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25% off Storewide: Steelcase Leap v2 $1,259, Gesture $1,491, Karman $1,819 + Delivery ($0 to ACT, NSW, VIC) @ Steelcase Aus

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25% EOFY code is live despite only meaning to start from 17th June. \
Now patched, updated deal to start on 17 June
Mix of 25% and 30% EOFY

Consider sitting on them in the showroom to see if they're right for you.

Alternatively FB marketplace has a bunch of used ones. Sometimes shops like circonomy have ex display or office de-fit stock in amazing condition.

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  • +2

    The Leap V2 is the best office chair I've ever owned, and I've owned the fabled Hermann Miller (rip offs in comparison).

    I originally bought one for work, and now have another for the home study.
    Absolutely love it. I'm a larger build and it fits me perfectly.

    • +4

      I've read enough subreddits, and endless forums saying both ways. I recommend people sit on them to decide for themselves as comfort is very subjective.

      I have tested the leap in the melb showroom, I found it in a bit too relaxed position for work for me personally, as in its leaning back a bit too much. The headrest helps, but the leap headrest is 100% not adjustable other than up and down and it cannot be removed or added easily so it's very divisive.

      The gesture was a better chair for me for sure in this case.

      • +1

        are any of them big enough to put up your legs and do a cross leg Ive read that the gesture you can. Looking for something deep enough as my little dog sometimes want to sit behind me lol. My ikea is quite worn out.

        • Yes you can comfortably do that in Gesture

        • Doing exactly that has ruined my Leap v2 (unsure how to fix it - some of the plastic seat supports broke off) so I don't recommend that model for cross legged sitting.

          • @Meconium: Eh? They indicate lifetime warranty on the support structures?

      • +1

        Yeah that's why I went with gesture, the Leap headrest was awful

    • I don't love mine to be honest, I find the lumbar support sits too low for me.

      That being said, I got lucky and bought it used for 100 bucks so i'm not complaining..

  • been looking for office chairs for age but seriously can't think of spending $1000+ on it, although it's tax deductible but still

    • +8

      Do it and then realise how wrong youve been all these years. Had my aeron for going on 14 years. Its still as good as new.

    • +2

      The primary metric for this decision should be how much you use the thing. I spent way too much time on my chairs so at some point I decided to spend more in that area.

      I didn't jump straight to a 1k+ chair, I tried other ergo ones. I bought second hand. Eventually I bought a Leap V2 (on sale). I use this one for work.

      If you're spending a good amount of time in it then you should look for a second hand one first. Something in the area of $500-600. If you decide to sell, you won't lose much or any money but you'll have the experience of having tried it (try for at least a month).

    • I agree with the sentiments above. Try a second hand one, remembering you can sell them for about the same amount or just slightly less if you don't like them. Lots of used Steelcase on FB marketplaces for good prices.

      I spend a lot of time in the chair whether it's for work or gaming and I'd make a lot of use of any chair I get. Like a good shoe, or a good bed, I believe a decent chair will be worth it in the long run. It doesn't have to be a $1000+ chair (or $2000++ for Herman miller), but one that suits you.

      If you get new, consider their second hand value even after X years, then depreciation is the true cost and often it's not as big as you imagine. In Herman miller's case, due to huge price increases, you could have sold your used chair for a profit after 5 years of use easy. A bit insane.

      I've moved from brandless $50 chair to IKEA to ergohuman and now I'm looking for one to last the next decade or two.

    • It really depends on how much you spend in your seat and how much you value comfort and support. I was using the shitty office chairs that were given at work for ages, all super uncomfortable. I went through like 4 of them because they refused to buy a new one and kept pointing me to the store room out back that is full of them. In the end I ended up snagging the v1 of the leap off facebook for $100. Heavily used but significantly better than anything that is in the office. I would recommend the leap 2nd hand since it is a lot cheaper.

  • Anyone have any experience with the Personality Plus? The prices with the headrest seem quite good.

    • +2

      I wouldn't with anything less than the Series 2

    • late comment but the headrest is really bad since its made of full plastic (tried it instore)

  • Their website says “save up to 40% on selected items”.
    I’d hold fire, you’d think Gesture and Karman being flagship items would be the selected items with the highest discount of 40%.

    • I've been following sales for a while, 25% is usually the max discount they offer on their flagship models

      • May madness was 30%, late last year it was 35%

    • I spoke with the staff themselves 2 weeks back - they confirmed its just 25% off unless something's changed since.

  • +1

    I think they jacked the price lightly this year ? I recalled Leap was cheaper a bit :/

    Leap headrest was awful +1, I skipped it

    • Truly awful. How did that past the design QA. it's love it or hate it, and completely unadjustable other than up or down.

  • I bought this chair a few weeks ago. Paid more and have no regrets. Great chair. I considered getting second hand but don’t like the idea of using a chair that has someone else’s butt sweat imbedded in the seat cushion.

