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Google Pixel 8 5G 128GB $837 + $200 Trade-in Bonus + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


The Pixel 8 is currently $837, 30% off RRP$1199. Combine with a $200 bonus trade in offer to make it $637 minus any trade-in value for those with a device to trade in.

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    What's the trade in value on a Moto G54?

  • Have an S21. Should I trade it in and upgrade?

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      the P8 battery and performance is horrible

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    Old user of p8, new user of p8a,

    My experience is p8a does the job just fine. Preordered effective cost was 349 (849 - 300 trade in bonus - 200 gc in 2 weeks later). Wait for a better deal. For me, I cannot justify the $300 difference (649-349)

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      What made you downgrade from the 8 to the 8A?

  • Oh my god. I just checked the trade-in price for Pixel 8a, it's only $280. Very bad :(

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      Considering they have away P8a for 349, it sounds about right

  • Amaysim still is better deal for Pixel 8 5G - $749 + $30 28 Day Plan (Cancel Anytime)

    • Depends though right? I'm eyeballing this as from what I can tell, I can trade in my old S9 that turns on (barely) for $1… plus $200 trade in bonus.
      So I'm $100 less out of pocket + don't have to pay for a plan I won't use (as a true ozbargainer I've already got a year long prepaid SIM).

      What am I missing?

      edit: actually can't find much detail on this trade in bonus and wondering if it's only for the s24 rather than anything.. in which case you're right, amaysim is better.
      editedit: the details are in the banner - it seems to work like I had planned - so back to my previous question of whether I've missed anything lol

      • I always assumed they don't 'lose' ie. they're going to buy a phone they can flip for more - kind like ebgames with trade in credit - happy for you if i'm wrong.

        • You do the Trade in to get the $200 discount but don't need to send your old phone, known trick for ages now.

  • So any old phone for $200?

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    even cheaper now showing me $837 ?

  • i have a p7 these deals are tempting as i want a new toy as im getting impatient waiting for the p9 in Oct!

  • Hi everyone!

    I bought this deal today and traded in my pixel 7 for $250, bringing the cost to $387 - pretty good for a upgrade I reckon! (I paid for it with the 20x everyday rewards points westfield eftpos on sale atm)

    I had one question I was hoping to get help with - does anyone know if I dont send in my pixel 7, will squaretrade chargeback $250 or $450 (inclusive of the bonus credit)

    • it says this in the FAQ:

      Should your old device not be returned within 7 days your credit card will be charged for the value of the trade in credit. Once your old device is received and its condition verified, your credit card details are deleted.

      5.2 from their terms and conditions:

      If We do not receive Your Device (properly packaged as described herein) at Our Device Returns Centre within twenty (20) days of the Offered Date, We will charge the Offered Trade-In Value to Your Payment Card.

      It's more likely that $250 will be charged based on this information.

    • (I paid for it with the 20x everyday rewards points westfield eftpos on sale atm)

      I'm interested how did you do this?

  • Google store is offering $500 store credit with every purchase of Pixel 8
    Stack with the 15% off Student Beans code to make it $1019.15 + $500 store credit if you take the credit as face value

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    I think the Google Store has a better deal than this, as JB HiFi trade-in is horrible, they offered me 150$ for Pixel 6 (256GB version).
    On Google Store I've traded-in my Pixel 6 for $400, price matched to JB's $837, so it costs only $437.

    And you get a 1 year $500 store voucher, which I'll use to upgrade to Pixel 9/Pro, if it's any good and trade in my Pixel 8.

    • Hey how do you price match with Google store? Thanks

      • Sorry for late reply, I don't usually check OzBargain.

        You request the price match after the phone is dispatched (usually within 1-2 days after you place the order).
        The downside is that you pay the full price initially on your order, but they process the price match refund rather quickly, and you get the money back.

  • Hi I traded in my broken pixel 7 for this deal (estimated to be $56), on the terms and condition it says that if I don't send out the phone, then they will charge my $200 JB discount coupon + the trade-in amount? However everyone seems to say that they will only charge what's charged on the credit card. Can anyone who has done it recently please confirm? Thank you.

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