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Xbox Wireless Controller (Carbon Black) $59 Delivered (New Customers Only) @ Mobileciti


Looking to get a controller for PC and came across this Xbox wireless on sale at mobilecity for $69, if you sign up as a new customer you get an extra -$10 off and free delivery which makes it an ok deal?

Be nice its my first deal post :)

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    Do I need a inbuilt Bluetooth or can I just plug something in like a wireless mouse

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      Compatibility Windows 10/11: Requires Bluetooth, compatible USB-C® cable, or Xbox Wireless adapter.

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        Cost about 50bucks

        • Less of you get a crappy generic usb one… But it might suck 🤷‍♂️

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      The controller has Bluetooth built in, so you can directly connect it if your PC has it too.

      For a better connection however, you can buy the Wireless Adapter for Windows (which plugs in like a mouse) - https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/51UqtdIsVlL.AC_SL1192.jpg

      • Do you know if it connects via Bluetooth to the Xbox? Just curious as I’ve never noticed lag.

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          I'd think Xbox has something built in that works like the PC dongle, not much point developing the alternate approach if the console the controllers are designed for can't make use of it

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          It uses Microsoft's proprietary 2.4ghz connection, which is what's already baked inside the controller, console and Wireless Adapter.

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        Has anyone else had constant issues with the Xbox wireless adapter for PC, over multiple generations of the device?

        It seems like it shits itself regularly, and requires a driver reinstall or something else to get working again. I think I've had three different generations of the wireless adapter, and they've all had problems.

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          More often than not I find I have to reseat (unplug and replug) mine before the controllers will connect to it, but that pretty much always does the trick. Failing that, I'll re-pair. Haven't had to resort to reinstalling drivers

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            @buscagangas: Same experience. Usually re-plugging the dongle fixes it

        • Yeah it works better for awhile after you update the controller then goes crap again

    • Get the Xbox wireless adaptor. It's the best solution re input lag.

      • Just get an 8bitdo ultimate. Way better on all fronts

        • You can get the Xbox buttons direct from 8bitdo for like 8$ as well

        • I have 2 of them. The xbox controller is a lot better IMHO.

          • @imurgod: You have 2 8bitdo ultimate? Really that's interesting. In what way do you prefer the xb?

            I've been using Xbox controllers for 15 years on the PC. Including this one. The stick started to drift after like 3-4 months. And the connection issues are a nightmare
            Very happy with the ultimate

            • @Micsmit: The stick drift is a problem but I just keep making them replace the controllers. I haven't used the 8bitdo enough to get any stick drift but I hear they're just as bad… Controllers should have hall sensors to avoid this issue.

              I prefer the size and feel of the xbox ones and absolutely no connection issued with the xbox dongle. Not sure about Bluetooth.

              The 8Bitdo feel off to me. Small and awkward to use.

              • @imurgod: They have a slightly wider grip than the Xbox. Do you have 2 8bitdo hall effect ultimates?

                There is no stick drift with them. They are the ones I am talking about. They are perfect. I've ditched my Xbox X . Button click is ridiculously loud and cheap also

                • @Micsmit: They end up being more expensive than the 8bitdo ultimate with the dongle. Can't recommend them for PC at all anymore.

                  The last Xbox controller I had not only had stick drift but also the a button would occasionally stick. So cheap and nasty

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                  @Micsmit: I'll need to check these out then.

                  Thanks for the info!

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                    @imurgod: 8BitDo Ultimate 2.4G Wireless Controller, Hall Effect Joystick Update, Gaming Controller with Charging Dock for PC, Android, Steam Deck & Apple (Black) https://amzn.asia/d/5vgw5ag

                    The 2.4 GHz has been. Updated to have hall effect as well now. The Bluetooth version has ninty switch buttons. This one has Xbox layout. The only slight negative is the vibration isn't as responsive as the Xbox or the haptic of ps5. It's like a standard xb360 era style vibration.

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                      @Micsmit: Cool. I really only need it for the odd PC game as I mostly use my PC for racing simulation and I have an elaborate rig for that…. but I do play tiny bit of 6 Days in Fallujah and Undisputed.

                      Thanks again for the info mate.

                      • @imurgod: No problem, yeah same here.
                        Flight Sim rig for me in the office.

                        But Sometimes it's nice to bring the (sff) PC out to the big tv in the living room, sit back and use the controller on rdr2 or another walking Sim.

                        • @Micsmit: I wish. My sim pc is huge and heavy.

                          Need to build another for my loving room to go with all the consoles lol

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    Been looking for an xbox deal for months now, seems there were loads in Dec/Jan and nothing since.

    • Those $500 Xbox and PS5 deals from Gamesmen@eBay on Black Friday were the best. Still waiting for a similar deal.

  • signed up as a new customer, and cannot see the $100 off or free shipping

    • Same for me

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      It was $10 off and free shipping for new customers got an email sent to me with the code.
      I was just googling the controller and went to Mobilecity from the google results, it was a pop up for me maybe try a different browser I can confirm it worked as purchased it.

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    Too old a customer now…..

    • Can you try a new email?

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    Thanks OP - just placed my order. I got the VIP sign-up pop up when scrolling a bit further down to the product specifications section :)

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    If you're going to buy an xbox controller for PC use, you should definitely spend a little more and get one that's bundled with the wireless adapter. Much better performance than bluetooth and Microsoft don't seem to sell the dongle by itself anymore.

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    New model coming out very soon

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    FYI — New Controler incoming..

    Scheduled to launch in May 2024. Sebile's release has likely been delayed untill Septermber 2024 / December 2024

    The Xbox Universal Controller is equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 and modular thumbsticks.


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      cool thanks. just found a picture of it here with some extra info https://www.reddit.com/r/XboxSeriesX/comments/16mjvem/leaked…

      I've really been getting into new tech these days (more reading rather than buying) but do you know about any other new stuff that's coming soon?

      one I can share is Samsung Galaxy watch 7 and Ultra. one thing a video revealed was the Ultra comes in LTE model only which apparently means faster battery drain than the same model non LTE watch even if you turn off LTE in settings. good to know I guess.

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      Feel like if that were coming out in that time frame then they would have announced them with the new consoles coming out then. In fact, from the source the quoted term is hardware that's coming out, so I think it is the consoles.

    • Hoping for Hall Effect sticks. Happy with my 8bitdo Ultimate for PC and Switch use.

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    Good dealt this one but go for 8bitdo ultimate for PC. So much better with no connection issues

    • And quality is also much better

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      The peace of mind of hall effect is like no other

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        Couldn't agree more. The Xbox X and xbone controllers I had for windows before getting the ultimate developed some level of drift within six months

  • Seconded on both fronts. Charging dock is nice as well.

  • So I got the discount and feee shipping using this code.


    I’m not associated with the code or owner etc. just found it online and used it on the white controller.

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