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BOGOF Mad Mex 1kg Big Burrito and 2 Free Cans of Liquid Death ($42.95 Discount, Delivery/Service Fees Apply) @ DoorDash

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Buy one Big Burrito and get another Big Burrito free (worth $29.95) + a free can of Liquid Death (worth $6.50). Code: BIGBOGO. Expires 24/06/2024. Limit 3 redemptions per customer.

The 1kg Big Burrito has 2 servings of our world famous Burrito and includes 2 soft flour tortillas rolled with brown rice, black beans, pico de gallo (fresh tomato salsa), cheese, shredded lettuce and sour cream with your choice of filling and salsa. This year score a FREE can of Liquid Death with any purchase.

Update: The promo reads to me that you should only get one free can of Liquid Death when buying the Big Burrito deal however as the option to add the can is part of the Big Burrito menu item you get another free can when adding the second Big Burrito for the buy one get one free. The savings discount is then $42.95 (BOGOF Big Burrito $29.95 + first free can of Liquid Death $6.50 + second free can of Liquid Death $6.50).

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  • +2

    If we film them making our order, do we get extra fillings?

  • +3

    So, 4 burritos for $30 and some hot sauce? That's not a terrible deal if you break it up and eat a regular human portion

    • +6

      No, the Liquid Death is canned water, how they can value a 500ml can at $6.50 is beyond me.

      • +10

        Liquid Death's appearance is the seller, makes it look like both an energy drink and alcoholic beverage without being either. It's marketing and perception as the "real man's drink" worked better than even they thought it would. Keep hydrated at raves and festivals while "looking cool".

        It's unbelievably stupid, but damn did it research its target market and deliver a masterstroke.

        • Wait so it’s just a fancy can of water? Not sparkling or any additives?

          • @Levathian: Their traditional Mountain Water is just that - water. They also have flavours though similar to Mountain Franklin's Lightly Sparkling range.

  • Hm 12% fees ($7.19) still decent for 2kg of burrito

    Looks like there is free drink included in the $29.95 already

    Anyone know if dashpass reduce service fee? Or still 12%?

    • Mine is now 9%. It finally reduced from 12% after I cancelled my annual subscription. If you signed up with one of those Amazon prime deals you get further reduced service fees and lower delivery minimums.

    • It does not
      (I signed up for Dashpass recently to hopefully avoid/reduce service fees but made no difference)

      • It doesn't seem to be very consistent. I just checked mine and it is 9%. Only have it until my annual subscription runs out in a couple of months. I noticed it dropped from 12% to 9% about a week after I cancelled.

        • Oh, I only joined a week ago, so maybe need to be subscribed for longer.

  • Do these go in the fridge and reheat well?

    • +1

      I'm about to find out. I hope so!

    • +1

      By the ingredients, if you like hot crispy water (aka lettuce) with sour cream and reheated fresh pico de gallo, then you should be sweet.

      Not a reheated something I'd pay this much for, though.

      • +3

        Savage. I'm taking the meat out to reheat separately.

        • +1

          Pro. I respect that.

  • Only 1 Mad Mex left in Brisbane
    (Next at Gold Coast & Tweed Heads)

    "Mad Mex isn’t available in your location" - used to be 3 months ago😢

    • Damn it! I was literally thinking the other day oh I’ll go have a burrito at the garden city one. DAMN ITTTTTTT

  • +2

    I bought one of these for lunch today and omfg they weren't kidding it's a big burrito…

  • +1

    Just got mine. Not even close to 1kg.

    Made a dispute on doordash and got refunded.

    • +2

      Damn mine was only 780grams, how did you dispute it? It keeps saying they are unable to refund me

      • +1

        I just put food quality issue

        • +3

          No idea why you're being negged, esp. here on OzB.

          This isn't your auntie's tuck shop, it's a chain that's pumping trucks of money into people and operations that has little to do with the people who actually make the food.

          And the debate is about how costs are increasing because of the customers trying to outsmart the corporations… Capitalistic facepalm.

    • Both of mine were very close to 1kg. I also got 2 cans of Liquid Death instead of 1.

      • +1

        You should have gotten 2 cans, assuming that with each burrito you get a can.

        • I'm happy either way. I would never buy a can of water and now I have 2!

        • This year score a FREE can of Liquid Death with any purchase.

          Sounds like the deal is only 1 to me.

    • +6

      925g is actually close to 1kg??? They make these to order lol, it's not like they are just taking a pre weighed 1kg burrito out of the freezer.

      Bet you're the one that holds up the deli because you asked for 500g and you only got 483g.

      • Yes I am also the guy that measures the subway footlongs that are actually 11inches and get a refund from doordash as well.

        Your username also doesn't checkout.

        • +8

          There's a difference between not wanting to pay full price and finding any excuse not to pay anything.

          As someone who's had shit jobs I really try not to give them a hard time, because most of them are just barely getting by as is.

