[PS5] Final Fantasy XVI $49 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59+ Spend) @ Amazon AU / $44.10 @ Big W (in Store)

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Further $10 price drop.

Metacritic 87/100
Released On: JUN 22, 2023

Price matching Big W, in store or $4 delivery (free with $65 spend). Although there doesn't seem much stock around and no delivery to me in SA. You can use code XJUN2024 for 10% off to make it $44.10.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +3

    Solid game, well worth it at this price!

    • +2

      Close to my target price.

      Playing through Ff7 remake at the moment and having a ball. Pulled the trigger on the ps5 version last year for $40.

    • Agreed!

  • +2

    Definitely a 8/10 game, but falls short of what's expected from a mainstream final fantasy title.

    • Agree that it falls short of the Final Fantasy expectation but given the mediocrity of the brand the past decade I'd say this was a return to form. I think they'll smash the next one out of the park if they build on what they learned from this one.

      • +2

        Was the polar opposite of "return to form" for me, considering it went full Devil May Cry gameplay/Zero Party/Zero elemental weaknesses/Zero Status effects/lack of meaningful gear-system button masher 😞

        I'm certainly hoping this upcoming FF9 Remake announcement stays faithfully turnbased atleast, and feels more like an actual JRPG like these games used to.

        • Yep. I'd say FF16 was the biggest disappointment in the Final Fantasy series I've ever had. Was super psyched, played the demo and just found it so incredibly boring. They lost the essence of what makes a good Final Fantasy game IMO.

          • -5

            @DingoBilly: Sadly, FF16 forgot it’s supposed to be:

            • a mainline Final fantasy game - with a thought-out through and passionate EVERYTHING!
            • containing a deep and engaging battle system (not a button masher).
            • containing memorable set pieces with fleshed out characters.
            • a JRPG with an amazing history and predecessors.

            IMO, they focused way too much effort on the graphics side of things and cobbled-up on everything else…Its graphics aren’t even as good or remotely close fidelity to their 2012 tech demo showcase.

            • -1

              @YoursTruly: This last sentence proves you do not even know what you are saying. Deep in your heart you know this CGI demo is far distant from the CGI parts of the FF16

              • @carporcupine:

                This last sentence proves

                I wasn’t trying to prove

                this CGI demo is far distant from the CGI parts of FF16

                It is a Real-time demo.

                Take care of your heart.

  • +1

    Stopped being good after FFX.

    • Couldn't agree more!

    • +7

      tbh FFXII was good.

    • FFX and FFVIII are my favourites but I understand people who like the weapon mechanics (and no summons) prefer 7/9.

      I am playing 16 through for second time on max difficulty and am still enjoying it. I think the real time battle is the reason they couldnt keep the elemental, status and team logic which is disappointing but they have got the real world live battle right compared to their previous attempts.

      They should just allow users to pick continuous vs turn based.

    • Totally agree

    • -2

      Actually, after VI.

      And no I didn't miss an I.

      • +1

        And that is how the wwiii started.

  • Decent price. The demo struggled a little though and I've heard in general that the full game even suffers a bit on "Performance" mode.
    If I've waited this long, I'll probably just wait for the PC port.

    • I never really experienced any slowdown on performance mode tbh, at least nothing that was noticeable.

  • +1

    I've waited long enough. Might as well wait for the inevitable Complete edition

    • +2

      There were only two DLCs and they're already out. Not like XV where they needed like 17 DLCs to patch all the story holes.

      • That's ok, I have heaps of backlog & very little time.

  • Tempted but I don't plan to play it until it gets a patch for PS5 Pro so by then I should be able to pick it up cheaper

  • Best FF since X (and recently topped by Rebirth). Square is hitting nothing but home runs recently.

  • Really dumb question here. When games drop in price like this, does Amazon lose money? LIke did they buy those copies at RRP from Square Enix?

    • Bozo can afford it

    • Most big merchants buy at a wholesale (way reduced price) than what they sell.

      The RRP I understand already factors profits. When it’s on a temporary reduced cost sale, it’s more likely at a non-profit or reduced profit cost.

      • That makes sense. Wonder what they do with landfill like the Saints Row remake and Forspoken.

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