Connor Wheat Berkshire Coat $79.99 + $5 Delivery ($0 C&C/ $80 Order) @ Connor

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First time posting.
Looks like a pretty beautiful coat for reasonable price. All size available. There are more jackets and coats on sale.

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  • I once bought a connor hoodie - it has been through a few washes but it still shreds like crazy if I wear it over a shirt.

    • Any other better than this you had good experience with ?

      • The connor one placed an old uniqlo hoodie which lasted for ~6 years of regular wear. I'm waiting for uniqlo sale for another one lol

    • i put things like hoodies and trackers through the clothes drier on air cycle, turned inside out as most of the fluffy stuff that sticks to shirts is on the inside and washing works more on the outside.

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    Connor quality is terrible… Save your $80

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    That material looks scratchy as hell? I sure hope it’s lined inside with a smooth material…

      • +4

        Didn’t neg you.. but what an odd thing to say…

        • -2

          Looks like a flashers costume and they said theyre not going to wear anything underneath 🤷‍♂️

          • +1

            @King Steuart: Old mate in the marketing thumbnail photo is clearly wearing presumably a t shirt under the coat. Not too wild to assume even a short sleeve. Nothing shits me more for a jacket design than a scratchy jacket with cheap shit material that is going to make me itchy at the neck and arms.

            • -1

              @Jimothy Wongingtons: Swing and a miss on the humour today 😆 got the double popular comment award yesterday, today I've backfired

              • -1

                @King Steuart: I love that since these clarification comments, twice as many people have dropped one of their 5 neg votes on it haha

    • it’s a coat, yes they are lined with smooth polyester, tried one on didn’t fit around my wait,

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    I still have my original wool/cotton mix coats from connor, close to 7 years old and they're holding up well.

    I look at the new stuff and its literally kmart quality now, basically gone to shit.

    These generally go on sale for $50 during the post winter clearance (honestly its about what they're worth)

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      Still got some yd shirts from around 10-12 years ago that actually held up well too. Unfortunately this end of the market has just gone to 1 season fast fashion now.

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    These are only 25% wool, I wouldn't consider this good value.

    • 25% wool for under $150 is actually fairly good, have been coat shopping this winter and was surprised how many 100% synthetic coats there are and the costs.

  • Look at that fourth picture, it looks like the buttons don't even line up.

  • Just don't go and buy it based on photos

  • It's not good and it's noticeable. You deserve a decent coat, and a good one will last you a decade. If you don't want to pay $300+ then look for second-hand one.

  • First time post.

    Sadly say no more.

  • "This payment setup has encountered an error - Cannot contact the gateway at this time."

  • Looks crap

    Proportions are all wrong and it's made out of polyester

    Verdict: landfill

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