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Finish Ultimate Dishwasher All-in-1 60 Tablets 3-Pack (180 Tablets, 31 Cents Each) $55.80 + Delivery ($0 with OnePass) @ Catch


A whole 1c tablet cheaper than last time

Stock up if you need

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  • I used to be a massive fan of these. I switched to the Aldi brand. It was ok. Went to Finish classic tablets and they’ve been great. YMMV

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      I find finish classic were horrible. Aldi platinum are great. But these and fairy are definitely my favourite.

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        Whittakers hazelnut is my favourite.

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          A person of fine taste. Dark Ghana also acceptable.

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          Congratulations on winning the internet today 🏆

        • switched from Nutella to this

      • Each to their own I guess. Glad you had success with them.

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        Just FYI to you and anyone reading, Aldi has now discontinued the Aldi Logix Platinum, they only sell a more basic 12 in one tablet now as well as a new capsule style pack which is double the price of the cheaper one.

        • Wait. What?? Why???

          • @bemybubble: No idea :( went to pick some up the other day and was devastated to see none there! after a quick search saw the ozbargain thread about it, staff confirmed it too. Probably hoping people will buy their expensive pod like things instead!

            I tried the 12-in-one tablet that I picked up instead and can't complain about the quality as of yet after one wash, all came out totally clean! I think the older "basic" style was a 10-in-one so this one is a bit of an improvement.

    • How much are they please?
      The aldi and the Finnish classic? As comparison?

      Wondering if I should buy this or the Aldi one.

      • From the last deal.

        Aldi Logix Platinum - $0.19 per tablet.
        Finish Powerball Ultimate Pro - $0.32 per tablet.
        Finish Ultimate Dishwasher - $0.31 per tab.

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      Last time I mentioned that I found Aldi brand better than Finish Classic, I got 10 down votes. Still true though. But every dishwasher is different. Some work better with Finish, some with Aldi.

      The part that stopped me using Aldi was the dissolvable wrappers. They caused huge build up in my machine.

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        We got lucky, the relatively new Westinghouse installed in the house we bought in 2022 works a charm with the Aldi platinum tabs, dishes are sparkling, no water stains & no residue build up.

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        I always take the wrapper off now for the same reason.

      • Just take the wrapper off. Scissors, snip, snap, start.

      • Can confirm the Aldi ones are better. But don’t keep spreading the word, Aldi will increasing the price on us!

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        its about the science

        If the water hardness level is lower than 38°fH (French degrees), tablets containing salt and rinse aid may be used. However, if the water hardness level is above 38°fH, then traditional powder, salt, and rinse aid products should be used separately for optimum wash results.

        • which one is aldi?

        • so get normal powder for hard water (not familiar with french degrees as a hardness rating)?

          Across Australia each city and state is different. Sydney's water is considered 'soft' with a hardness level of about 50mg/L while in Hobart, it is barely above 10 mg/L. Brisbane and Adelaide have some of the hardest water where it reaches nearly 100 mg/L.

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          Just wanted to point out you really know a lot. I’ve taken your advice on purchasing many products here.

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    Pay $10 for delivery or pick up which makes it 37cents per tab

    • Free delivery with Onepass, you can signup for a free trial or buy 1 month for only $4.

  • This or the ultimate pro

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      Pro is for professionals

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      Don't forget the Pro Max Plus 2

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    Used to use Fairy Platinum pods almost exclusively but my thoughts on dishwasher tablets/pods changed a little after watching this YouTube video so I decided to experiment.


    I have just started using (early days - 1 week so far) Exonic powder sourced from Bunnings ($3.90 per 1 kg) and am getting great results so far.

    Should get 50 full wash cycles (auto setting) from the one $3.90 1kg powder pack.


    Disclaimer (if it matters): I'm refilling my own Miele autodos powerdisks and letting the machine dose itself. Have moderately hard water here too so the dishwasher is softening the water - rinse aid is being used also.

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      10/10 Ozbargaining

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        I try lol.

        The YouTube vid made a lot of sense to me though and it's a bit of fun to experiment and save a few cents where I can like a true Ozbargainer.

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      I switched to Aldi powder after watching this, but I found they left residue after each wash. No matter how much or little powder I used, I couldn't get the adjustments right. I added powder in the slot, powder on the bottom of the dishwasher, a tiny amount, a large amount. Nothing. After 2 years, I finally got the bulk pack of Fairy Platinum (and considering these to stock up). I no longer have residue.

