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Cheap As Chips: 8pc Chicken, 6 Nuggets, 4 Large Sides, 2 Sauces $19.96 Pickup with 20% off App Coupon @ KFC


Alot of people are disappointed in not getting targeted for the 10 wicked wings & chips for $9.95 promo but I believe this deal is pretty good aswell using the 20% coupon code instead.

Seems like an all time value move at about ~17,000kJ of food for under $20, going back to 2019 to get a price at this level. Ofcourse order 4 large chips as the sides with extra salt for maximum kJ intake combined with 2x Aioli dip at 567kJ each and you're on your way to diabetes heaven.

Original targeted coupon deal post
Original long running deal post

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    Large chips $2… not cheap as chips but it’s good chicken 🐔

    • +6

      Definitely consider adding a couple of them on and swapping the sides of this to potato & gravy to hit all necessary macros

  • Cheap as Chips are (profanity) in VIC and I'm guessing SA as well due to the nugget shortage. Not available to buy.

    • +1

      Not available to buy nuggets or the Cheap as Chips meal?

      I can add the Cheap as Chips to my cart and the in-app notification says that nuggets "may be swapped with popcorn chicken". I would expect KFC to substitute the nuggets for something else.

      Didn't downvote you btw.

      • might be specific to my location. a lot of options like the waffle double and cheap as chips are all greyed out with 'Back Soon!'

        • Anything with wicked wings is showing that same thing for my location

        • Hmm interesting. My app simply doesn't seem to show any nugget combos instead and nothing shows up if I search for nuggets.

  • Damn son, I got it! Unfortunately it's not my cheat day.

    • +2

      You should consider cheating on your cheat day, they won't mind.

  • I just Added wicked lunch for extra wings.. with extra discounts

  • Finally! A KFC offer I’m targeted for! Thanks OP. Thanks KFC.

  • Not targeted for any of the multitude of offers posted today! I suppose I should be grateful 😂

    • Should have got one of them, I think you need to be opted in to marketing communications. Also needs location set for it to show up.

  • 20% off is targetted or cheap as chips is targetted ? Cheap as chips is 25 bucks for me on the app ..20% off takes 5 bucks off that..

    • The former. The deal is the 20% off.

  • It turns out chips are not cheap

    • Local lunch shop now $7 for bag of chips….

  • Cool. This is what the cheap as chips used to cost a year ago.

    Glad to see it's back as a promotion to make us feel better

  • -3

    What an amazing deal!
    I'm not even sure how this could possibly be profitable for Yum! Brands.
    Delicious food for all Australians!
    KFC, you've done it again!

    Colonel Sanders, I salute you!

    • It’s not lol. Making a near loss on the cheap as chips at the normal $24.95 price

  • can you use the 20% off code if not targeted? I don't have any special offers at all in my KFC app

    • No.

  • Aren’t you paying $12 for 8 pieces and 6 nuggs?

  • -6

    Cheap as Chips is $24.95 in Menai NSW KFC. NOT $19.95. Scam!!.

    • +1

      Use the 20% off coupon if you have it, which is what this deal uses

    • +1

      And what happens when you apply the 20% discount that you read about in the original post?

  • Cheap as chips in brisbane near me is 25.95…I thought standard price was the same everywhere…no coupon code for me which takes away any temptation but have 2 burger and 2 chips and a Pepsi for 8.95…oh no thats now lunch.

    • Collins food group charges higher prices across their stores

  • Had the same thought when i saw the 20% coupon in my app :D

    This is probably going to be tomorrow's dinner.

  • Back to the price it was a year and a half ago :(

  • How much is everyone’s cheap as chips? Mine is $27.45 here

  • hows this compraed to Build a bucket?

    • i built 5 x 6pcs wicked wings bucket instead

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