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Samsonite Classic Leather Backpack $179.40 Delivered @ Samsonite


Currently 40% off on the Samsonite store with an additional 10% cashback from Cashrewards bring price down to $161.46

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    Thanks, this will go well with my new shorts…

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      I find that mine tends to match well with my
      butt-less chaps

      • 😁

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    Swimmy swammy sammy

    • It started with an 'S' though…

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    anyone have these and can comment on what they're like?

    • I’ve been using one for work everyday for a bit more than a year now, paid around the same price.
      Still look and feel more or less brand new.
      Seems well built enough but I’m not really well-versed in backpacks.
      Would buy it again if I needed a new bag.

      • Great though a bit heavy even with the bare minimum. Also bit tight to fit things.

    • I have been using this bag for about a year. Very well made and looks stylish. Not showing any wear and tear in that time.
      My only gripe is there is not a lot of room inside.

    • It has a million different little pockets and zipz. Not perfect for big bulky things but great for laptops papers books etc. I use it for work instead of a laptop shoulder bag. Works well

      • It has a million different little pockets and zipz.

        No it doesn't.

    • Would it be big enough for a quick overnight trip? Ie pants, shirt, gym shoes, toiletry bag??

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        Probably not tbh. You may be able to fit 1 set of clothes and potentially toiletty bag in, but there wont be enough space for shoes.

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        Nope. Its meant to be a very slim and sexy backpack for office/uni for laptop, tablet , notebook etc. Thats about it. May be change of clothes if you squeeze it in.

      • Thanks both for your feedback

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