 33%).

If you haven't tried Whittaker's before, coconut is quite popular or see all past Whittaker's deals. More info/ingredients here.

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  • +3

    Awesome. Butt need to lose that fat.

  • +10

    still no Dark Peppermint Ghana… why did they stop sending it over here from New Zealand, their countdown has heaps as, stupid aussie flavors!

    • +1

      I just got back from nz with heaps of flavors & the normal price is $5 their .

      • +4

        yeah sometimes i see those cheap flights and think, maybe i can fly over buy the whole store of its dark peppermint and fly back the next day.

        • Lol. I do a big stock up with honey , chocolate, biscuits ,30 kg coming back .

          • @spock: I didn't think you could bring honey in

            • @frazel: Yes it ok to bring it in only store brought honey & declare it of course .

      • +1

        I don't think I saw below $6 anywhere in NZ. Countdown RRP was $7.

      • Wait what where? I saw them for 5.50 at pack n' save.

      • +1

        $5 their what?

        • Chocolate

    • +1

      peppermint all the way. I buy the Aldi Dark chocolate with creamy peppermint these days. $3.80 normal price

  • +2

    Dark salted caramel all the way… yisss!

    • +1

      i prefer chocolate salty balls.

      • +1

        Do you suck on em?

    • I think you meant hazelnut

      • who is Hazel?

  • I very, very rarely eat chocolate these days.. but when my partner has a block of the Whittakers peanut butter lying around, that stuff is like crack

  • Peanut butter and Hazella ftw! 🤤🤤🤤

  • -1

    "$0.20 less than the April deal"


    • +2

      Quality over palm oil chocolate

  • Matching Coles here, if you don't want to pay the Amazon minimum quantity of 3 and instead pride yourself on your willpower before scarfing down the whole block in one afternoon. That's my plan, anyway.

    • +1

      This deal is for Coles primarily.

      Whittaker's Chocolate Block Varieties 200g-250g $4.80 @ Coles

      • Ah, you are right, I missed that as I love the hazelnut.

    • +1

      With willpower, you can break that block up to half in the morning and half in the afternoon.

  • +1

    Unfortunately I think the coconut has changed over time, it use to be my fav chocolate but now the coconut seems hard & chewy and the chocolate seems oily.

  • +1

    It's good choc, this

  • The new Mango Coconut block is so good!

    • It is but I don't think I am going to buy it again, it was too damn sweet for my taste. Only I liked it in my house, had to finish the whole block.

      • +1

        Sounds like a good problem haha
        I normally hate white chocolate but I’m a fan of this one.

  • At selected Coles Stores it seems, sale not available at Coles Express Wynyard or Coles Local York St but available at Coles World Square.

    • Coles Express and Coles Local tend not to do the same deals/catalogs as Coles.

  • Amazon don't have the dark Ghana. but it seems Coles do

  • +1

    Best chocolate!!! Thanks op. Bought 6!!!

  • -5

    Hmmmm. Not a bargain, I'm afraid

  • -3

    Most of these varieties would be 50% or more sugar. Even the dark variety is 32.4% sugar.

    • +4

      And? That’s chocolate.

      • -3

        Aldi's 90% chocolate is 8.8% sugar which is substantially less sugar.

        • +1

          The darker the chocolate, the less the sugar. Whittaker does not have a 90% dark variety. Highest is 72%.

          For comparison, ALDI 70% dark is 28% sugar vs Whittaker's 72% dark 27% sugar.

          Lindt 70% dark is 30% sugar, Lindt 78% dark 17g sugar, Lindt 90% dark which is 7% sugar. Big difference between 70% and 90% dark as far as sugar goes, more than quadruple the sugar.

        • Furthemore ALDI milk chocolate is 51.2% sugar and label pic compared to Whittaker's milk chocolate is 44.7% sugar.

          Whittakers is actually fairly less.

          Cadbury dairy milk is the worst at 56% sugar, as sugar is cheaper than cocoa.

        • +1

          Whittakers’ dark variety does not claim to be 90% though, does it? Is this meant to be a smoking gun or something?

    • +4

      That's like complaining about the fat content of butter

      • Straw man argument.

  • +1

    How much soy and seed oil does it have in it?

  • I'm the outlier who finds Whittaker's not that tasty - too much cocoa I think. I like my chocolate creamy!

  • I love Whittaker's chocolate much more than other brands. Whittaker's is the right blend of flavour and sweetness. If Amazon is selling these at the same price as Coles would it not be more beneficial to buy from Coles since you also get Flybuys points?

  • these would be perfecrtion if they were Dark choc instead of milk

  • Hazelnut back in stock at Amazon, Dark Almond is also available.

  • Very good price for these.

  • Thanks. Refilled my junk food stash with Coconut, Caramel and Milk flavours.

  • I like the whittakers dark peppermint slabs, but cant find them in WA anymore….

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