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[PC, Steam] ELDEN RING: €45.79/~A$74.22, Shadow of The Erdtree €29.99/~A$48.61, Erdtree Ed. €60.99/~A$98.86 @ Gamerthor


Please note that when buying the DLC (Erdtree or Erdtree Premium Bundle), you will not get the key just after purchase. The keys will be delivered after the game is released and the publisher distributes the keys: 2024-06-20 22:00 GMT+0 (In Australia: 21st 8 AM AEST).

ELDEN RING - 45.79€ (~A$74.22)
ELDEN RING: Shadow of the Erdtree (DLC) - 29.99€ (~A$48.61)
ELDEN RING: Shadow of the Erdtree Edition (includes base game + DLC (key accessible instantly)) - 60.99€ (~A$98.86)
ELDEN RING: Shadow of the Erdtree Deluxe Edition (includes deluxe base game + DLC (key accessible instantly)) - 79.99€ (~A$129.66)
ELDEN RING: Shadow of the Erdtree Premium Bundle (DLC) - 37.99€ (~A$61.58)

Just as the last time please let us know if the price converts to something higher after checkout and we will adjust the title.
And just as the last time any tomfoolery is welcome in the comments about our website: we have just launched and absolutely any feedback is great.

Hit us up at [email protected] for any questions.

Rocco, Gamerthor

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    I've been waiting/hoping for a good deal before launch of Erdtree since I originally played it on Xbox, then replayed it on PC via family share and now I want to play Erdtree on that PC save. This looks like as good as it'll get. I struggle to pay more than $40 for a game nowadays but I can't wait! Thanks OP.

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      don't mention it, fam (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

  • Is this a steam key? I already own ER on steam and was hoping to get the DLC only

    • +2

      correcto! we only dabble with Steam keys

  • It’s saying that Shadow of the Erdtree is not available in my region?

    • Hi Harold, what country are you based at?

      • Australia.

        • All good, it wasn't working on mobile but I was able to buy on my desktop.

  • Does anyone know if the competitors fanatical or gamebillet give you the keys now for steam preloading or are they all releasing keys on the 21st only? All the websites are pretty vague/nonspecific about it except gamethor.

    • Hi Terra,

      Outside of PlayStation, I haven't found any pre-loading availability for Steam.

  • why is the base game still so expensive.

  • +1

    Seems like the deal is over for some of it. DLC is 39.99

  • First time buying here, initially was a little unsure because I usually don't go for places that don't have paypal support. However, my order was processed instantly, I received the key in seconds, it activated straight away on Steam. Thanks!

  • Is the base game + dlc still 60.99€ ? Showing as 68.99€ now

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