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Anbernic RG Cube Handheld Game Console (Machine Only & No Case) $233.09 ($220.14 eBay Plus) Delivered (China) @ Anbernic eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Just released at 159 USD at their webstore and on the aliexpress website. Ebay coupon works so you can get it for 25% with plus otherwise 20%.

Comparable to RG566 spec wise but it has 1:1 ratio 720p ips screen.

Retro Game Corps unboxing.

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  • +8

    Kinda cute but $220 cute?

    • +3

      The cheaper alternative is the Powkiddy RGB30. Which is half the price and super popular, used to see prices for under 100. The rgb30 has better Pico8 support but the cube can run 3ds, ps2 and gamecube.

      • But I already have all these other options to do those platforms…

        But it’s only $220 hmmm and I AM feeling the cube grey colourway…

        • +8

          Anbernic releasing too many game consoles…

          • +5

            @RichardL: They are

            Until like Wednesday I had no idea this bloody thing even existed lmao

            Marketing: what if we made THE grail piece. The one device to rule them all

            Boss: *presses button on eject-o seat *

      • Oh shit, I thought this was well overpriced, thought it only played up to like PSP as most do, PS2 on the go and this pocketable, for that price, is (profanity) killer. Nearly bought an RG556 the other day just for the shit of it to play PS2…on something other than the Steam Deck I guess.

        This is tempting now, damn.

        • +1

          Nearly bought an RG556 the other day

          Basically the same specs as the RG556 just a different screen/form factor.

          • @RichardL: Pls god tell me not to buy.

            • +1

              @TheDukeOfNukem: Do it, it’s good for the economy *

              (May not be good for the economy)

              • +2

                @Jimothy Wongingtons: I love the R36S, and every time a new one that does something I love comes along I go "this will be the last one I buy to be my main one" (cheap $5 things like the GB300 are always fine to throw in the pile), but (profanity) me, what more can you possibly do beyond PS2 gen? Like I would play a few Wii games but honestly when you get to PS3 stuff for the most part I don't want to play it on a smaller screen.

                (profanity) insane that in just over a decade I went from lining up at midnight to buy Modern Warfare 3, having it be the top of the line hot shit for me (only just finally got a PS3 at that point mind you), to being able to play it on a 200ish dollar PSP. (profanity) insane.

            • +3

              @TheDukeOfNukem: Doooooo it! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

          • @RichardL: I ordered an RG556 the other day and it has already seen a price drop and this new form factor I'd prefer that's even cheaper

            So much sad face. I haven't even gotten the one I ordered yet.

        • What ps2 game you playing? And pls tell me it’s the masterpiece that is Dark Chronicle

          • +5

            @Jimothy Wongingtons: I recently rebeat GTA3 and Vice on the R36S. Currently playing Serious Sam 1 on it. Otherwise mostly replaying Quake 3 and whatnot on the R36S…This guy would be largely the same. R36S has the PSP version of Battlefront 2, so this would be an upgrade to the full fat real version. Definitely would play some Hit and Run on the toilet. Tony Hawk is always a must.

            I honestly really just replay the same half a dozen things at this point. Gimme some classic Spider-Man, classic Tony Hawk, classic GTA, classic Battlefront, and the classic Simpsons games, and I'm gonna have a classic time.

            Never actually played Dark Chronicle tbh.

            • @TheDukeOfNukem: I also enjoyed manhunt 1 and 2 on ps2 fondly

              • +1

                @Jimothy Wongingtons: Never checked them out either. With an 18 month (almost) running around I don't get to have sessions on the tele really these days, so the portables get more use than ever…but the big boy Steam Deck is a bit cumbersome and I don't feel able to leave it out bc God forbid the baby smashes it, which leads me back to the R36S, which can play Manhunt 2 for PSP fine, but no Manhunt 1

                What I'm really getting at is, I can pretty easily jump into Manhunt 2 whenever, but is that going to (profanity) me? Like could I try out number 2 or is it better with number 1's story in mind? Some day I'll get around to them.

                • @TheDukeOfNukem: Story isn’t so important

                  Steam deck instant suspend resume, GOAT feature.

