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20 for $20 Tenders & Nuggets (10 Tenders, 10 Nuggets, 4 Sauces) @ KFC


Another deal to add to the list of upcoming KFC deals.

This one seems like awesome value!!

20 for $20 Tenders & Nuggets
10 x Tenders
10 x Nuggets
2 x Dip Aioli
2 x Dip Sweet n' Sour


$2 Large Chips

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  • +21

    Not worth it imo

    • thanks for making it an easy pass.

      • My store doesn't even have it because of the nugget shortage anyway lol

        • how much woudl you value eahc tender to be worth it

          • @capslock janitor: If I go off app pricing, 5 tenders is $12 and 6 nuggets is $8…so yeah this is a good deal based on that.

            If I build my own bucket, its 6 tenders for $11 and 12 nuggets for $10 and still have to add 3 more items.

  • Is it just my store or did kfc get rid of the 18 nuggets and 12 tenders from the build-your-bucket which only leaves the much more expensive 12/6 packs?

  • +3
    1. Why do kfc tenders get so much hate lately? They are bloody awesome when fresh cooked.

    2. I can’t believe people get sauces other than the GOAT that is super charged sauce

    • +5

      Your dead right if your lucky enough when they get it right.

      But twice now the chicken seemed hard boiled and the 11 herbs and spice coating just falls off in the bag , nasty….

      • +2

        Damn been there a few times

        2am sitting on the can - trying to expel the food poisoning demon from kfc and you think damn ittttt why didn’t I go hungry jacks for smoko

        Next day: oh damn 10 nugs and 10 tendies for $20 !

    • +1

      agree on both your points!

  • +2

    not much food when you think about it
    the 9 for $14.95 plus 2 chips and gravy is marginally better

    • Little off topic and maybe I’m just a cranky old man now but DAE reckon the potato n gravy at kfc really gone downhill last 12-18 months? Like the last batch I got was borderline tasteless slop.

      Chips n chicken was ace but thank god

      • i think its okay, i had it with the family burger meal and it seemed the same.

      • +3

        DAE reckon the potato n gravy at kfc really gone downhill last 12-18 months

        Yeah, the gravy changed to a packetmix where we just add oil and water, instead of the actual chicken fines. Potato has stayed the same

        • oh shit - thank you for confirming i was not going crazy!

    • where is that

  • +7

    Latest menu changes.
    The stuff you can't see are hidden in the FOMO WOW menu. Probably coming to targeted promos soon.

    Change Price Description ID
    New 12.0 $12 Double Zinger Feast - Regular C-32809-prod
    New 3.95 $3.95 Kentucky Snack Pack C-32810-prod
    New 9.95 9 for $9.95 Original Recipe C-32811-prod
    New 10.0 10 for $10 Original Tenders C-32812-prod
    New 8.0 $8 Festive Feed - Regular C-32813-prod
    New 8.0 $8 Box Original Recipe C-32452-prod
    New 8.0 $8 Box Nuggets C-32401-prod
    New 8.0 $8 Box Original Tenders C-32451-prod
    New 8.0 $8 Box Wicked Wings C-32399-prod
    New 13.95 Double Tender™ Burger Box - Regular C-32779-prod
    New 19.95 10 Pieces of Chicken C-32797-prod
    New 27.95 15 Pieces of Chicken C-32798-prod
    New 6.9 2 Pieces of Chicken C-32799-prod
    New 14.95 4 Original Crispy Fillets C-32800-prod
    New 18.95 15 Wicked Wings C-32801-prod
    New 3.8 4 Dinner Rolls C-32802-prod
    New 24.95 6 Fillet Dinner Box C-32780-prod
    New 24.95 10 Piece Dinner Box C-32781-prod
    New 20.95 6 Piece Combo - Regular C-32803-prod
    New 12.45 3 Piece Combo - Regular C-32804-prod
    New 5.45 Regular Coleslaw C-30053-prod
    New 48.95 Giant Feast C-32760-prod
    New 24.95 Cheap as Chips C-32775-prod
    New 10.0 24 for $10 Nuggets C-31286-prod
    Removed 48.95 Giant Feast C-32444-prod
    New 2.0 $2 Large Chips C-31146-prod
    New 20.0 20 for $20 Original Tenders™ & Nuggets C-32787-prod
    New 10.95 Waffle Double C-32782-prod
    New 14.95 Waffle Double Combo - Regular C-32789-prod
    New 16.95 Waffle Double Box - Regular C-32790-prod
    New 10.95 Zinger® Double C-32784-prod
    New 14.95 Zinger® Double Combo - Regular C-32805-prod
    New 17.95 Zinger® Double Box Hot & Crispy - Regular C-32806-prod
    New 10.95 Original Crispy Double C-32788-prod
    New 14.95 Original Crispy Double Combo - Regular C-32791-prod
    New 16.95 Original Crispy Double Box - Regular C-32792-prod
    New 2.95 Waffle C-32796-prod
    New 37.95 Family Feast C-32660-prod
    New 48.95 Giant Feast C-32444-prod
    New 2.0 $2 Regular Chips C-31724-prod
    New 5.45 Waffle & Double Chocolate Mousse C-32783-prod
    New 7.95 Zinger® Crunch Sliders C-32231-prod
    New 11.95 Zinger® Crunch Sliders Combo - Regular C-32808-prod
    Removed 6.95 $6.95 Giant Snack Pack C-32322-prod
    Removed 33.95 Burger Feast C-32579-prod
    Removed 48.95 Giant Feast C-32760-prod
    Removed 5.25 Large Chips C-30050-prod
    Removed 3.45 Regular Chips C-30094-prod
    Removed 7.45 Spicy Snack C-32768-prod
    Removed 11.45 Spicy Snack Combo - Regular C-32770-prod
    Removed 3.95 Nugget Slider C-32769-prod
    Removed 7.95 Nugget Slider Combo - Regular C-32771-prod
    Removed 10.95 Zinger® Slider Stacker C-32610-prod
    Removed 14.95 Zinger® Slider Stacker Combo - Regular C-32612-prod
    Removed 14.95 $14.95 9 Piece Dinner C-32535-prod
    Removed 3.0 1.25L Pepsi Max^ ADD ON C-32526-prod
    Removed 3.0 1.25L Pepsi^ ADD ON C-32525-prod
  • Not showing anymore or just me?

    • +1

      Victoria and SA have a nugget “shortage”. So all products with nuggets have been removed.

      • Dang, thanks for the reply

  • Dammit, my fav, the 3 piece box just went up from $14.45 to $15.80, a 9.3% increase, WTH!

    • Strange, updated the app today and the price is back to $14.45…

  • +1

    $1 for a chicken nuggets… The chickens must've gone crazy.

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