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Pokémon TCG - Paldea Evolved, Paradox Rift, Temporal Forces BB $145, Case $850 + $10 Delivery ($0 SYD C&C) @ Mystical Merchants


Discounted boxes of $145 / $850 appears if 'Bank Transfer' payment method is selected at checkout.

Hey legends!

I have a really great deal as part of the EOFY Deals on the following Pokemon TCG sets (Booster Boxes: $145 each, Cases: $850 each)
* Scarlet Violet Base
* Paldea Evolved
* Paradox Rift
* Temporal Forces
** https://mysticalmerchants.com.au/product-category/on-sale/

Payment Methods: PayID, Credit Card, Paypal, PayPal in 4 & Afterpay all available via website.

Check out my Fb group for the latest news and deals! https://www.facebook.com/groups/mysticalmerchants/

FYI - This is my new website which has: .com.au

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    Thanks OP. This was the cheapest I have see paldea evolved

    • Yeah! A really good time to get some! Paldea Evolved was apparently out of stock twice this year on US Pokemon Center.

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    Did Banter have a clearance sale on these 4 sets? Seen quite a few stores offering a deep discount. I know there's a $137 shipped offer coming to ebay late this week though…

    • Yeah they did. Guessing Banter is Aussie only?

      • Yep sure are! Or maybe NZ too, not sure.

    • Yeah I have seen a few sellers offering <$140 per bb over the next 3 weeks (eBay w/ discount code).

      • do you have links?

    • Hey, did this get posted? Might get a couple.

  • -2

    I got a few of these booster boxes from Amazon on their $152 offer. They were complete rubbish, no good cards, total waste of money.

    • Good cards wouldn't be good cards if everyone got them all the time

  • -2

    Each set has like 20 cards over $10. I think you agree with me that if I open 4 booster boxes from a set and don’t get a single card over $10 that this is rubbish. That happened to me for Paldea Evolved and for temporal fates.

    • I have been pretty unlucky with Amazon purchases. Theres definitely some batching issues with SV in the past.

      Pretty unluckily re Paldea Evolved. I think I probably opened about 100 packs mostly from EB when they did the BoGoF deal w/ free uber delivery. Pulled the Karp, and two of the FA Iono's. The Karp has the worst centreing.

  • Didn't know about your store before this post. Bought 2 boxes. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for future posts here.

    • Thanks legend! I appreciate the support :)

  • @MysticalMerchants has this sale ended..?

    • Yes it ended yesterday, however feel free to DM me via Facebook to see what I can do

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