          • -4

            @pennypincher98: No…? These corporations are scamming you by giving you less than advertised. I am just retaliating.

            What do u mean by giving those with shit jobs a hard time?it's madmex that eats the cost of the refund not the workers.

            • +2

              @Jaduqimon: Do you really think corporations really just absorb cost without any action?? That management is incapable of flowing anything downward? Profit is the only thing execs care about (and their shareholders) - certainly not their employees.

              Tell you the truth the area manager will get in shit, will take out on the store manager who will then take it out on the employees. Then they'll increase the prices to cater for these new unexpected losses.

              Now this doesn't happen with just one order, but enough people act like this and it just ruins it for everyone and suddenly everyone loses out except for big corp.

              • -3

                @pennypincher98: Maybe if enough people did it, they will just give you the amount they advertised.

                Are you really defending corporations not giving consumers what's being advertised?

                You're ok if woolies or coles rigged their self checkout scales to report +10% weight on whatever you purchased?

                • +2

                  @Jaduqimon: I'm not defending corporations, I'm explaining them because you seem to have a very naïve perception of how business works, and I'm sorry to have to pop that bubble but you're wrong.

                  Coles and Woolies are actually a great example of people trying to "outsmart" big business and end up making it worse for everyone - much higher prices, much more surveillance, much more security etc because people can't be trusted to do a simple thing.

                  How has this affected their profits? Oh yeah that's right, they've just hit record profits.
                  How has this affected customers? There's now cameras, plain clothes security and uniformed guards, security barriers, 50 different alarms and grocery prices higher than ever.

                  • -2

                    @pennypincher98: Lol ok I am naieve… Trying to get what was advertised is trying to "outsmart" them.
                    I guess we all have to just stay put and take it up the ass then… Maybe they will feel bad for us and lower their profits for us lol… I duno I am naieve…

                    • +1

                      @Jaduqimon: The smarter way is to actually vote in a government that will put enough pressure on corporations to do the right thing and introduce more legislation to combat this.

                      But I'm sure your "lol I got back at Coles by scanning gourmet tomatoes as brushed potatoes" is really working well.

                      So yes it is naïve to not think they'll retaliate.

                      • -3

                        @pennypincher98: Ahhhhhh right the government hahha I'm too naive.

                      • +2

                        @pennypincher98: The only reason customers have an opportunity to deceive the supermarkets is because they introduced self scanning so they could hire less people and remove an old staple of first time employment.
                        These are the people your trying to defend.

                        He has every right to demand what he paid for. You can advertise stupid claims that a reasonable person wouldn't believe but once you put an exact amount thats a different story. Howd ya like it if you kept buying eggs listed at a dozen but then only contained 11.
                        People like you are why corporations can keep getting away with deceiving and ripping off their customers. Complaining and standing up for your rights is the right thing to do.
                        The only reason a government is going to care and do anything is if there is enough complaint from the public. What government has made this a thing? Any? They care about money and votes. Only when enough people complain do the government care about anything. So his actions can make notice whilst you just want to support greedy deceptive actions.

                        • +2


                          so they could hire less people

                          They've actually got more staff now than they did before, they're just in other roles like click and collect shoppers, stock filling etc.

                          He has every right to demand what he paid for.

                          Said every Karen ever. Now if this was an 800g burrito by all means, go back and politely ask for it to be 1kg. Still don't demand and go on about your rights though lmao. If it's 925g though, really? That's just the difference between ordering and not ordering sour cream.

                          kept buying eggs listed at a dozen but then only contained 11.

                          No, this specific instance is like getting 12 eggs but complaining and demanding a refund because one of the eggs are smaller.

                          So his actions can make notice

                          In your fairyland, what happens here in store? Guy probably gets "it's roughly 1kg according to the policy it says here" and if they demand for a refund, absolutely do not get it, just gets asked to leave. If they persist, might get an extra 50g of rice, or escorted by security. Afterwards everyone laughs at what a miserable piece of shit that customer was.

                          Why am I even trying to make people see sense on Ozbogan when everyone here just sees cents.

                  • +1

                    @pennypincher98: This whole thing about it being the people's fault for trying to outsmart big businesses and causing much higher prices is partially correct. It's just an excuse and guise for Colesworth to increase their prices. You can clearly see this when profit between the years is significantly higher than theft. I do agree with the rest of the whole surveillance and security problem though.

    • +3

      You remind me of the drunk guy who threatened to kill me in my sleep for giving him 110g of olives from the deli instead of 100g when I was a Coles drone. I'd like to see you repeatedly make exactly 1kg burritos.

    • I got minus beans and both were around 650g 🌝

      • +2

        Also received a refund because they just fill it with rice and very little protein. Better off going to GYG Gomez. 🦦🌯

        • Did you expect them to replace those beans with meat?

          TBH, sounds potentially fair that it was 650g if you asked to remove the second main (?) ingredient. Potentially!

          • +2

            @pizzaguy: No, but I expect more than a couple of teaspoons of meat.

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