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Earn 4x-10x Qantas Points on Bunnings, Woolworths, Everyday WISH and Other Gift Cards @ Qantas Marketplace


Qantas Marketplace started allowing customers to purchase gift cards with money (not just points) late last year. Previously, you could only ever earn 3x Qantas points per dollar but now they've increased this to 4x to 10x points. Most gift cards earn 4x points which is still a pretty respectable amount for those where there aren't really any better offers consistently available to the public (e.g. WISH, Bunnings etc).

Here are some examples:

The points are credited about three days after your purchase.

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    Instant cashback at 3% or potential payoff in QF points at 4% (if you value QF point as 1c/p) with WISH, interesting choice. Personally, the 3% wins out, as QF points won't beat a savings account but good deal nonetheless.

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      If you have an account with Macquarie Bank, you can get 3.5% off Woolies cards through their marketplace

    • If we value QF point as 0.6C/P (the worst case scenario) then it is 2.4%.

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      PointHacks values QF points at 1.9c each plus you can pay on an actual credit card and earn points there too, so assuming 1 QF point per $ on credit card purchase = 5 points total on WISH, or 9.5%
      Of course, point values differ depending on how you spend them, upgrades being best value.
      Good deal IMO thanks OP.

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        Value of 1 QFF is very subjective, the way Point hacks value is us more towards the business flights.

        Being conservative they are still worth 1c when valued against Everyday Rewards.

        I normally get 4% on Woolies GC via HSBC, so technically it's the same deal if I don't need an upfront saving.

        If you have a Qantas CC, this might get you extra points there.ll

        • Yeah it's my best benchmark for them.
          I mostly deal with Velocity, and MEL>ADL economy flights.
          These flights are normally around 5600 points + ~$40 taxes as a reward flight, and the cost of the flight on a normal day can be anywhere from $99-149 in cash.
          So, the saving of ~$60-~$110 values the points variably at the 1c-2c range. Hence, I'll always pay when the flight is cheap, and use points when the flight is pricier. Sometimes I can get a business flight for 18000 points, or economy is $350 cash, which again changes the value of the points considerably.
          I use PointHacks value because it's a good guideline, I know that 1c/point is probably bad value, but if I'm above 1.5c per point I'm probably not doing too bad, and if I'm at 3c+ per point that's pretty good.

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        Those point values are overblown to make their site look more important.

        They're only worth that much for business class upgrades, and that's just a waste of points at end of day (you get to the same place as everyone else).

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          Well eventually you die like everyone else. It's about the journey as well.

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          But you get there comfortably… I know I'd rather spend 10+ hours in business (or first!!) than economy.

          • @brokenxsmile: Yea I was told that you buy your flights then use your quantas points to upgrade to business class.

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        Just be careful about extrapolating the point hacks 1.9c too far. The problem with their valuation is that it is largely based on the headline price for a business class fare - regardless of whether you would have ever paid that or not.

        Say I book a business class reward seat to North Asia at 82000 qantas miles. The cash price is $5000 one way and point hacks would value the cents per points accordingly. But I can't afford a $5000 ticket price so I'm not really getting a true $5000 of value - because I'm never paying that $5000. I'm only really getting what I perceive the value as (which is less than $5000).

        For a more nuanced way of valuing points see this: https://www.headforpoints.com/2024/03/25/what-is-an-avios-po… It refers to Avios - but the general logic applies to Qantas.

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          But isn't that how you value something?

          I want to buy $10 worth of meat from woolies but I end up paying with 2000 Everyday rewards points. If the value of that meat changes, I will obviously need more points to afford the same item.

          You value a currency against what it lets you buy.

          I am not supporting their valuation, but I have been able to use these points to travel during peak Christmas time for next to nothing. Valuation comes from supply and demand, and its relative, anyone can value an item based on what's out there.

          • @abs898: If I would have otherwise bought $10 of meat from Woolworths and using the points lets me walk out of the shop with that without handing over any cash - then the points are worth $10 - because you really are saving $10.

            But if I'm never paying $5000 for a one way business class to Asia - I'm not really saving $5000 by using my points for the seat. I'm saving whatever I would have paid for an economy seat (which I would have actually handed over hash for) plus I'm getting my perceived value of sitting in a business class seat for 10 hours (which is totally subjective).

            My concern with the point hacks valuation is that they just use the sticker price for fares that a lot of people are never going to pay cash for. At 1.9c per point they set unrealistic expectations of what the points are worth to most people. Finding frequent flyer seats - especially if there are a few of you travelling together can be hard. Most people (perhaps not on here or the other message board) should probably be using their points frequently for shopping gift cards and putting the cash they would otherwise have saved into the bank (or their home loan offset account) and buy the cheapest fare on the day they want to travel as and when.

