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Philips Prestige Beard Trimmer Series 9000 - $199 Delivered @ Shaver Shop


I've been waiting for this to come back on sale. Not the cheapest ever price but good enough for me.

Sturdy metal comb. Comes with a travel case.

Read all about it here: https://www.philips.com.au/c-p/BT9810_15/beard-trimmer-9000-…

15% off on Shaver Shop eBay: FYZ15 (only works with Zip Pay as the payment method)

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    …but it's not wet and dry.

    Apart from the 'prestige' what's this got going for it at double (or more) the price of other philips models?

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      This one is listed as 100% Waterproof, whereas something like the Multigroom is only "Showerproof". My Multigroom died because water made its way in so I grabbed one of these as a replacement hoping it'll last longer.

      The adjustable integrated metal comb is a nice feature too since a few teeth on the plastic ones with my Multigroom broke.

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      This is the best beard trimmer I've used. I'm not sure many people would be able to do a wet beard trim. Most other trimmers I've used, have lost their blade sharpness within a few months. I think the Braun one blade might be better but this seemed better built.

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      It's the prestige price.

  • Cheaper here: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B08TBDYF8H
    $151.22 plus $16.11 delivery

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      Keep in mind it will come with a US plug, no biggie if you already have a Philips charger and they're not expensive either.

      Great trimmer!

    • Its $110.78 AUD plus $16.11 delivery..correct?

  • Or if you've already got a philips charger or can use a USA plug… ~$50 Cheaper at amazon.


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    • Oh crap… Should have bought off eBay and used the 15% off code FYZ15

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        buy another, return the original

        "At Shaver Shop we believe we should offer the customer the best possible advice and customer service. If something that you have purchased at Shaver Shop isn’t right, or if you change your mind, we are happy to accept a return."

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          Good idea. Thanks!

  • I have this.

    Took a while but I figured out that 3.0mm stubble was alot easier to do than 3.5mm.

    Only thing that's strange is that the battery life is alot worse than the multi groom one. This randomly runs out of battery. But the multi groom seems to last months and months?

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