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$2 Large Chips @ KFC


Mmmmmm! Something smells good!


Cheers to my source for the early heads up!

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    Thanks KFC but got plenty more days to eat Grill'd chips ;)

    • +1

      how did I miss out on that

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        Dont worry, you saved a lot (on fats).

        • Woke culture be like (trans-fats).

          • @nobro25: haha, I meant fats stored in in the body ;)

    • Apples and oranges.

    • +9

      Grill'd chips aren't even in the same league as KFC let alone comparable.

      • -5

        Grilld sponsor the Storm. No thanks.

        • +10

          Wont eat chips because the company sponsors an nrl team. Seems logical.

          • -2

            @Rochie: Not supporting an entity that supports something you don't support or agree with makes perfect sense. You just don't have the virtues, morality or intelligence to understand.

            • +1

              @GodsSon23: I definitely don't have the morality and virtues as I have a completely different perspective when it comes to financial or lifestyle choices. But to assume the intelligence is very small-minded of you and something entirely different.

        • KFC sponsors penriff, but i'm still gonna eat their chips.

    • +3

      I much prefer KFC chips. Ask for no salt and they cook it fresh (and can add a little yourself).

      Those Numpties at Grilled can never get it right, waaay to oily (double fried) and salt even if you ask for none.
      The quality has certainly gone down in the last few years, they shouldn't tout it as healthier fast food.

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        Ask for no salt and they cook it fresh

        Not all the time, sometimes we dunk the cooked chips back into the oil as it ‘removes’ the salt

          • +1

            @G-rig: Just noting all potato chips, everywhere are double fried.

            Unless you make them yourself. And see they taste different if you don't double fry.

            Grill'd chips, in fact, seem to be extra oily.

            • @pizzaguy: I guess double frying is what makes them tastier. A lot of recipes mention the same.

                • -1

                  @G-rig: Its not double frying that causes it, its the choice of food ;) Not sure if frying them the second time will make them much more unhealthier then they already are.

        • Lazy, or did your 18yo manager instruct you to do that? I don't eat there anyway if it's over $2 or so.

  • Thanks OP

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    The “extra salt” option on the app makes these amazing! :)

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      I hate when they put fries in my salt.

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    large is situational, depends on how they fill the chips

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      They usually only fill it up $2 worth.

      • +2

        yeah when its normal price lol

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      Target weight for a large chips is 200G. It shouldn’t be less.

      • +31

        I'll take my kitchen scales.

      • +1

        We got one in Tasmania that was only half filled. (normal price) I asked them to fill it up properly.

      • -1

        $10/kg KFC chips.
        Isn't there a cheaper version at Woolies?

    • +1

      Gotta shake the chips and hand it back to them

      • Yep, I'll be making sure they're filled before driving off.

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      Read the deal banner.


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    Kfc Double returning

    • +1

      That + $2 large chips + free survey 600ml drink for a meal.

  • +1

    lesss gooo

    • What goo? :/

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    KFC chips are the worst, McDonalds are ok but go cold too quick, meanwhile Hungry Jack's easily surpasses them both.

    • -1

      McDonalds ones are vegan at least. They are shit and expensive if over $2
      Woolies used to be good for $2. Then $3, then $3.50 then $4.50. Cretins lol.

    • +2

      Agree KFC chips never crunchy not to sure why. May be not cooked long enough. HJ the best

  • Why is this deal or 20 for 20 NOT coming up in my KFC App..🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • +1

    For some reason my $2 large chip deal is charging $2.95 😂

    Edit: brisbane airport is broken in the app, no double waffle meals and $2 of chips is $2.95

    • +2

      Airport joints are often outside the jurisdiction when it comes to specials.

    • yes, i see the same thing in Hervey Bay, QLD. It says in app, "$2 chips". Price underneath & in checkout, $2.95?!

    • update. i changed my kfc store to the other one in Hervey Bay (Urangan). now it shows the "$2" price. only for that location. ;s

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    One of my favourite podcasts ever is from Revisionist History where Malcolm Gladwell
    investigates and mourns the change to McDonald's fries in 1990.
    The tease is: "They made the world’s greatest French Fry. Then they threw it away."
    This is the link to one version.

    • +1

      Let me guess, TLDR: it's about stopping using animal tallow to fry.

      Yeah, that wasn't "the greatest french fry".

      • +2

        I don't use KFC or McDonalds, but the backstory and science behind it was fascinating.
        Thanks for the warm response to my first ever post. Much appreciated.

        • +1

          Welcome to OzB, @chalambar! <3

  • -1

    How many calories?

    • Look on the website if you are actually interested.
      Be less than greasy chicien and Burgers 🤣

      • Need to know how many serves I can have on 1000cal / day diet!
        Just over 500cal for $2, that's means I am feed for $4 a day. Now that's an OZB deal.

        • Just get a 2L chocky milk, best calories for cheap.
          The homeless have crunched the numbers on that stuff and it's a favorite.

          • @G-rig: Hey I'm not homeless I just love my chocolate milk or vanilla if I can get to a woolworths.

    • I don't think anyone eating deep fried chips, is too concerned about how many calories are in them, just saying ;)

  • I'm getting the $2.95 price as well (regional NSW). Wonder if I go to drive thru instead of through app I can get it for $2?

    • Why don't you try it out on the weekend and tell us?
      You'd have to go there to pick it up anyway may as well just try it

      • +1

        I ended up going thru the app and it corrected itself in the cart upon checkout.

  • BYO chicken salt, the kids tend to forget to put enough

  • 6 for $6.95 hot and crispy now

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