  • +1

    I wish they and every other ergo chair maker would indicate the ideal user height. As 6'2,5" / 189cm most chairs whether ergo or not don't have the correct lumbar support. At 1k, 2k ,3k you'd think they would include this detail so people don't waste 3k on a useless chair.

    • +1

      Ahnestly has some good videos recommendations segregation by height and then price on youtube


    • Where did you try them out in Adelaide? I am thinking of getting one but didn't know a shop in SA had them on display.

        • Where abouts in Adl? Was it Green Edge? I sat on them a while ago and was tempted for a Gesture. I found it more supportive when sitting forward/upright, the Leap was too relaxed so I actually found the Gesture putting me in a better position with support, but everyone's different. I've heard the Gesture might be better suited to tall people. I'm about 6'2. I'd agree that most people should get adjustable lumbar in anything though. Maybe that's why the gesture cheaper than usual, if only $50 more than a Leap.

  • I bought my Aeron used; it is 28 years old this year. The only thing that has been done was to replace the seat pan two years ago as the mesh was starting to wear out a little.

    I figured chairs would have come a long way in 28 years so a few weeks ago I bought a Steelcase Gesture to try out. It has a more upright posture than my worn Aeron which is good, the back support feels nicer, and I can see the armrests being useful for my mouse arm.

    But after spending a few hours in it my butt started to get sore. It reminded me of an airplane seat. I used it every day for a week thinking it's just a matter of getting used to, but after a week it still hurt and I went back to my Aeron.

    Maybe some butts are more suited to mesh chairs. I guess that's why Steelcase released the Karman which unfortunately is quite a bit more than the Gesture or Leap.

    • Sore butt can be fixed with a cushion, sore back a bit harder

      • +1

        Putting a cushion on will raise the seat height which will affect the lumbar support leading to a sore back. :)

  • Pretty normal price for these chairs on discount (which they seem to have regularly).
    I've got a V1 from 2016 and its had heavy use for the last 8 years. Im contemplating buying another as the cushion is pretty bad (I got the mrs a V2 during Covid and its a nicer chair to sit in).
    The coloured ones take ages to get back in stock, which is what Im holding out for. Their prices have gotten silly though, I paid about 800 for my V1

  • Thanks OP for poisting
    Sadly, Steelcase has caught the Jack'd this year.

    Sitting on a fully option'd Gesture with headrest bought during COVID, the price was still cheaper then the Gesture in this sale or the stock Karman

    Really keen to compare the Karman vs. the HM Embody but Steelcase need to seize the initiative to undercut HM a little more rather than trying to match HM prices

  • I just can't afford these atm. I'll look at 2nd as reviews seem good.

    • Lots of 2nd hand, ex display, or defit chairs on the market. Where are you at?

      Circonomy Brisbane has a whole bunch of steelcase chairs come in not too long ago and their stuff is usually in very very good condition.

      Else in Melbourne you have places like chairhub or circonomy as well.

      Or just go private sale on FB marketplace.

    • If you're in the big cities you could snag a second hand bargain for sure

  • Haworth Fern is another competitor for the Gesture that I have been eyeing at. Has anyone compared the two? Officeworks seems to carry the brand including the variants of the fern: the not so adjustable one and the super adjustable one and they go around 1500ish regular price.

    • +1

      Officeworks Fern is not the same as the Fern being sold overseas. It’s a gimped version. Leap v2 is better IMO

      • They carry both the basic and more adjustable one as mentioned.

    • +1

      Yeah I tried the basic Officeworks Haworth Fern a few years ago and it was good, great adjustability- but it lacked the built in lumbar at the time, so the lumbar part of the backrest used to just kind of buckle under your back and just didn't have any support there. Honestly don't think they should even offer that model. Good to see they offer the fully adjustable one with built-in lumbar now though. I have heard it's a bit aggressive and can just move up or down. The basic fabric knit was a bit scratchy too.

    • Another to try is the Haworth Zody. Mine cost about $650 on special and far as I can tell it has all the adjustability one could need, but no headrest.

      • can you cross legs on it. I need depth lol

        • Yep, I often do (though that position makes my back hurt after a while)

          • @Horacio: oh just checking if my little dog fits he likes to squeeze behind me lol. that's my depth test haha

    • My recap from reading / watching reviews:

      Fern armrests jiggle, which is stupid for the price.
      Lumbar is too aggressive.
      Unlikely the digital knit backrest is available in Australia
      Officeworks one is not the real Fern reviewed overseas.

      • Im leaning towards gesture (being in the same proce range as fern anyways). I tried one (in a second hand shop in Melb) and it was quite comfortable. I didnt really intend of getting the headrest but wow. The headrest on the gesture was something else. I still am contemplating at this point haha. So exxy.

  • I think I tried most of the major posh chairs and they're all pretty good to be honest, but definitely all different so if possible go sit in them to decide! I ended up buying a Haworth Zody, and I love it. My other piece of advice is that the markup on these chairs is astronomical, so if you're patient you'll find them around 50% off from time to time, as I did.

