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Qantas Economy Class Wines 24x 187ml Mini-Bottles $71.76 Delivered @ Qantas Wine


The little 187ml plastic bottles served on flights. For when you really want a glass of wine, but opening a 750ml bottle is too much. Alternatively priced at 12,000 Qantas points per 24-pack (500 points per mini-bottle).

Dollar price equals $2.99 per mini-bottle. A 24-pack is equivalent to about six 750ml standard bottles of wine, so a little under $12 per bottle if this was a six-pack of 750ml. Wine in plastic bottles doesn't age well, so plan on drinking these soonish.

These discounts happen often, but the wines vary. Main link goes to three wines, listed below individually. Several other mini-bottle wines on the store are also discounted to a slightly lesser extent.

Blue Pyrenees Glenlofty Estate 187ml (Mini) Shiraz 2021 x case of 24
Vivino review average for all vintages 3.7/5 (400 ratings) (OUT OF STOCK)

Parker Estate 187ml (Mini) Cabernet Sauvignon 2021 x case of 24
Vivino review average for this vintage 3.7/5 (45 ratings) (OUT OF STOCK)

Talinga Park 187ml (Mini) Chardonnay 2023 x case of 24
Vivino review average for all vintages 3.4/5 (49 ratings)

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  • +3

    at my old job we used to say that the small bottles or cartons you are effectively paying more for package that the actual product

    this is the case here

    • +5

      I'd agree at full price, but if you ever have a quaffing wine go bad by not finishing the whole bottle soon enough, there's value in these. If you don't, there isn't.

    • well the carton…not the case really :/

  • +2

    Why would you punish yourself with these?

    • +4

      They have their place in the arsenal, like table wine has its place among vintage gems. And they're good for picnics, backpacks, etc… any situation where you don't want to carry a big glass bottle.

      • +7

        Yep, goes a treat next to the lunchbox for school lunch. No worries about broken glass.

    • Usually I'll just mix a cheap bottle with an expensive aged Penfolds or something to make it last longer.

  • +7

    Also for a raging alcoholic it is difficult to lug a big bottle around, these can be stored in the sling bag

    • +1

      Especially if it’s 9 (profanity) litres (the sling bag).

  • +3

    Very good use for $50 Qantas Wine vouchers, managed to get a few cases delivered for $14 each last year after voucher and other discounts applied. Works very well for mid-week meals, where you're just looking for one or two glasses to have with dinner. Also goes very well in warmer weather, taking to picnics (white varieities).

  • +2

    I had both reds on my recent flight and can vouch that Parker Estate was a lot better. Even though I normally prefer shiraz.

    • +2

      I had the cab sauv this week on two flights. Feels like it needs to be cellared longer but more likely there's no time to let it breathe on the short flight.

  • +1

    Great to cook with

    • Definitely agree with this.

    • +1

      at $17/litre wine….perhaps but there is cheaper alternatives

  • +8

    perfect size for the kids school lunch boxes.

    just pair them with the right sandwiches as we don't want junior to be the laughing stock at school.

    • +5

      my 7yo kid wont do a spag bol via the school canteen without a decent shiraz to be honest.

      Ive told him a number of times you pair it with Pinot Grigio but he just wont listen.

  • Wine from a plastic bottle, yuck

    • Not just a plastic bottle, but a plastic bottle stored in an airport warehouse with 0 temperature control.

      Do yourselves a favour and get some box wine, it's going to be a lot better than this

  • +1

    If you just need a glass buy a goon bag rather than waste 12000 points

    • +1

      did someone say Fruity Lexia? :D :D :D :D

    • I find the wine in these plastic mini-bottles much nicer than plastic bag cask wine. Each to their own.

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