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Chemist Warehouse FRENZY Sale Upto 85% off Fragrances w/Free Shipping over $30 Spent


Chemist Warehouse have joined the click frenzy offering fragrances
Seems to be working now

Spend $30 to get free shipping

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Chemist Warehouse
Chemist Warehouse

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    85% off

    85% of what price?

    Their normal prices are claimed to be 75% off, so is this a 10% off sale ???

    • eg.

      this fragramce is normally $9.99 (ie. always), SRP $99 (lol)


      So will it be selling for $1.50 for 85% off ???

      • yes its just a attention seeking title !

      • UP TO 85% off. Those first 2 words are important.

        • -1

          So are the words that aren't there… should be "up to 85% off RRP/SRP"

    • +1

      jv strikes again.

      i agree though, prices are good but nothing to get excited over, and certainly nothing you can't find for cheaper during sales.

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    I checked the prices of some of the fragrances I am familiar with and it is their usual price.

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    I bought some stuff from them yesterday and the prices are the same today for the perfumes i bought

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    Seriously, they are making this FRENZY a big thing out of nothing.

  • so nothing is worth buying, AT ALL?

  • .

  • I had a look at this earlier, not all, but most of the EDT's I price-checked were the cheapest from an Australian based supplier. + from me.

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    The discounts are ho-hum, but the free shipping for $30 spend is great for me :)

  • -1

    Negging the deal due to their misleading pricing policy. It's the same with all Chemist Warehouse items where they "strike through" the Suggested Retail Price, or RRP and mislead the ordinary person to think that they're saving more than they actually are. (their size 8 font disclaimer doesn't obsolve them of their liabilty for misleading everyone)

    Saving of their normal selling price not great so another reason to neg the deal.

    • It is partially true that there still are pharmacies out their that do sell at the RRP. but they are far and few between.

      • Their sale looks nowhere near as good when you're only saving a couple of $$ of the normal price they sell for.

        Especially with fragrances. Who cares what the RRP is.

  • i thought to part of the promo you had to have discounts at least 25% off normal prices

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