                  • +1

                    @Jimothy Wongingtons: R36S does that too which is great, not for DS though weirdly, but everything else it does fine.

                    • @TheDukeOfNukem: DS most likely running standalone Drastic emulator, not Retroarch. That’s why.

                      • @PainToad: I'd say that's definitely why. That being said, the PPSSPP standalone and all the ports use sleep mode fine.

                    • @TheDukeOfNukem: Can i ask is R36S this? You are saying it can play ps2?


                      • +1

                        @spedohero: Nah dog, the one in the deal can. The R36S can do PSP, which is almost as good bc there's a shitload of PSP ports of PS2 games like Tony Hawk, Battlefront, Warriors, Burnout, etc. and it uses PortMaster which has the full fat PC versions of GTA3 and Vice City which are just about 2 of the best PS2 games out there.

                        In short, R36S is crazy (profanity) good for 40 odd bucks, but if you want PS2 gen, this (RG Cube) is a pretty reasonably priced way to jump in.

            • @TheDukeOfNukem: This. I am in the same boat too.

              I had a Gamesir controller that I would stick in and out with my phone to play PS2 games but K grew tired of that and sold.

              Would only upgrade to something that played PS2 games (CPU-wise) when they eventually drop to the price range of $100AUD or less. Can't see the point buying random handhelds here and there.

              Even though I watch all the reviews of the new ones, lust for them for ten minutes then rationality kicks in.

              • @adrianhughes1998: What didn't you like about phone controller? Was thinking to get one to emulate switch/3ds/vita etc on my phone vs buying an Odin 2…

                • +1

                  @dajackal: Not the bulk, just the constant wiggling to put it into the USB-C port back in and out it goes etc. Rather just a separate solution I can pick up and just play with.

                  It's fine the first few times then it just gets tedious…

              • +1

                @adrianhughes1998: God I miss my Xperia Play.

                • @TheDukeOfNukem: This. This. This. :(

                  • +1

                    @adrianhughes1998: I was around for all the stages. I pimped the living (profanity) shit out of my Nokia. I revelled in the glory that was is Blackberry. I shat my (profanity) pants when an iPod Touch could play Grand Theft Auto 3. I shat my pants again a year later when I could buy Vice City on a PSP looking phone. I moved up to a Nexus 5 and played San Andreas with a Bluetooth controller, I thought it was the coolest thing in the world.

                    And then phone gaming went to absolute shit and I haven't played really any game on my phone outside of like 5 minutes of Wordament every 6 months on the toilet. Phone gaming held such promise, and it somehow turned into people paying in the hundreds for controllers when they could just hook up their superior and already owned PS4/5 or Xbox remotes and call it a day. Emulation on phones is cool but I don't bother anymore, got a million Game Boys instead, these emulator machines kick (profanity) ass and they're so affordable these days too, it's insane. I regularly find myself in awe of the fact I can buy emulator consoles for under 50 bucks that can play Vice City, Battlefront 2, Spider-Man, Tony Hawk, like all my favourites (bar Hit and Run, need a beefier boy for that), back in the pocket, for so cheap. What a goddamn time to be alive.

                    That being said, a reasonably priced and spec'd Xperia Play 2 would make me pretty goddamn happy.

                    • @TheDukeOfNukem: Nokia, ah the memories - was lucky enough to get to go to a few phone launches and tour HQ in Helsinki :), that was my nerd dream. But getting back to gaming - after you say the Nexus 5 years, mobile gaming went to shit. There was promise to all the games back in 2012/2013/2014 but then as you say game development just stagnated. Last game that ever hooked me was Genshin but then that got boring too.

                      I stayed with the consoles at those times, stuck with PS3/PS4/PS5. And now in the last year or two, reliving and playing back all the old PS1 games that I played the shit out of as a kid - has MUCH MUCH better value as you rightly say, than playing anything on phones these days.

                      Definitely what a time to be alive. Glad I'm here cos all these kids growing up now have no idea what they've missed out on…

        • russ says its not that pocketable due to bulk, it is tempting though.

  • +2

    $195 with eBay plus and no SD.
    You should always replace the cheap SD cards these come with.