      The video makes so much sense, and I really like the value attribute part of it, but I just couldn't get my dishes reliably clean with just powder.

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        Would be an interesting experiment to cut the powder out of the Fairy Platinum pod and add it to your dishwasher powder dispenser. I'm skeptical that the coloured foo foo juice in the pods actually does anything at all.

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      Super useful info @shutuptakemymoney101.
      Time to experiment.

    • Plus 1

    • You win Ozbargain, today.

    • FYI: Technology connections made a shorter 20min Update video that just dropped 12 hrs ago:


      From memory same info as the older longer video, but more digestable and sendable to family and friends!

    • Woolworths Shine Powder works fine for me (and yes, switched over thanks to Technology Connections).

      • Will definitely give Shine a try once I go through the Exonic powder I got from Bunnings, having said that I'm extremely happy with the results using the Exonic powder and it costs the same as Shine.

        I just had a load of dishes finish a few minutes ago, one plate I added had a lot of dried egg yolk on it and I was curious to see how the Exonic powder would cope, I was pleased to see it powered through the egg yolk no problems and the plate was spotless.

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    I used to get these on sale but I figured that the Shine Dishwashing Tablets 100 Pack for $12.80 does the same job for me. YMMV

    • cheers, had no idea woolies had a home brand of dishwashing tabs

      • It's also nice that the wrapping melts away when you place it into the dishwasher.

    • Shine Dishwashing Tablets 100 Pack for $12.80

      May give these a go next time, works out to more than half the price of the Somat ones I've been using.
      (That and/or the cheap powder).

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      I think the shine tablets are better!

      • Yeah will try them out. The guy in that video says he doesn't like the forced dosing size, but all dishwashers are about the same size so I'm not concerned about that.

        No doubt powder may go further, you certainly don't need to fill the compartment up (less than half would still work). It's a bit like those toothbrush ads where they squeeze a heap out, the length of the brush - so you'll use more and buy more sooner.

  • Interesting thoughts. Suprised that no has mentioned Costco tablets (or maybe missed that part of conversation). Costco one is also amazing with my LG diswasher. But i do use Fairy Platinum ones when I load up those big vessels I used for cooking chicken curries. Felt the Fairy got rid of the smell in the pots.

    • I liked and used the cascade pods from Costco but my experience with the cheaper kirkland brand dishwasher pods wasn't as good. I found they cleaned well but unlike the cascade pods they left a nasty residue smell on my dishes.

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    switched to powder a year ago, cheap and same results.

    • Can we ask what brand powder you use? It's getting difficult (at least in my travels) to find a variety of powders these days.

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        Aldi dishwashing powder or shine or similar from colesworths.
        You don’t need much. also read about pre-wash cycle and put some powder outside the holding container.

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        The Aldi one is fine too.

        Still going on some Somat Excellence 4-in-1 Dishwasher Capsules (45 Pack) from Amazon ($14.40) but once that's done will just use the powder that's still sitting there, does the job. The tablets seem to leave the dishwasher dirty too.

        Whoever came up with these tablets is a marketing genius. The powders have been fine for 40 years+.

  • Here's another option (Finish classic) at 18c per tab, if you don't care about the "coloured foo foo juice in the pods"


    • 110 pack of these often come around for $15-$20 each

      • yep, I had bought 4 boxes for $12 each from Chemist Warehouse in 2021, but of course, hard to get that price now.

        I'm on my last box now, so will need to keep a keen eye or bite the bullet and get this one.

  • Anyone know if these dishwashing tablet can still be used if it expired in March 2023? I have a box of unused one :(

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      Put 2 together and they will give you the same shine as an unexpired one mate.

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    Lol I ditched tablets a while back. Old school powder is the best. You can't use tablets in the prewash tub.

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    New technology connections video on dishwashers just dropped. You do not need this https://youtu.be/jHP942Livy0

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    Came here for the tablet deal, left with ⭐super POWder ⭐powers.
    10/10 will convert again.

    • Make powder great again!

  • Cheers mate, great deal - got it

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    Bought some thanks OP. Now I need to buy a dishwasher. YMMV

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      The ones from the Philippines and Russsia are good

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        My current one (wife) working fine. Just doesn’t work with tablets.

    • a real ozbargainer would already have 10 ikea diskads ready to go

  • Pretty solid value.

  • 32c each got 14 votes

    31c each and currently 83 votes…..

    Still, I bought them based on OzB votes.
    $51.34 with 8% discounted e-gift cards and hopefully some cashback at 1.7%

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