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25% off Storewide + Delivery @ Omnidesk


Not the best sale they've had (previously 35% and 40% sales), however still a sale if you need a sit-stand desk right now and items in stock.

I just purchased my second desk from them as partner & I are working from home more now with schedules crossing over. Brilliant desks, silent & fast actuation, sturdy (even at standing height) and solid desk surface. Bought an identical matching one to our existing for uniformity.


Small (122x76.2cm)
Large (153x76.2cm) (+$65)
XL (183x76.2cm) (+$130)


Straight edge
Curved edge


Desk types

Prices are for 'Small' size base configurations.

Ascent (Standard) Top From $750 (RRP $1,000)
Wildwood Top From $1,050 (RRP $1,400)
Ascent Radiance Top From $975 (RRP $1,300)


Standard Top From $675 (RRP $900)
Wildwood Top From $900 (RRP $1,200)

Standard (Top) From $599 (RRP $800)
Kenshi (Top) From $399 (RRP $600)

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    what are peoples thoughts on omnidesk? Been eyeing this for the last couple days but haven't pulled the trigger…

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      Love our first one (coming up two years old) - this new one we ordered is still waiting to be dispatched as I bought it over the weekend.

      Super silent rise/decend and has a pressure stop (I accidentally left it go down while running out the door and when it hit the chair it went back up a few cms automatically).
      Heavy setup, but extremely sturdy even while at full height. No wobbles while speed typing or writing an angry letter haha

      The Wildwood Pro series is beautiful. Real wood, not laminated crap.

      I shopped around for months before deciding on a brand and glad I went with them. No issues so far, but all the sit-stand desks come with 10-year warranty if you do have any trouble.

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      have not had a good experience service nor product wise for something i dropped $1k on - i wish i went with another brand or decided to build one myself with an ebay frame

    • I have had the ascent since it came out and have needed to move multiple times. It was a huge pain to move and have literally knocked my head with the heavy legs. The black finish also makes it very visibly dirty. Apart from that it’s very good quality and is certainly better than ikea imo. When I was looking into it I gathered that most of the other standing tables basically were the same but omnidesk was generally faster and is better electronics wise. Though I would have never bought if I knew how heavy it was and how hard it was to disassemble and move but that’s just me.

    • happy with my kenshi but would consider a secretlab as upgrade

  • for those who have a cloud.gg vip account, there's 5% on omnidesk, but i dont know how it works since theres no code…

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    i would caution anyone from buying here, service is lackluster and the product is cheap and nasty (not reflective of the price) i've had a wood top for years and it is bent, the top coat has been peeling since i got it and the service is next to zero. desky has the best price, warranty and service or u can buy a frame off ebay and add your own top

    please read the threads here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/663574 and there was just a deal posted for dual motor desks here for literally half the price https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/851594

    how can they charge $100 for shipping when every other brand is significantly less? hell secretlab charge $9 for delivery of their desk

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    Highly encourage you guys to reconsider this mob.

    Intended to purchase one and left a dual desk in cart thinking i will buy it closer to end of June. They sent me discount vouchers to use if i click on link.
    clicked on link and the prices and discounts are different to the 25%EOFY.
    But hey if i used a different browser its showing 25% eofy.
    Left a bad taste and will not be giving them my business for dishonest marketing tactics.

    Plenty of better AND cheaper options out there if you look hard enough.

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