    • +GST at checkout since it's coming from China.

      Price in the title is for no game + no bag.

      • it supposed to come with 128 internal storage.

        • Yep it has 128GB internal storage.

      • I had always thought eBay collects the gst from overseas sellers … but now that I think of it how is that possible..

      • +1

        Thanks fock for Gerry, that (profanity)!

    • Damn, your weird not mentioning of GST has made me not pull the trigger. At 195 I'd bite. 220 and I fall back into "eh, I already have Steam Deck and R36S" territory.

    • Sorry. Yes and GST I didn’t see that bit :(

  • Hmm.. just saw them announce the RG406 as the upgrade for RG405.. wondering if the CPU specs are better than the T820 here..

  • Waiting for rg35xxDS

  • Picked up a switch oled at this price

  • +1

    Just one thing to take into account with this device, it will chop a tiny bit off the side for games that don't scale properly to the 720x720 screen.

    Our man Russ showed a couple of games where some of the sides were chopped off. Not dramatic but it was clearly missing.

    Also the it seems the D-Pad has some shifty accidental diagonals as well based on Russ's testing.

    One thing for sure though… this is one cute device though. Should be called RG-Cute.

    • That duck

    • You can scale it differently to not crop, that’s just how he prefers to display the consoles he did that with to maximise screen use.

      • +1

        I think when he was talking about the parts that got chopped was with Android games. They scale to the screen size but some games only have scaling to a 4:3 screen and not a 1:1 screen.

        For emulation game you can control the scaling to fit the screen so you have black bars on top and bottom.

        • Ahh gotcha. Yes

  • +3

    I'm not sure the 1:1 screen ratio is worth it on the higher end devices. You really want these to play modern emulation on widescreen. I'd probably get an rg556 instead of this.. but really I'm hoping my psportal gets homebrew

    • These Android based systems don’t have emulators available for a good portion of the ‘HD’ consoles available for them, notably any Xbox, PS3 onwards and Wii U. The generation of home consoles stops at those that were predominately 4:3. Wider screen is a bit more applicable to some of the handheld systems, especially PSP/Vita, but not home console so much. In that regard 1:1 isn’t that bad really as there’s a big gap in terms of what can be emulated, although you might be able to get widescreen patches for some of the older 4:3 content that would make 16:9 shine.

      At the same time, its probably only the PS2, GC and Saturn that need the extra power of the Cube and are suited to this display (probably not a good display for Vita), otherwise you can go a TrimUI Smart Pro, RG35XX SP/H/Plus, RGB30and get up to N64/PS for much less.

      RG556 will still be versatile but if portability isn’t a big concern. Could crop those 4:3 systems and probably get an image of a similar size to the Cube, such is the size of that display.

  • If you already have all the original hand held systems, are these anything to collect?

    • +2

      you keep your original handhelds in the collection to preserve and play games on these instead to not wear out your originals.

    • Some people would say the 2Ds and 3DS are still better on original hardware than the options these systems provide. PSP and PSP Vita being widescreen can be good through emulation but probably aren’t so suited to a 1:1 display.

      There are benefits such as save states, not needing to carry cartridges around and the like associated with emulation too though, so could be worth it in that respect.

      • +1

        Adding to this vita emulation isn't quite there yet

  • +2

    This has barely made the rounds of reviews this week. Wait 6 months and it'll be half the price.

    • +1

      It won't. Which of these machines have devalued like that, so quickly? There might be something a bit more powerful, but these won't drop in price so significantly, so quickly.

      • Second hand? I know rog ally prices have crashed

        • I'd be very surprised if you can get this in December for $110-120, even second hand.

          From what I can tell, even the ROG ally hasn't dropped that dramatically since release. They're a different class of machine, too.

          • @Orion au: I mean I've seen second hand rog Ally's sell for $750-800 regularly on ebay, which is a far cry from the 1300 rrp

            • @quill: Yeah that's a significant drop, of course. I'd say that machine has dropped so quickly because otherwise you'd just get the Steam Deck.

  • How is the touch function? Im keen to play Rhythm Heaven mainly but it will be a pain if there is significant lag on the touch screen.