  • Code is not working for me? I'm in WA selecting the grey Leap and says it's not a valid code.

    • +1

      lol! they must have patched it since its not meant to start until 17 june. updated the post

  • When adding to cart and applying the EOFY2024, An additional 25% discount is applied bringing this down to $944.44 delivered (i'm shipping to Melbourne) having selected knocked down self assembly delivery.

    Not the ATL but seems to be the cheapest in recent times.

    • updated thanks looks like they brought it forward now

  • Tried to buy a gesture with headrests, for $1340 (25% off + 25% off).

    Seems like the discount was stacking for a few hours. Unfortunately, before I could complete the checkout it reverted to the normal EOFY price of $1772 :(

    • Me too. Held off for too long. Gesture was 1,100ish last night :(

      • I even tried chatting to them and still no go.

    • Wont see it that cheap again

  • Went back to the showroom and tried the gesture today. The recline is smoother and easier on the gesture however you need to loosen the tension to allow a smooth motion. Can be annoying when you go back to the sitting upright position for tasking and you need to crank the tension again. The arms have less padding but give you more range of motion. I think the leap still has the edge here even though arms are static. The seat feels more comfortable on the gesture. I’m not being forced into the same position. The back lumbar is less aggressive but you miss the adjustability of the leap.

    Sad to say both chairs are not perfect and have their pros and cons. It would be nice to be able to lock the gesture in positions and have more lumbar adjustability. Also not having to adjust knobs all the time would also be helpful. The leaps needs a softer seat.

    The leap felt like it was better for my back but I need to give the gesture at least a week before judging my back soreness.

    If anyone owns Gesture or Leap be interested to hear how you work and adjust throughout the day

  • Would it be stupid to just jump in and buy a Leap?

    I've been thinking about getting a new chair for a while, currently using something from fantastic furniture that I stole off my wife when we moved over a year ago and have never gotten around to replacing (one of these). It's been mostly fine for me, but I definitely need something better being full time WFH.

    Have been looking at the ErgoTune Supreme, SecretLab Titan and Desky Pro+. Have had one of the OfficeWorks ones and I really didn't like it. I had a SecretLabe Omega previously for a few years and it was fine, very hard base though and the "leather" ended up pealing like mad by the time I binned it.

    Definitely think I prefer a material chair over mesh or leather at this point, but open to suggestions.

    I'd like to try the Leap, but getting into the city to try it during the week is impossible for me and they don't appear to be open on a weekend (I'm in NSW).

    • +1

      I think it's worth taking some time to try it out. Unlike the US which has free returns, there's substantive cost in returning the chair e.g. restocking fee etc. Chair comfort are incredibly subjective.

      Given the cost of these chairs, take half a day off and try it out? It is really dumb they do not open on weekends as a showroom.

      If you really wanted to jump in - I feel the Gesture + headrest might be the 'safer' option - more adjustable than Leap.

      • thanks for the reply, I do think I need to try and find time to try them, my research has only opened up more options… now looking at the Haworth Fern too…

        • Just note that the Haworth Fern has so many variants and the $1000 one at Officeworks is not the same as the reviews from USA

      • Hey I notice you prefer the Gesture over Leap in the comments and was wondering your height? I'm 5'4 and from this video from Ahnestly makes it seem unsuitable for me due to height. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wG5UqCH_mY

        Ideally would like the Gesture because I want a headrest and the Leap headset is just too awful to even consider from what I've researched.

        • I'm 175cm. Beats me what that is in freedom units.

          • @lawyerz: Cheers, yeah think too short for gesture damn. Thanks for reply.

  • If anyone in Adelaide wants a 3 day old Steelcase Gesture for $1188 PM me. Not the right fit for me. Still has for sale tag and has protective covers on back and seat. Receipt and Warranty included

    • I suppose it doesn't have adjustable lumbar?

      • It comes with an adjustable lumbar (one that slides up and down) adjustable by hand on each side

      • @Damon8
        It does but it's not easy to remove. I don't want to pull the whole chair apart to remove mine

    • My Plan B if no one is interested


      or remove Lumbar (but harder to do so on Gesture)

    • Colour scheme?

      • Been a few days now and it's growing on me, back pain is slowing going away. Just an adjustment period for these chairs.

        Still got an extra Seat Cushion and Back Pillow just in case

  • Just in case this helps anyone.

    Tried Herman Millar seems well engineered but wasn't a fan.

    I ended up getting a secondhand gesture with no headrest for $600, only a few years old, thing is like new and weighs a ton!

    I'm 180cm and pretty skinny, but it is very comfortable so far.

    I bought an Ikea Markus new a couple of day before the Gesture and it was OK once I had changed the lumbar foam, but I felt like I was constantly fidgeting in the chair trying to get comfy.

    • herman miller is a brand, not a product. which herman miller?

      • Sorry Aeron and Mirra 2

    • @GhostDC I could have bought a 6 year old Gesture for $460 but decided against it and yes it does weight a ton

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