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Snack Sausage Roll 120g $1.50 @ 7-Eleven via App (Membership Required)


Just got an email from 7-Eleven that tomorrow they are doing $1.50 sausage rolls for members (free to sign up).

Offer entitles you to one 7-Eleven Snack Sausage Roll 120g for $1.50 on 12.06.2024. Limited to two rolls per transaction and one transaction per member. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer. Availability may vary by store.

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    Including vegan?

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        as per the product listings, a snack sausage roll is it's own separate product from a no sausage roll, which is the vegan one, so I think your description actually does exclude it

        • Too right

        • Yes, the vegan is much bigger than the snack.

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      Ex broke up with me when I offered her a vegan sausage. It was a long .. too long day at work

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    Cheers will give it a go at that price

  • What do they normally cost?

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        HAHAHAHA that must be some sort of joke by them

      • No way. DoorDash charging 3.95

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      3.50, get them occasionally, not great, but not bad, find the snack ones for some reason often have a better texture than the regular despite just being the same but smaller.

      • Do you find you need two or is one enough?

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          I can't eat huge amounts, but this is very much a snack, not a meal.

  • What's the occasion

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      Doghouse Wednesdays - when you need to fend for your own food as your significant other won't cook for you…

  • Check the sodium for surprise

    • Perfect sodium level for my mid week marathon training run

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    I wouldn't eat any 7-11 branded foods.

    I found a rats tails while eating their sausage rolls.
    Was chewing then realised a funny texture, and noticed the rest of the tail sticking out of the sausage roll….

    Took a photo and emailed them, but didn't get a response back.
    This was about 7years ago.

    Totally scarred me

    • +1

      Understandable. So long as it’s isolated then that’s the main thing. It’s like finding weevils in your flour

    • Thanks for talking me out

    • Most of the stuff is rebranded four and twenty. It’s crap though.

      • Sitting here eating my free lemon slice, feel like free is still too expensive

      • Ah, suspected as much.

    • You could take a video and put it on youtube

    • Extra protein

    • These stories are always incredible - you were disgusted when you found a body part in your food made of body parts? Like seriously you're eating a corpse roll 😄

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      I found a rats tails while eating their sausage rolls.

      Sounds like 7/11 do give a rats about the consumer after all lol

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    Thanks OP

    • +3

      You know what? You're quite welcome.

      • Everyone likes a sausage in their own way

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    Thanks OP. My OzB lunch™ today consisted of a $2 sushi roll, $2 large KFC chips, a $1.50 snack sausage roll and a $1.50 coffee from 7/11, all walkable in my lunch break.

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