            Now do I use my points for gift cards - no way. I think that I can and do much better than that… but it takes work (booking 320 days in advance) and a bit of luck. Even then my (subjective) value per point is just a tick over 1c - which is a long way short of 1.9.

            • @tihir: For someone who is never going to pay for business class tickets, would not be able to justify the value of these points.

              I am not arguing that the valuation of 1.9 is correct, it broadly ranges from 1 to 5c depending on the class, time of the year and airlines. But if used correctly, it does value pretty decent.

      • +1

        As ever, price is what you pay (immutable), and value is what you get.
        Every person values what they can get with points differently.
        Business class flights for me are a waste of points. They offer a short term bit of comfort. The price is high (spec'd by airline) but value is low (spec'd by me).
        So I value points at best to be worth 1c.
        If you wouldn't use real money to buy the business class fare, it is nonsense to use points and say you are getting the equivalent value.
        Psych is of course how the entire points system works.
        The key question is to always ask, "would I pay this price with real money to get this value?".

        • See the short answer is yes. For people like my who frequently fly business class and actually pay for it, can extract more than 1.9c out of one point. Just the value of the seat isn't the point, it's also the time of the year.

          For instance, last year Christmas, economy tickets to Europe were coming out to be 6k for one person and I ended up paying around 200k points. That is an easy 3c per point evaluation.

          Would I have paid 6k for flight? Maybe maybe not. Maybe because I really wanted to go to Europe for Christmas and no because I didn't want to pay that much for economy.

          But that's exactly when points came into play and saved me tons of money.

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      What's the 3% cashback you're referring to?

    • How does one get 3% instant cash back? cheers

  • will you prefer 10x points or 'get $15 for $150 speding' on DJ cards?

    • That's a personal preference tbh. If you are going to travel and can get your way around with rewards seats, they are obviously worth more than upfront discount.

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      Fresh cash i believe is still better considering QF points “might” be exipred?

      • +1

        QFF really don't expire as long as you are accumulating.

        It's a good way to save some points on the side for people who aren't aggressively accumulating points.

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    Bunnings is probably the standout. I have seen many discounts for those.

    • shopback home giftcard could be redeemed to bunnings

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    Bunnings with the Woolies $500 prepaid mastercard promos. Double dipping

    • i tried the vanilla card and get declined

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        I just did 2 separate transactions with 2 different cards. Didn't get issues. Did u set pin ?

        • thx for the feedback. Nah, did not

      • Same, worked for me as well.

      • It doesn't work on large purchases (e.g. $500). Try buying a $100 gift card first.

        • +1

          i got wish 250$ - 2 and paid with 500$ prepaid in same transaction.

          • @turtleCatcher: Interesting. Maybe it's just when you try to buy a single $500 gift card. Or maybe it's just different for everyone.

  • can i get the woolies gift card and purchase the 10x gift cards when they become available with this woolies gift card?

    • +1

      You can't use Woolworths gift cards to purchase other gift cards.

      • Lifehack cancelled :(

        • just seems silly, it should be just as good as cash.

          • @Hugh G Rection: Normally I'd say yes to that ..but you'll often find gift card deals X% off and/or rewards points when bought which could lead to a gift card purchasing loop (and of course goes against the main aim of why they provide gift cards; to spend money at etc stores).

  • When they will have the TCN Them?

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    Double dipping QF points - Woolies gift card and Everyday Rewards, valid?

    • +1

      yes. only when you use the gift card to buy the double dipping occurs.

  • If i use my Amex linked to Qantas does that also stack?

  • How long did it take to get sent. Mines at about 4 hours for something that is usually instant

  • +1

    Well, I just messed up MASSIVELY with this. It's probably my own stupid fault for not paying close enough attention.

    I ended up wasting 41K QFF points by paying for a $250 WW Gift Card instead of paying with cash(card) as I had intended.

    I went through the checkout process and expected the screen to enter payment information, but instead, 41K of my QFF points were used to pay for the gift card. Gone. Instantly… I rang CS but they do not / will not offer any cancellation or reversal "as per our policy".

    So instead of earning 1K QFF points…. I'm now minus 41K points in the hole. What an IDIOT !!!

    Anyway… just needed to vent and yell into the void. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk. :)

    • +2

      I'd keep complaining if I were you. Their buggy checkout system often resets my payment method to points even though I already selected cash.

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