PlayStation Days of Play Free Avatars


5 free PlayStation avatars to celebrate the annual Days of Play promo.

Avatars include:
Lara Croft
Sly Cooper
A Liverpool soccer player

Visit PlayStation Plus home page and redeem code LAH6-GA7X-263G for Australia PSN accounts

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  • Are any stores getting in on the days of play sales? Looks very quiet compared to previous yesrs and was hoping for a new controller…

    • Yeah I was expecting a PSN discount but seems like nothing on offer….

  • +3

    I think the Liverpool player is supposed to be Jota (even though it doesn't really look like him)

    • +2

      Yeah, here it is in full-res. It barely looks like him, but that's his celebration and he's a professional EA FC/FIFA player on the side so I suppose it's gotta be him.

  • The Lara Croft avatar is the breast avatar ever.

  • Avatars all look below average tbh.

  • +6

    NA & SA:


    EU & Australia & India:






  • +3

    Not quite the same as when they gave away Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

  • Is this just for PS Plus members?

    • +1

      No, its free for everyone

  • What’s an avatar? Is it a profile pic?

    • It's the last Airbender

    • +1

      In this context, yes.

      Avatars can be more than just a profile picture sometimes too.

      On some platforms, avatar and profile picture are separate. Such as Facebook where you have a normal profile picture, as well a cartoony 3D animated version of you as your avatar.

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    these can be redeemed here login, then top right next to heart symbol click blockhead smiley face and redeem code

    • Thank you. I couldn't work out how to do this last night. All I could find was a blog.

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