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Oral-B PRO 5000 Electric Toothbrush Duo Pack $99 Shipped (was $199) @ Costco (Membership Required)


Good toothbrush, have been using it from past 2 years.

Online Price$189.99
Less- $90.00
Your Price$99.99

Price valid from 06/06/2024 to 24/06/2024. While stock lasts

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  • Suppose this is for people with wives or husbands 😿

    • Also 2+ kids
      Stupid thing is they never have different colour handles so hard to distinguish

      • You can share the handle. The toothbrush heads have a coloured ring at the bottom which allows you to distinguish the heads

        • I know. Rather have one each

      • +1

        The buttons look slightly different colours, dark blue and black.

        • Good point

          • @Kanjus: Looks like it might come with two different styles or colours of head too. So you could keep buying two different styles to help make it easier to tell apart too I suppose.

  • dammit, paid 129 for this last week at shaver shop!

    • +2

      If it helps, the shavershop one is a different model that is supposedly better

      • +1

        It does help! My $129 shaver shop ones just arrived today

        • Nicee, let me know what you think, I still have it in my cart.

        • Hi. Which one is $129 for a dual handle I can't see any?

  • Is this instore only?

  • how are these different to the vitality ones?

    • +1
      1. Lithium vs NiCad

      2. They used to list the number of rotations and vibrations, but they don't seem to do that anymore. But this one is faster and pulses.

      3. Pressure sensor, it lights up if you are pressing too hard.

      • cheers!

  • +1

    What's the purpose of dual toothbrushes? Why not just have one with two different heads?

    • That's what we do

    • Maybe people want to brush their teeth at the same time.

    • can brush your teeth at same time which is fun

      remove task of having to change toothbrush heads multiple times a day

      can travel and take your toothbrush

    • Because when on special, one of them is 75 bucks.

    • I don't think Bactria is limited to the toothbrush head. But sometimes sharing is caring I guess. lol


  • +2

    What is the difference, smart 5000 and pro 5000? same battery..

  • Why is the website so slow and not working

    • Costco website has been shyte for the longest time.

  • I think the deal got ozbargained. Logged into Costco with RRP now set to $189.99 …

  • Yeah, $189 for me too 😢

  • Is Costco worth paying for? I don’t normally see many deals from Costco on here.

  • +1
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