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Hello beautiful people!
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Milky Way Coffee


  • I like the improvements you've made to the site and the inclusion of the roasting schedule, good stuff. Not sure about the coffee though as I only drink filter!

  • Thank you for your kind words :)

    • Hey Felix Oxen. Any advice on which blend to start with for different types of coffee? Filter, espresso, milk based etc? Thank you!

      • +1

        Yes sure (but please note all our coffee blends components are roasted individually to suit milk-based coffee), however it also taste great for the following:

        -Mercury is good for plunger, very soft and silky.

        -Venus is good for filter has great aroma and fruity sweetness to it.

        -Earth and Uranus is good for both black and milk based as medium strength, well rounded and smooth.

        Mars and Saturn has slightly stronger taste, great for espresso with its unique flavours and complex richness.

        Jupiter is very classic for milk-based coffee - caramel and nutty, very rich and strong.

        Neptune and Pluto are for black coffee drinkers with its unique body and unparalleled strength for morning pick-me-up.

        Hope that helps :)

  • Would love to see some filter-specific roasts please!

    • We'll keep it in mind and maybe coming in the future . Thank you for your suggestion :)

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