[Oculus VR] Max Mustard $4.70 (Was $46.99) @ Meta Quest Store



Don't just play the game, step inside the game. Each of the 40 hand crafted levels are their own adventure, with exhilarating surprises, unique mechanics and endless variety. No boring bits! It's the perfect combination of first-person power-ups and classic third-person platforming. Once you start playing Max Mustard, you'll never want to put it down.

Unscrupulous businessman, Stubbins is making an absolute fortune caging up and selling adorable mudpups as an elitist vanity product to the super rich. You and Max Mustard team up to save as many as you can. Will you find them all?

Along the way, you're faced with a surprise dilemma when a friend reveals a secret about who they really are. They impose a question on you that impacts the fate of your worst enemy. How will you choose?

Credit to SlowShoes on reddit

No idea when this expires.

May be slightly cheaper if you VPN to Canada or UK. Did not try as I had a bit of AUD credit.

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Buy a new Meta Quest headset from any retailer and both referee and referrer will get A$47 in Meta Quest Store credit once the headset is activated.

Games: 25% off for referees, $7 credit for referrers.

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  • +2

    Thanks for this. No idea what it is. Bought it now based on your post OP and a amazing 4.8 rating! They can't all be wrong. I'll fire up the MQ3 tomorrow. 🙂

  • This looks freaking cool. Like Ven VR Adventure

  • Awesome! purchased :D

  • Thanks OP, it looks pretty good and great price.

  • High rated Quest VR game for under $5? Why not!

    The decent games are so damn expensive, so its good to see one offered so cheap for once. Thanks OP.

  • What a bargain, nice find!

  • +6

    Seems like a local developer supported by Screen Queensland…



    Digital Games Incentive
    Flow Studio, Len’s Island
    Gameloft, unannounced project
    Playside Studios, unannounced project
    Toast Interactive, Max Mustard
    Unannounced project

    • +2

      Learning that this game was brought to us by the QLD taxpayers was not what I expected. Ozbargain: there's always something interesting in the comment section.

    • QUEENSLANDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Gold Coast developers. Creators of Richie's plank experience. Well worth it.

  • +2

    Looks like a good game. Purchased. I like how the hero is a girl too. Code worked.

  • Amazing!!
    I've been burning to purchase this for a while now after watching this promo by top aussie beatboxer lol: https://www.reddit.com/r/australian/s/eZgQO5lkRr

  • Got it thanks works

  • THX
    pretty nice game seems to be

  • Thanks OP thats a fantastic buy.

  • Do I have you redeem this code via web browser or can I do it by the quest? Because I don't trust the web browser.. it never showed any of my apps that I bought on quest

    • +1

      You can use promo codes in the mobile app. I've never tried in the headset itself.

  • +1

    Remember to swap to Canada vpn to save a further 78 cents!!

  • +2

    2 hours ago I was contemplating buying this game. Sat on it. Thought I'd check Ozbargain for my daily bargain check and here we are. Cheers OP - can't wait to play this.

  • Got one, thanks!

  • Solid buy! Been watching the discord for a while but not yet jumping due to price.
    Reviews are great, price is great (basically free if you do one referral), if anything at all like Moss, or Moss 2 it's been compared to in play style - this is certainly value for $$!

  • +1

    Where do you enter the code at

    • I can't seem to work this out either?

      • +1

        When you click on the price button, a pop up to confirm purchase and card details appears.
        Right under the price, there's an 'Add promo code' button.

        • Yeah, I think it just looks like you are going to buy soemthing already when there's still and extra step, just had to guts it

  • Daughter not used her q3 in months and has $50 credit still in it.
    I think it says on phone app she needs to update her quest 2 lol she has quest 3.
    Most likely as not used in a while there will be updates needed on head device but was hoping to at least get the game for her while cheap or has it expired already.
    I just don’t want to waste her $50 on this by being charged full price and just not sure where code goes.

    • +1

      On the final payment screen once you select this item to buy, there is a line item:
      + Add promo code

      Appears just above payment method and the "complete" or "confirm"
      Once the code from this deal is added, the final price will update.
      You can also edit payment method so it wont use the credits.
      Just ensure it is the 4.xx before you press confirm / complete.

      • I take this is on app on phone

      • All good got worried for a bit I was going to be charged in full but still had to confirm complete

    • Sold my quest 2 for $450 last month

      But good to keep both if they want to play together same time

  • I would like to know how you get it so cheap i am sure this code given is not long enough?

  • +1

    For $4.70 why not! Looks like it's an Aussie made game too. Nice find OP!

  • +1

    Thanks OP. I recently discovered there are a surprising number of people in my workplace with VR headsets so I’ll share this around with them. Dunno if it’s enough impetus yet for me to get one myself, though.

  • -1

    Would have bought but quest 1 isn't supported… What a shame. I'll never give up OLED on VR

    • I kinda hope they’ll bring out a Q3 OLED at some stage, but I think it’s unlikely.

  • Great I don’t even play games but for $3.80 got one anyway

  • This is a fantastic game well worth the full price. Incredible deal.

  • To mention, this is made by an Australian based company. @toast_int on x

  • +2

    I've spent the last 2 hours in this game. It's soooooo good. Legit, if you like platformers like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Gex, Croc, It Takes Two etc you'll love this.

  • Nice share thanks, time to dust of the Ocolus2

  • Kids haven't even received their Quest yet.
    But for the sake of my OzB honour… I'll bite. ;)

  • Missed it…back to $46.99 now.

    Oooops, sorry about that….didn't notice the code. Still $4.70!

  • Incase anyone has purchase issues i got a "feature unavailable" error when using a VPN to Canada after entering promo code and tried to submit payment. I tried a number of times, same error. I removed the VPN and retried and it worked no issue (in AUS store). Payment method was a credit card.

  • Got to 99%. It's so addictive and fun this game.

  • +4

    There’s one for Zombieland: Headshot Fever now makes it 2.73 AUD

    • +1

      Thanks! It is ~2.13aud if buy with that code via JPY site and pay with a no FX card.

    • LEGEN Wait for it…. And I hope you're not lactose intolerant, because the second half of that word is DARY!

  • $3 USD after discount in the US store, so not much difference.

  • Wow… now that's a pretty nice game if you are into platformers.

  • Cheers OP! 🍻

  • Flash sale for Grokit - 80% off.

    Code GROKIT-1FD314

    Don't know much about the game but it cost me $3 USD after the code so I'm guessing about $4.50 AUD.


  • @toniyellow or @M1sterHappy, where do you find these codes?

    • +1

      I saw this one on reddit.

      Seems to have worked out well for the developer of this game so a few are trying similar strategies

    • +1

      Both recent ones on YouTube- following GamerTag VR and BMFVR - they both did a community post

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