  • Anybody with RG566 or this RG Cube, and a Retroid pocket 4 Pro?

    From the three, which one worked smoother/ best to emulate SS, GC & PS2?

    Been eyeing one of these android handhelds lately but the option/cost are all over the place.

    • +1

      I have the Retroid. From what I understand, it's performance and controls are better. The RG556 has a better screen and ergonomics.

      I've not had any issues with any of the consoles you've mentioned there. Keep in mind that PS2 emulation is stagnant currently on Android, so if the current emulators don't run something well, it.might be a while before they do.

      • Wow thanks!

        I’ve been leaning towards Retroid 4 pro but wasn’t sure…it will used as smaller pocketable alternative emulator to the SD.

        Curious, does it handle the occasional NS game as well?

        Purchased locally? you reckon have a recommended link from a reputable eBay Au seller? (For Warranty stuff)

        • +1

          Nah I got it preordered directly from Retroid. Sorry. For what it's worth, I usually order directly from these companies, and never had any issues.

          Handles light weight Switch games. If you're into indie 2D titles, it's fine. I couldn't tell you if it handles heavier though. The RG556 won't handle nearly as much, since it's roughly on par with the non pro version (slightly weaker I think).

          One last thing - I'd recommend getting a grip too. It can be a little uncomfortable with stick based games without it if you play for too long.

      • NetherSX2 (patched AetherSX2) is being actively updated, most recent update was released last week. Using it on my RG556


        • There's nothing performance related in those changes though. The emulation performance and compatibility is not being worked on.

    • +1

      I recently got rp4pro for about $268 AUD from AliExpress. 2 weeks in. It's a great little console. Ergonomics are good for an hour of play after that u feel cramped. Have tried PSP, N64, PS1, PS2 GameCube and they have all worked fine. Wider screen means psps can be played at 3x full screen dramatically changing the look of the original game. Do note that there are many games with graphical glitches so some are just not a good experience. I play colin mcrae rally, NFS, ratchet and clank, burn out, and a few other ones. I had to delete MotorStorm and MX Atv games as there were too many glitches.

      • Sounds really good 💪 Ta!

        How was your Sega Saturn experience on it? Games like Burning rangers, Panzer dragoon saga and Sega Rally?

        • +1

          I haven't tried Sega Saturn on it. Will report back tonight.

        • +1

          Saturn is fine on the pro, mate. I'm getting 60 fps on most games, and that's without going to performance mode too. I'm sure you can up the power if you have issues.

      • Nice. Can you share the link which AliExpress store you got it from?

        • +1

          It was factory direct collected $160 USd pre GST prior to the choice sale. All gone now I think.

    • +1

      Forthenext has been running multiple streams of the Cube and held past streams of RP4Pro and RG556. Just timeskip to the games you care about.


      • This will come handy - thanks

  • I was excited for this….then i saw the price, think im just going to keep saving for a steamdeck

    • If you want to play retro games out and about, don't go for the steam deck. One of these will be much better. The deck is so bulky and cumbersome.

      • I already have a miyoo mini plus, that handles everything up to and including ps1, got that for $50 via ozbargain a while ago.

        I feel like when you start talking about $200+ you are better off just saving money for a steamdeck (or rog ally/ legion go), because it opens up so many more games.

        $230 is a tough pill to swallow with all the other options out there ranging from $50 to $1000

        • Sure, if you're using it predominantly at home or you're out on the road in your car etc. Somewhere where space is not an issue. I'd just be wary of buying a deck if it's for daily commutes, overseas travel or anything along those lines. I'd hate to be out and about with mine as it'd take up half my backpack.

  • I'm a bit put off by the 1:1 screen. Did any systems ever use this? Whats the advantage over 4:3?

    • +1

      Three main advantages I see for this screen are:
      1/ Gameboy and Gameboy Colour use a 1:1 ratio
      2/ SNES games often were made at 8:7, which looks better on a 1:1 screen.
      3/ most importantly to me, they're great for 3:4 games - namely, shmups.

      • Also, Pico-8.
        Although, there's no native Pico-8 support for Android.

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